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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Still Truckin'

Last night I was supposed to shoot a movie that has been in the works for months. I play a potential lesbian. Experimental, really. At about 6pm I got a call that the photographer (It's an unconventional film using still photography) got really sick and couldn't make it. So, two hours before call time everything was canceled. Apparently the re-shoot is next week sometime.

I've spent today (saturday) mulling over headshot choices (no, I still haven't picked them yet. Don't judge). I have posed the question to my facebook community and am awaiting the response. Monday is my self-imposed deadline and I will order SOMETHING then. I hate making decisions.

Tomorrow is my shoot for "From Date to Mate" on Shalom TV. I watched episode 2 today so that I could be all caught up in what's going on. I will spend my night and morning tomorrow going over the script so that hopefully I can kick ass tomorrow night. It has a loose script with room for improv, so we'll see how it goes. I'm not sure yet what his directing style is. How much is improv and how much is word for word we'll just have to see. Once it's airing I will be sure to let you know how to access it on "on demand." My dad thinks it's pretty cool that he can watch something I'm in on his television at home. That feels good.

I'm pretty excited. Now if only I could get a paycheck...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Story of My Life

Today is a perfect example of why some people don't understand my life. Chronic 9-5ers will never understand how I had a very productive day, and yet I didn't get dressed until 5pm. Yes it's true. 5pm. I'm not ashamed, although imagining all the judgmental looks that are crossing some faces reading this does make me a little uncomfortable. But let me break it down for you:

I slept a bit late, it is true. But I stayed up late watching "Julia" because I wanted to see Tilda Swinton's performance. Anyway, today with the help of my BF I narrowed down my headshots to 15 options. 15! This is a big step for horribly indecisive me. I also applied to numerous castings from backstage, emailed the various directors of the projects I have in the works, made lunch (Sorry but I had to throw that in there. The veggie corn dogs were amazing), worked on my monologue, and went to an audition. Now doesn't that sound productive??

The audition went well. It was for some independent theater doing a production about the Arab-Israeli conflict. I arrived in sort of a weird, very mellow mood. But, I did my monologue (FYI, I hate monologues. Always awkward. I get uncomfortable watching even the great ones). I was asked to do it again making a few changes which is usually a good sign. I left feeling like I "should have done this" and I "should have done that," but that's fairly standard for me. I did well. Now on to write the thank you note and wait to hear back. Story of my life.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Major F-ups

First things first. Rehearsal number two for my upcoming show. After I cleaned up the tea I spilled when I walked in the door (ugh, embarrassing!), the rehearsal went pretty well. I'm successfully honing my acting like a psycho-bitch skills. We got up on our feet today and played around with some blocking. I became very aware that we only have one rehearsal until the tech and that is fairly frightening. I intend to be off book ("memorized" for all you normal people, er I mean non-actors) by this weekend, which should be interesting because I think I will be filming two projects, in addition, by the end of it.

I had an audition for a student film. I was really not looking forward to it, I have to be honest. Student films are just so hit or miss. I've worked with some lazy, horrible student directors and I've worked with some great ones. Walking into an audition, you never know what you're going to get. This one was for a short about a young musical theater dancer who gets the lead over an aging star. I didn't even think there would be confusion as to which character I was auditioning for until my boyfriend asked (thanks a lot for that). I was to play the young dancer. Just in case there is any confusion. I had to learn a quick musical theater number and improv to the rest of the song. I did pretty well. Picked up the dance quickly, was sassy and stylized, no major F-ups. Then I had to improv a phone call to my best friend telling her I got the part over the old lady. Now, improv has never been my thing. Fact is...I hate it. But I did it and I was very happy with my performance. While my word choice wasn't probably the best it could have been, I definitely found the emotion. Tears of joy - the whole nine. It felt pretty good. The woman was lovely and I felt good when I left. Very confident. But you never know - and that is the worst part about the whole process.

