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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Salsa Like You Mean It.

I'm sure you're wondering how the dance audition went?? Waiting on pins and needles to find out what happened...

Well, I showed up early and so did everyone else. It was crazy snowing outside and I got there a full 40 minutes early. After about 15 min the room opened and we all piled in to warm up. There were tons of really good looking girls there. Bangin' bodies and really pretty. I had no idea if they could dance, but they looked great! Intimidating...

I stretched and tried to tune everyone out. There was one girl - I'll call her "Hooker" that would not stop with the talking. Everything was "name drop" here, "name drop" there. She was telling everyone that she's "so over stretching for auditions." What does that even mean??! She was wearing a tiny little top and tiny little bottoms. The whole outfit was questionable. Hooker. Anyway she got cut after the ballet round. See ya!

Everyone else was really nice. Very sweet and supportive. Nice environment.

We had a slow waltz for the ballet section. And...I made it past the ballet cut. Great! Next was a salsa dance that I couldn't quite get the timing of at first. I tried my best and picked it up pretty well. We started to do it in groups and I have to say, my leg could have been a bit higher, My turns a bit sharper, my jumps a bit higher...but I did well! I busted my ass and swiveled my hips just like I was straight out of El Barrio. We had to improv at the beginning, no big deal, dance with each other and interact. It was fun. I was asked to dance in a few different groups. One was with two other 5'2ish dark haired girls. Uh oh. Everyone knows they aren't going to cast three petite, brunette girls. What does this mean?? Dance off. I turned on my bitchy Latina attitude and salsa-ed like a mother f*cker.

It paid off, because when I walked off the floor the guy standing next to me said, "that was awesome. You look great." Thanks to that guy! Love him. Needless to say, I had a great time and really loved every minute.

Jump to a few hours later when I was sitting at a bar with my Brother and his Fiancee. I looked at my phone and had a new voicemail from a random number. Listened...It was the choreographer! She really enjoyed watching me dance and would love to have me for two projects she's working on!!! Ahhh! I called her back and left my availability on her voicemail and I'm waiting to hear back.

I was very nervous about dancing again, but once I started I just remembered how much I really do love it. I know my technique needs some help these days, but I think it was all style and personality with this one. Lesson learned.

Now I'm going skiing for the weekend. Or, trying to ski. Who knows what next week brings?

You Got Me Again, EPA

Thursday was an EPA (Equity Principal Audition). Now, for the normal people, this means that it is a union audition for leading roles in a union production. Actor's Equity has all sorts of rules and regulations that protect their members, which is great...if you are a member. For us non union actors it makes the EPA's grueling. In short, it blows.

I walked in to a tiny room with way too many actors in it. I stood in line in front of the monitor. The sides (I explained this before, so if you don't know what that means you didn't read my other posts. Shame on you ;) were posted on the wall and there were a group of actors huddled around all trying to read it at the same time. I saw a lot of interesting techniques. Copying them to a notebook, camera phone-ing them, all to have a little bit longer with the text. It was actually a really sad scene. A bunch of actors pushing to get a peek at the script and keep it with them as long as possible. I could have cried, really.

I got to the table and asked if they were seeing non-union. He said "Time Permitting. Put your name here." He pointed to a list that had 13 names on it. I was number 14. 14 wouldn't be so bad, but here's the thing: Union actors get an audition time. They leave and come back when they're scheduled. I had to wait. Just wait around and see if something opened up. If someone didn't show up for their appointment, they would ask if another equity member wanted to take their time slot (and someone usually does). If, and only if, no one wants it do they go to the non-union list. And I was number 14. Balls.

I took my seat out in the lobby and started reading, but it was very hard to concentrate considering the actress next to me was practicing her sides out loud. Like out LOUD. You know when you see people making fun of actors and they say lines a variety of different ways? It's not a joke. It's real. This girl said the line "Those architects!" about 75 different ways. There's only two words, lady! Pull it together and go somewhere semi private if you want to practice. Otherwise you are just ANNOYING! I did not like her.

