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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Park Avenue Harbors Horrible People

Some facts you should know before I start blabbing about my day:
1. It was 28 degrees at 8am, but felt like 22 today
2. The wind was at 6mph
3. People on Park Avenue are assholes

You know when you get out of the subway and you're on your way to work and you breeze past some poor girl holding flyers for anything from Burrito Fridays to 25% off your lunch? Well, I'm that poor girl. That's right, I stand on the street corner holding hundreds of flyers hoping that you take one from me. The morning shift is 7:30am to 9:30am. Now's when you think, "Two hours! That's nothing!" Well, just imagine the slowest two hours of your life. A two hours where people curse at you, call you names, act like you are the scum of the earth all while standing in below freezing weather with the wind whipping at your pretty little face. How quickly do you think those two hours go by??

Today I was at Park Avenue and 57th street. I learned one lesson -- Never trust a woman in a fur coat. They are all bitches. Literally, every single one of them held their gloved hand up in my face as they strolled by, scoffing. A few even started shaking their heads as they were crossing the street as if I shouldn't even embarrass them with offering a flyer. I hate all of you, you snooty Park Avenue bitches. P.S. your coats are U-G-L-Y! Take that.

To anyone who has passed a flyerperson on the street: take the goddamn flyer! We don't care if you throw it away on the next block. Just take it. And say thank you! If you absolutely can not accept the flyer because you are, say, allergic to paper or... you have no hands, politely say "No, Thank you. Have a nice day!" Is that so hard?

More castings submissions today. Got a few responses from yesterdays, but all to send in more headshots. Will do that tomorrow. Going to bed for now. Flyering in the am!!


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