Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

There it is.

Ok. So this is my blog. I have never even considered writing one until my Mom brought to my attention just how ridiculous my life really is (that sounds worse than I mean it.)

The thing is I'm an actor or well, I'm trying to be an actor. I say it this way because while I believe in my talent and skill, no one wants to pay me for my services. I want to make a living as an actor. Until I do, the entire free world would call me an "aspiring actress," (The most depressing title on the planet, I think). So, to make any income at all I work all sorts of odd jobs making money here and there. This is where the ridiculous comes in. I plan on sharing my experiences as a flyer girl, a fashion stylist, a promotional model, a temp and whatever other jobs I end up encountering. I will document my antics, and the antics of those around me.

Along the way, I will do at least one thing a day to forward my career as an actor, however big or small. By the end, that is next January I hope to attain an agent, and receive a veritable pay check for my work as an actor. There it is. The goal.

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  1. Wow... Going back in time to this only now, this declaration of beginnings and intent which I never saw (I came in here late), and reading it with the benefit of hindsight . . . your prescience is as apparent as your determination. Prescience, precision in prophecy, and promulgation of plans...