I waited around for two hours, but the chatter that I overheard started to discourage me. The jaded, "I love myself and am too good for this audition" talk was too much for me. I was hating those people. And so...I left. I walked home in the snowstorm and did some stuff at home. Received my FreshDirect order. Love that. I thought about going back at 4:30 ish...but I went to the gym instead. I ran my face off on the treadmill and didn't look back.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Sorry, Did You Say "Improv"??

After hours of reading support websites...I've somehow fixed the problem! I have no idea what I did, but after tinkering last night it seems to be working! Now you can access this lovely blog by using the address! So exciting! ... And you won't get an error message! Even more exciting!

Now to catch you up on life...

Wednesday was my Turtle auditions for the new play festival. Weird! That's the only word I can come up with. Luckily I had a friend there from the last show I did, so we were in it together (Thanks for the support Leo!).

First it was supposed to be limited to 9 people...wrong! There were, like, 20 there. We all went into the theater together and sat in a semi-circle on the stage so the directors could look at us. Then came the improv game. Shit. I hate improv. I should probably fix my attitude about it, since a lot of things use this skill these days, but what ever happened to a trusty script?? Anyhoo, the game went like this. Two people start a scene about ANYTHING. In the middle of it, anyone can yell "Freeze!" and tap one of the two people on the back and assume the position he/she is frozen in. From there the two actors begin a NEW scene based on the positions they are in. Make sense? If's improv. All you need to know is that there are probably ever only three or four people in the room that are any good at it and everyone else is embarrassing (Guess which group I'm in??).

Next we were handed sides (non-actory peeps listen up: sides are portions of the script for you to read at an audition. Why are they called that? I have no idea, actually. If my actor friends know I would love an explanation!) Not everyone got all of the sides and we didn't really get a chance to read them beforehand. It was kind of a mess. They would pull two people up to read together and in the middle of the read switch out to two more people. It was interesting. I didn't get to read a whole lot until the end when I got to play a crazy girl. Lots of fun (I'm starting to see a trend in my roles. Hmm...). I feel that my first read where I played a bitchy actress wasn't the best, or any good at all actually. But I think I redeemed myself on the second read. I felt good about it. I really found my inner nut job. I got a call that night about my scheduling, but I haven't heard back. I'm thinking that's not a good sign.

Needless to say it was a VERY difficult audition to stand out in. I think you had to be borderline obnoxious to get noticed. It wasn't my scene. Or many of the other actors' that were there either.

Oh well. What can you do?

I also got my headshots back!! I will post them soon. As soon as I figure it out. I hate computers. Check back for Thursday's update. Can't blog now...on my way to an audition! The dance one. Hopefully I don't break something (ego included).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

The blog is in a bit of a transition period right now. I'm switching to my own domain name and I'm having some difficulties figuring it out. I will get it though! Stick with me!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a lot.

Not such an eventful day, this Tuesday. I read all the scripts for the turtles' 8 min play festival (I audition Wednesday night), ran a few errands, spent a few hours on (a trade publication for us actory peeps), went running, ran errands, made dinner, caught up on Big Love, and went to sleep.

Pretty boring.

I did remember that I have an audition scheduled for Friday. A dance audition from someone that found my resume on Backstage. The kicker is that I haven't taken a dance class in a few months, so that should be interesting. I've been stretching a bit more this week in preparation, but you never know. I could make an ass of myself. Needless to say, I'm sort of nervous about that. It's very hard to keep up with everything - work, dance, acting- all while trying to continually find new work. It's a lot.

Audition Wednesday, Thursday and Friday....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Must Swap in my Frye Boots for Running Shoes

Monday. Well, I was a little late on handing in my availability this week so it looks like making money will be put on hold for a short time. I will have a couple shifts, though. I was supposed to work a catering job (Great money!) on Tuesday but it was just cancelled. Poop.