Now on to watch a movie with the BF and then to bed. Tomorrow is another day of potentially making an ass out of myself. But I guess it's not a good day unless you put yourself out there. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Acting a Little Crazy

Rehearsal number one today for the one act play I have coming up in two weeks. We did a few read throughs and all went very well. The director kept saying things like, "Ah! This is going to be so easy and fun!" So that's good. I play a nutty-nut-job with a potty mouth that ends up coercing my friend into killing her boyfriend (not to give it away). It's a fun little play that should be fun to perform. I'll dig really deep to find my inner psychopath. We all have one, right? :)

That's all for the day. Going to the gym to work on my fitness/burn off all the liquid calories I consumed this weekend. Engagement party for my friend this evening. That reminds me - I have to make dip.

Until next time....

Basically I'm an Idiot

So it only took me about two weeks before I started slacking off on my blogging duties. I apologize wholeheartedly and I would love to swear it will never happen again. But I'm a realist and I know that I would be big fat liar if I said that. So I won't.

I will try to recap Friday for you: "Temping. It sucked. Went out with friends."

Aren't you sorry I missed my entry that day?

Monday was a shit show. We had a sunday-funday that ended in disaster, and monday was the day for my apartment to pick up the pieces. Turns out PMS plus a day of drinking ends in my being a crying mess, and spending the next day apologizing to my boyfriend for being a bit of a crazy. Basically, I was an idiot (I had a reason, but I was still an idiot). I assure you this has never happened before nor will it happen again (and I can say that even though I'm a realist, so you know I mean it).

I did get two acting related emails that I followed up on. One about finally filming a short that has been in the works for 9 months and the other about a show on Entertainment On Demand about single Jews in the city. I am super excited about both and I hope that I have only good news to report in the coming days about those projects.

That is all for the Friday/Monday slacking combo that I pulled this week. Read on to hear about today's activities.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blah, Blah, Bleh.

I wish I had something fabulous to report. But...I don't. More temping. Today I had to rack my brain to remember the ins and outs of excel. It's been quite a while, but I think that I pulled it together pretty well.

I also wish I could say that I did something huge to advance my career today. But...I didn't really. I went to the gym. So that's something.

I forgot to report that yesterday, on my lunch break, I went to an interview for some more promotional work. It's beer promos. You know when you go to a bar and some slutty girl is trying to get you to drink whatever beverage is written on her tiny little shirt? Yeah, that will be me (Before you judge, know that they pay really well, and that none of the girls really enjoy it). The interview went well, so hopefully I'll get some work. That will make for some interesting posts here on the old blog, I'm sure.

Sorry to be a Boring Betty this evening. I think this office work thing is getting to me. I seem to be losing my pep. That's all for now. Gotta get to bed so I can wake up at 7:30am and hate my life. Talk to you then.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Know What I Don't Want

I have never been as bored as I was today. Okay, that's a lie. But I was pretty damn bored. It was the kind of bored where you just want to scream. Where you look around at everyone working diligently and you think that maybe, just maybe you are in fact going insane. Turns out this is what working in an office does to me.

The redeeming thing is that the girls are great. All very friendly and helpful. I'm sure lots of fun on the weekends. However, I can't help but think that corporate life sucks the life out of even the most fun of people. It just sucks. And so, while I constantly get the "I have no idea what I'm doing with my life" thoughts that sneak up on my brain, I know one thing for sure. I don't want to work in an office. I'm pretty sure I would go certifiably nuts. And that is that.

I read the script for the show I'm in. It's short, which is good. Two weeks is a dauntingly short amount of time to put on a show. The script is interesting. I play a psychopath. I say the most vulgar and repulsive things. So that should be fun. But I am starting to wonder how people see me. Do I seem like I make a good crazy? Because I wouldn't have guessed that. Would you? ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Unfortunate Feeling ... wait, just kidding.

More temping. More filing. More god-damned paper cuts.

Today I had the thrilling job of finding a list of resumes in a GIANT stack. And, get this, neither the stack nor the list were in alphabetical order. I then copied from personal files all the resumes that were NOT in the stack. After that was complete, I looked through all of these awful resumes and transferred the date of their earliest employment as a buyer onto said list. My eyes are still crossed. It sucked. I'm bored writing about it, I can only imagine how enthralled you are.

