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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mornings Blow, but not as Much as Filing.

Waking up today was not easy. I think I snoozed six times. Advice: no matter how good the bed looks when you get out of the shower...DON'T do it. I definitely fell into that trap this morning. But, don't you worry. I made it to the filing room right on time. At one point today the woman in charge came in and said, as I was knee deep in filing folders, "Oh thank God. I was worried this morning that we wouldn't have enough for you to do today." She was serious. I almost punched her.

Later she asked what my major had been and if I was looking for a permanent position. Oh man. That is one thing temping is good for. It reminds me that an office every day is not the place for me. No windows, no air. The same people every day. I think I would go crazy. Maybe that's why I was so bitchy in high school. It's kinda the same thing.

I need to remember this tomorrow. Flyering. Get excited. (it will all make sense tomorrow)

On the acting front: I went to the gym. Worked on my fitness which, in turn, is good for my career. I also spent an hour last night going through my new headshots with my amazingly patient boyfriend and weeded out a few more. I think I'm getting there. That's pretty much it for today. Hold on to your britches for tomorrow's adventure.


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