I figured out some blog stuff. How to buy and register a domain name so I may soon just be so that's exciting (try to contain your enthusiasm). I applied to some castings, I emailed the retoucher (appointment for Wednesday), I wasted some time, I worked my butt off at the gym. Which brings me to... I bought a dress for my brother's rehearsal dinner in October, and it is TOO small. I need to lay off the twizzlers and start running like I mean it if I want to fit into it. I figure I lost 15 lbs over the past year, what's another few by October?? Ugh. I also need to lose a few if I want to start getting better roles. Sad, but true. I must face the facts and lay off the mexican food. Is it weird that that makes me want to cry???

Got an email from the cameraman of Date to Mate. He's putting together a new pilot and wants me to be in it! It's a makeover show of sorts and he wants me to be the fashion guru! Cool! We'll see how it goes!

Until next time...

Things I should Have Learned in School

The weekend was great. Worked on Saturday at the "Grand Opening" of the drug store downtown. More laundry samples, but this time I had a radio station to dance to and free giveaways! Advice: Always make friends with those giving out food. It pays off. I think I pocketed about 6 mini vegan burritos and three bags of soy crisps to bring home for lunch. Delicious! I also scored a few $5 off coupons. It's the little things in life...

Saturday night I ate dinner at El Cafe Portal. So good! Cheap-ish, too! Not too bad for soho. I hung out with an old friend that was visiting and celebrated her new engagement. So fun!

Sunday I ate junk food (rainbow twizzlers...gross) and caught up on my HBO series with Ryan. Then I went to see Shutter Island. It was enjoyable. Not the most original movie (I won't spoil it, don't worry ;) but it was something to see. We had fun.

Moral of the story: Shutter Island is good, Mexican food is great, but Nothing beats old friends :)

...oh and make friends with the food promoters. Yum!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Blue and Sweaty. Lovely.

Friday was an interesting day. I got an email Thursday night from the Turtles asking if anyone was available to work in the theater space from 2-4 the next day (we have to log four hours a quarter as part of membership). He was offering 3 for 1, meaning every hour counted as 3 so I said I was available. I had work at 4:30, so I needed to leave right on time. No big deal.

I arrived at the theater and got handed a smock-onesie situation. Ugh. Painting. Turns out it's not a forte of mine. I had gone to the gym earlier and my arms were shaking from too many bicep curls, already. Add a roller on a stick and I was sweating like a pig. I felt it rolling down my head. On top of it I had blue splatter all over my face. Really pretty. Reminder...I had to go to work right afterward. Swell.

I finished up my turtle hours, attempted to clean myself up in the bathroom and was on my way to hand out laundry samples. The shift went by VERY slowly. Friday night isn't a big night for a drug store, it seems. I met up with Ryan after, and we spent an hour and a half walking around looking for a place to eat. We aren't the most decisive people. Ended up at Vegetarian's Paradise 2. It was the first time I had had "fried chicken" in 11 years! It was really good! I don't know how they turn soy into so many things (veggie Peking Duck, anyone?) but it was good. You get my vote Paradise 2!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Body Check Me Again and See What Happens.

This is for the woman that body checked me today while I was trying to hand her a free laundry sample: You are a bitch. I feel sorry for the people around you in life. And, I hope that that steely, ice queen look on your face will only cause deep, heinous wrinkles on your bitch face. And that is all.

Breathe, Breathe...

Today went slowly. I reformatted my resume (Microsoft word can kiss my bum), I applied to castings, I ate lunch with my Ryan, I read some potential new monologues, I played some solitaire, I did a workout video, then I went to work.

Work was fine, despite what you may think from my earlier rant. Most people were very pleasant and grateful for their free sample. But it's always those few that stick in my mind. Is it so hard to say, "no thank you"? The answer is no. It's not hard at all. If someone asks you if you want something free, unless it's a hooker asking about something really inappropriate, say NO THANK YOU. Even you, bitch girl. I bet it will even make you feel a little less like a horrible person. :)

Find My Motivation

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. Ran errands all day. Responded to a bunch of emails. Scheduled a few auditions for the next few weeks. Ran 6 miles (wanted to kill myself the whole time). Then...