After work I came home to collect my headshot and resume for an audition I had this evening. My first audition of the new year! I was charming (I think), I looked good (I think), I didn't totally suck (I think)....but I had that unfortunate feeling when I left. The one where you're embarrassed and you're not sure why. I know I wasn't awful. But I definitely know I wasn't great either. Ugh.

I gotta pause this self loathing for a dinner break. Whole wheat pizza here I come.

Get this! I was eating dinner and I get a call from one of the directors I auditioned for tonight! I'm cast! Holy hell I didn't see that one coming. I'll know more details tomorrow, but I do know that I play a girls who kills her best friend's fiance. He said he liked that I have that best friend vibe, yet something's a little off. I'm not sure how to take that. But hey! I got a show coming up!....and you are all invited. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

I've Been Promoted!

I got an office today! As in: I saw the outside - daylight! Sure, it was because one woman took off today for a four day MLK weekend and went to Hawaii, but I was in there! I put together new hire paperwork and then filed year end reviews. Then came payroll, when I realized what idiots there are in the workplace. For your general knowledge, 7 hours and 45 minutes is NOT 7.45 hours. The 45 is out of 60. Not 100. I'm no math whiz, but even I know this. I know lots of people that are currently out of work, and THIS is what people are hiring??

A few of my actor friends responded with some headshot favorites today. I'll go through them this weekend and pick the finals...oh shit. Just an FYI, I get anxiety whenever I have to make a decision. Picking even dinner tonight was a bitch.

I have a few auditions scheduled for the coming weeks. We'll see how that goes since it's been a while for me (I was gone for weeks over the holidays). I'm a little nervous about that. Anyways, long weekend ahead...much appreciated. Have a good one!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not Much to Report

6:30 am came at me like a train last night. I felt like I had just closed my eyes when my alarm started yapping. Last night was the holiday party for the flyering/promotional company I work with. It's a group of girls and a couple guys, mostly actors or dancers. It was really nice to hang out and have some drinks with people that you don't normally see in that setting. I do love those girls. Well most of them, anyway. ;)

This morning's shift went by fast. I loved the girl I worked with, everyone was polite and accepting of the flyers and I could even feel my toes at the end! (we went into the subway to distribute) 6th avenue is just more civilized than Park.

After work I found myself a little discouraged. I spent the afternoon doing a mound of laundry and looking for work online. I emailed a few friends to bug them about opinions on my new headshots. I really need to make a decision already. I'm kinda bugging out about it. And... I was so enthralled in my afternoon activities that I forgot about that EPA I was going to go to today! Crap.

The gym sucked. I got horrible leg cramps. So bad that I stopped mid squat to google my condition. Water and bananas was the genius solution. Went to Borders and bought a few 3.99 books and a book on, get this, blogging! I'm kinda getting into this whole thing. Who knew?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Park Avenue Harbors Horrible People

Some facts you should know before I start blabbing about my day:
1. It was 28 degrees at 8am, but felt like 22 today
2. The wind was at 6mph
3. People on Park Avenue are assholes

You know when you get out of the subway and you're on your way to work and you breeze past some poor girl holding flyers for anything from Burrito Fridays to 25% off your lunch? Well, I'm that poor girl. That's right, I stand on the street corner holding hundreds of flyers hoping that you take one from me. The morning shift is 7:30am to 9:30am. Now's when you think, "Two hours! That's nothing!" Well, just imagine the slowest two hours of your life. A two hours where people curse at you, call you names, act like you are the scum of the earth all while standing in below freezing weather with the wind whipping at your pretty little face. How quickly do you think those two hours go by??

Today I was at Park Avenue and 57th street. I learned one lesson -- Never trust a woman in a fur coat. They are all bitches. Literally, every single one of them held their gloved hand up in my face as they strolled by, scoffing. A few even started shaking their heads as they were crossing the street as if I shouldn't even embarrass them with offering a flyer. I hate all of you, you snooty Park Avenue bitches. P.S. your coats are U-G-L-Y! Take that.

To anyone who has passed a flyerperson on the street: take the goddamn flyer! We don't care if you throw it away on the next block. Just take it. And say thank you! If you absolutely can not accept the flyer because you are, say, allergic to paper or... you have no hands, politely say "No, Thank you. Have a nice day!" Is that so hard?

