Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Major F-ups

First things first. Rehearsal number two for my upcoming show. After I cleaned up the tea I spilled when I walked in the door (ugh, embarrassing!), the rehearsal went pretty well. I'm successfully honing my acting like a psycho-bitch skills. We got up on our feet today and played around with some blocking. I became very aware that we only have one rehearsal until the tech and that is fairly frightening. I intend to be off book ("memorized" for all you normal people, er I mean non-actors) by this weekend, which should be interesting because I think I will be filming two projects, in addition, by the end of it.

I had an audition for a student film. I was really not looking forward to it, I have to be honest. Student films are just so hit or miss. I've worked with some lazy, horrible student directors and I've worked with some great ones. Walking into an audition, you never know what you're going to get. This one was for a short about a young musical theater dancer who gets the lead over an aging star. I didn't even think there would be confusion as to which character I was auditioning for until my boyfriend asked (thanks a lot for that). I was to play the young dancer. Just in case there is any confusion. I had to learn a quick musical theater number and improv to the rest of the song. I did pretty well. Picked up the dance quickly, was sassy and stylized, no major F-ups. Then I had to improv a phone call to my best friend telling her I got the part over the old lady. Now, improv has never been my thing. Fact is...I hate it. But I did it and I was very happy with my performance. While my word choice wasn't probably the best it could have been, I definitely found the emotion. Tears of joy - the whole nine. It felt pretty good. The woman was lovely and I felt good when I left. Very confident. But you never know - and that is the worst part about the whole process.

Now on to watch a movie with the BF and then to bed. Tomorrow is another day of potentially making an ass out of myself. But I guess it's not a good day unless you put yourself out there. Stay tuned.


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