Went to work. I was handing out eco-friendly laundry detergent at a new drug store downtown. There was a steady stream of pretty boring people. Nothing exciting. The three hours went by quickly enough, though my legs were shaking underneath me from my ambitious run earlier. I was stationed right next to the food. Thanks for that. All I wanted to do was unwrap a sandwich with my teeth and shove the whole thing in my mouth. Needless to say, I was hungry.

Sorry for the lame-o posting. I need to get a pep in my step again. This tends to happen to me in between projects. I need to find some focus, get excited about things. I'm working on it. Until then, bear with me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm a Turtle. Cowabunga!

Work was cancelled today due to snow. I was kind of okay with that, considering that I found out at 10:30pm last night that I had orientation today for the theater company. Which leads me to....

Orientation for the Turtles (saying that is going to take some getting used to). It went well, I think. I was glad to know that the other actors were a little apprehensive, as well. But one girl did say that she has a friend in the company and that everything is legit. And after the orientation spiel it sounds like there should be a lot of things going on with the company. So...I'm a paying member (prepare for the many TMNT jokes that lie ahead. I apologize ahead of time). I paid my dues and now if only I could figure out the group website. Ugh.

Lots done today. Tried to figure out some blog stuff. Adding my resume is harder than it should be. A crazy run to crowded hell hole that is Trader Joe's to buy groceries for a Mardi Gras dinner I threw this evening. I made Louisiana fare - red beans and rice, cajun spiced butternut squash, wilted greens, and cajun shrimp and sausage (I didn't eat the animals. Yuck). All went well, I think. We had a great time laughing at the men's figure skating outfits. Really with the sparkles??? I have to say, I prefer a more manly short program....Johnny Weir is pretty freakin fabulous though.

Time Flies When You're Looking at Ridiculous People

Monday. Back to flyering. It was a three hour shift this time due to the fact that we were working the shit show that is Fashion Week. Hi-larious. We passed out flyers to women who haven't eaten in twenty years, that teeter on their chicken legs shoved into 10 inch Louboutins. We watched little girls jump up and down in the street while a creepy Frenchman photographer took pictures of them. The poor things felt special. Little did they know, that same Frenchman had been taking pictures of EVERYONE saying how "boo-ti-ful" each woman was - no matter how busted they looked. Ah Fashion Week. I love that circus.

My shift went super fast partly because of all the people watching and partly because the girls I worked with are awesome. So that's good. My only complaint, really, is that I forgot gloves. Cuz I'm an idiot. My hands were all wrinkly and flaky by the time I was done. Really pretty.

I uploaded my retouched headshot onto my computer! Here it is! The first of four:

I got it onto backstage and sent it out to a few castings. I caught up on emails (lots of emails). I'm just trying to get things moving again.

What do you think of the new pic??

Monday, February 15, 2010

Moving On...Hopefully

The weekend was great. Two shows Saturday and the last one on Sunday. The Saturday matinee is always a little weird. The energy was a bit off, and our scene moved a little slow but we picked it up for the night performance and everything went well! Sunday's performance was great and a bittersweet ending to a great run! I will miss everyone very much. I will also miss playing a conniving psychopath. It was tons of fun.

I did in fact talk to the girl about her assistant agent friend. She said her friend passed my headshot along to the agent, but that they have tons of brunette girls so nothing may come of it. Oh well. I'm proud of myself for asking. Maybe I do have some balls after all.

It's weird when things calm down and I realize that I have no rehearsal to go to or show to do. It's kind of a nervous feeling. Back to sending out my headshots and auditioning. Moving on to the next thing. And you can only hope that there is a next thing. Ah...being an actor. What a sense of security. NOT.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Come on Sarah, Pull it Together.

Appointment with the retoucher today. It was Great! Colorworks NYC gets an A+ from me so far. He sat with me for over an hour discussing what we could do with the pics I had and he helped me narrow it down to 4 very different, very useful pictures. He even took the good face from one and put it on the skinny body of another!! It feels a little wrong for some reason but they are both me, so I guess it's not really cheating. I feel much better about the whole headshot situation, and best of all it's out of my hands for a bit. Thank God! I'll be sure to post the final pictures for all to see.