More castings submissions today. Got a few responses from yesterdays, but all to send in more headshots. Will do that tomorrow. Going to bed for now. Flyering in the am!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mornings Blow, but not as Much as Filing.

Waking up today was not easy. I think I snoozed six times. Advice: no matter how good the bed looks when you get out of the shower...DON'T do it. I definitely fell into that trap this morning. But, don't you worry. I made it to the filing room right on time. At one point today the woman in charge came in and said, as I was knee deep in filing folders, "Oh thank God. I was worried this morning that we wouldn't have enough for you to do today." She was serious. I almost punched her.

Later she asked what my major had been and if I was looking for a permanent position. Oh man. That is one thing temping is good for. It reminds me that an office every day is not the place for me. No windows, no air. The same people every day. I think I would go crazy. Maybe that's why I was so bitchy in high school. It's kinda the same thing.

I need to remember this tomorrow. Flyering. Get excited. (it will all make sense tomorrow)

On the acting front: I went to the gym. Worked on my fitness which, in turn, is good for my career. I also spent an hour last night going through my new headshots with my amazingly patient boyfriend and weeded out a few more. I think I'm getting there. That's pretty much it for today. Hold on to your britches for tomorrow's adventure.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Help the Little People

Back to the filing bunker today. It was much more ridiculous than Friday and I spent my time cursing the people that organized the papers to be filed more than the actual file owners. Next time someone asks you to organize something for the HR department, do it with care. Some poor temp who hates her life at the moment will be stuck in a room with a grumbling stomach and a million paper cuts trying to fix the job that you f-ed up. Make her day just a little bit brighter. She'll send good karma your way.

I'd love to say that my day tomorrow will be more exciting, but alas I have been asked back yet again! More filing is in my future, and if you're reading this unfortunately for you that means its in yours, too. Sorry charlie.

I looked on Backstage to see about castings today, but really only found an EPA(equity principal audition) that I should probably go to. If you don't know anything about EPAs, I'll sum it up for you...if you aren't in the union (like me), they SUCK. That's all you need to know.

That's all until tomorrow's gripping account of another day as a temp. Later.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Best Temp Ever

I got a call yesterday at around 5:30pm from a temp agency I hadn't heard from in probably six months. They needed me to work today at 8:30 at the corporate office of a discount retailer. Of course I accepted because I need the money like whoa. The whopping $16 an hour that it paid (ugh). And so...I spent my day in a bunker, I mean a filing room slaving away at sorting and filing the riveting year end employee reviews. Needless to say, my hands look like they went through a paper shredder. I found myself cursing the employees when their files were out of alphabetical order, saying "damn you Rodriguez, Michael!"

I'm pretty sure I lost my mind today. And that's ok, because I finished around 4:30 and the woman in charge could hardly believe it. "It would take another temp three days to finish that!" Turns out my alphabetizing skills are exceptional. She asked me to come back on Monday and help her out with...wait for it...more filing! I said yes. That gives me just enough time for my hands to heal.

In other news, when I got home I updated my account on backstage and added some new headshots. I just got new ones taken and am in the narrowing process, but I slapped a few on the profile anyway. It's a test.

That's all 'till Monday. I'm off to the gym to run my face off. Have a wonderful weekend. And stay warm! It's cold as shit out there.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

There it is.

Ok. So this is my blog. I have never even considered writing one until my Mom brought to my attention just how ridiculous my life really is (that sounds worse than I mean it.)

The thing is I'm an actor or well, I'm trying to be an actor. I say it this way because while I believe in my talent and skill, no one wants to pay me for my services. I want to make a living as an actor. Until I do, the entire free world would call me an "aspiring actress," (The most depressing title on the planet, I think). So, to make any income at all I work all sorts of odd jobs making money here and there. This is where the ridiculous comes in. I plan on sharing my experiences as a flyer girl, a fashion stylist, a promotional model, a temp and whatever other jobs I end up encountering. I will document my antics, and the antics of those around me.

Along the way, I will do at least one thing a day to forward my career as an actor, however big or small. By the end, that is next January I hope to attain an agent, and receive a veritable pay check for my work as an actor. There it is. The goal.