The show went well. I scared the bejeezus out of my roomates (who were so sweet to come see me!). So, mission accomplished with the scary business. One of the girls in the show came up to me and said she had a friend there the night before who was an assistant at a known agency. Her friend wanted her to tell me that I did very well and she really enjoyed my performance! Wow! That's great news! .... Now at that point anyone with a shmoozy bone in their body would have asked if they were looking for new clients. I, on the other hand, blushed and said thank you. That was it. I'm an idiot.

Two shows tomorrow and one Sunday. Maybe I'll find an opportunity to ask the girl about her friend. Let's hope so.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Longest Post of My Life...Sorry About That

Audition at noon. One of the odder ones I've had. I arrived and recognized three guys from my show. Also attending were about four other girls that apparently had been recommended from current troupe members. We sat in the theater and listened to the artistic director talk for about an hour. After we went out in the lobby to wait our turn for our one minute monologues. I was the lucky idiot who got picked to go last. Thanks a lot (remember how I explained that I think the waiting is the worst part?). Each person was taking F O R E V E R. About 10-15 min per person...for a ONE minute monologue. What the hell was going on in there?

I was (finally) called in and after the usual pleasantries I did my monologue. I felt great about it! I started to get up from the chair and he stopped me. "Now try that as a homeless bag lady who's drunk and out of her mind crazy." Excuse me, What?....Swell.

So, I started again, channeling my inner crazy homeless lady. I went and picked up my bag and pulled things, one by one, out of my purse arranging them neatly on the floor in front of me (crazy people do that sort of thing, right?). "Stop!" He said. Oh great, what now? "remember to be intoxicated." Oh right. I completely forgot that part. Insert some slurred words here and there. Feel my face go numb and my tongue get too big for my mouth....

"Stop! Now age her twenty years. You've been on the street for twenty years." Oh this is just great. It was one of those moments for an actor where you can either clam up and close off, or just say Fuck It and lose your mind acting. I said fuck it.

I rumpled my hair, wiped snot from my face, drooled a bit and thought of the poor old lady I see on the corner near my apartment. I made my voice raspy and talked right to the director. I told him about the one night stand I had last week in New York and how proud I was for leaving the poor soldier alone. His face was totally invested in what I was doing. He seemed so interested and engaged, almost like he was looking at an animal at the zoo. It felt great. I lost my mind today at my audition and it's the best feeling. I can't explain it very well, but it's something like going back to when you were a kid and you could become anyone you wanted to in a split second. All you had to do was imagine it.

Anyhoo, I finished up and he asked how interested I am in joining the Troupe. "I have to be honest," I said. I explained that I had always told myself that I wouldn't pay to perform. He was understanding and we talked about the benefits of the company. "I'm very interested in having you join," he said to me. Wow. Right there at the audition. I told him I'd think about it and call him later on. In weighing my options, the fee is not that much and I will have a built in place to experience community, showcase my work, take cheap classes, etc. If it doesn't work out, I'm out 75 bucks. If it does work out, I will have met great people and built a network (hopefully). So....I'm in! I am a new member of the Terrapin Troupe! I orientate next week some time.

As for the show, it went well tonight, thanks for asking. I didn't feel as good about it as the night before, but that is what they say about night number two. The energy goes down for some reason. I plan on rocking out tomorrow, though. I will drink a redbull and do jumping jacks, and damn it I will be good.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Run Like a Madman and Fake it Till You Make It

I'm a procrastinator by nature, and Tuesday it came back to bite me in the ass. The retoucher told me it would be done on Monday, and of course it wasn't. Tuesday I got the email that it was ready and I could have it emailed to me. Great! by 2pm I still didn't get the image, so I scrambled to Staples for photo paper (which, by the way, has more options than the tampon isle. Glossy, matte, satin, semi-gloss, ugh! I decided on satin finish, and I stand by my choice). I then spent the next few hours figuring out how to print my headshots in high quality. After wasting a few pages of my satin finish, I think I got something usable! I then went to update my resume with all of my recent projects, hit print on those and....what the hell! I only had two pieces of paper. After getting dress rehearsal ready, I ran to Kinko's (an actor's biggest asset) and printed the resumes. I cut everything down and stapled all my paperwork, powerwalked to 43rd and 8th where....

I arrived at my dress rehearsal, headshots in hand. A quick check of the email revealed that I had, just as I arrived, received the retouched headshot. Figures.

Dress went well. Our play was well received. We got a comment wondering how long our rehearsal period was. Now, this remark can go either way. As in, "how long did you rehearse because it looks like crap," or "how long did you rehearse because it looks so well put together." It ended up being the latter! He said the blocking was really tight and we looked well rehearsed. Great work cast. We fooled him! Our blocking was actually way off. Anyway, we open tonight and I'm feeling pretty good. Wish me luck!

Opening Night of Sarah the Psycho

Night one of my show 8x10 Glossy Shorts. It went very well! Surprisingly we had a pretty sizable audience considering the snowy mess that was last night. I showed up in time to hang out for a bit, eat a string cheese and run lines with my cast-mates. Then the show began and we waited. Our short play comes fourth, so there is a considerable amount of waiting around backstage, being very quiet. That is the worst part. The waiting. It's when all the thoughts of disaster enter your brain. The "what ifs." The loss of focus. Then you hear the clapping for the show before yours and you suck it up and try to pull it together for the audience. And last night...It worked!

My mother and boyfriend were sufficiently scared by my psychotic behavior, so that means a job well done I guess. We felt good about our performance, a few weird spots here and there but they'll clear themselves up. On the way out I was stopped by the artistic director of the resident theater company and he asked if I could come to an audition for potential members the next day at noon. Sure! So, that's also a good sign. He may have asked everyone, he may have asked no one. There's really no way of knowing.

So, audition tomorrow and another show tomorrow night. Wish me broken legs!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Days are Slow, Some Movies are Lame

Monday was a slow day. I was hoping to get my retouched headshot back, but they said they are swamped right now. So hopefully Tuesday. I need them because I have to bring some to my show for industry press packets. Which means, if any directors, casting directors, or producers come to the show they are given a folder with the headshots and resumes of every actor performing. It's really a great thing, and I would love for my new headshot to be in it and not my embarrassing old one (I'll post a before and after as soon as I get it retouched).

I saw Avatar last night, IMAX style. Amazing? Yes. Good story? Absolutely not. Lame! I wish they wouldn't make the dialogue in fantasy/sci fi movies so corny. Maybe I could get into them a little more. Sorry James Cameron, you can make up all the languages you want but your movie is still....Lame.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Pretend Lesbian with a Bandaged Pinkie

I filmed my "I'm not a lesbian, I just experimented" scene on Saturday night. All went well. We filmed backwards and did the bed scene first. It's always a bit awkward crawling into bed with someone you just met (at least I think so). This is the film that is still photography for most of my sections, so it was pretty easy with no audio to worry about. The apartment we shot in was crazy. It was on top of a commercial building downtown with sick 360 views of NY. Turns out the guy I was acting with owns the building. The second scene was outside on the street corner. And, I don't know if you New Yorkers remember Saturday night, but let me refresh your memory: It was cold as balls! We froze our tushes off for a bit before coming inside, regaining feeling in our hands and faces, and wrapping for the night. It all went pretty quickly. I still have two, or so, days of filming for that project. So I'm looking forward to that.

Sunday was my Tech Rehearsal for Dirty Darlings. For normal people, that means that you sit around and wait for long periods of time until you are asked to stand onstage and say one or two lines while lights are adjusted. Then you sit around and wait some more. Then you go onstage again and say a few lines from a different section of the play. Lights are adjusted some more, some sound cues are played...and the day continues on for hours kinda like that. We did get to run lines a few times, which is good since we realized we'd been dropping a few. Woops.

From tech I watched the superbowl with the bf, Ryan, and some friends. I should preface this with a bit of info: I HATE football. It makes me want to scream and reminds me about how dumb boys can be sometimes (really, with all the running into each other??) But, I decided to try this time. I picked to root for the Saints, only because I wanted to battle with Ryan's roomate. And sure enough! They won! I got to talk smack about something I know nothing about. It's best kind of trash talking. ;) I also sliced the crap out of my finger cutting tomatoes for bruchetta. That sucked. I have a giant band-aid on my pinkie.

That's all for my weekend. Until next time...

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Best Light is Flashlight

Thursday. The last rehearsal for my show before the tech and dress rehearsals. It really seemed to come together today and we blocked the final scene (for non-actory peeps that means the movement of the actors. Where I stand, what I touch, how I kick the shit out of the boy that dies in the play :) I'm feeling good about the upcoming performance and I'm starting to get excited for the run. The second half of Dirty Darlings (the title) is in the dark and we use flashlights. I would love to see what it looks like because I'm pretty sure it looks bad ass.

I finally called and ordered the cd of my headshot photo shoot. It's about time. I also sent the first pick of my pics (ha) to the retoucher. It should be ready Monday for final approval. Whew! That decision took guts. But, I am very excited to have the ball rolling on that. We'll see how it turns out!

That's all for now. My film shoot that was supposed to happen tonight got rescheduled, yet again, to saturday. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! Until then...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sometimes You Look Like a Slut, and Sometimes You Don't.

Today was a money making day. I ended up picking up a flyering shift in the afternoon. It wasn't too bad. A little cold, but not unbearable. Not a whole lot interesting happened. I did witness one poor girl miss the step up to the sidewalk and bust her face in the street. That was unfortunate. She said she was fine, but had she not been Latina I'm pretty sure her face would have been bright red.

I ran some errands after that. Dropped off my old "fat clothes" (I recently lost a bit of weight) at the Goodwill. They had been sitting in my room for a good 6 months now, so that's was quite the accomplishment. Now that corner of my room looks empty. I'm sure I'll fill it with some more shit soon enough. I then went to the bank, picked up my pay from the past few weeks, and looked for shorts for my gig tonight. That brings me to....

Tonight. I worked as a Beer Girl (there I go again with the capitalization. Hehe). The bars were DEAD. I did make a rookie mistake and forget to bring sweatpants to walk from bar to bar. There I was in my hot pants and winter coat walking the streets of New York, like an idiot. But aside from that it went fine. I handed out some beer, some tshirts, some useless keychains. People love that shit. God knows why. But as long as they do, I will put on my slutty outfit and make money passing it out. No harm in that. Lata.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lesson: One Actresses F up is Another's Treasure.

Today is Tuesday. I know, I know I slacked a little bit on my writing punctuality. What else is new? ... actually a lot of things are new! Thanks for asking.

One. I spent Sunday filming the television show "From Date to Mate." It's the fake Jewish reality show on Shalom TV. The filming went great! I had so much fun and I'm really excited about the future episodes. I auditioned for the show about nine months ago and was told that there may be a part for me in the future. I kept in touch and emailed the director about the first couple episodes I watched...and sure enough! He called me. It turns out that one of the actresses didn't show up to a shoot, and long story short: They wrote her out of the show. Enter: Me! I play Zoe, a recently heartbroken, bubbly, honest, and sometimes sassy girl from New Jersey. I won't ruin the episode because you should all watch it, but lets just say that I end up having a pretty good first date. I can't wait to see what happens to my character next! So exciting! When it airs I will be sure to include detailed directions as to how to access the episode on your television. Don't you worry. ;)

Monday I just went over lines for my upcoming show and weighed my headshot options some more. I'm already a day past my deadline for ordering the retouching. I need to pull it together, already.

Today was rehearsal for my show, which went well. I feel like I'm really coming into my crazy. We did a little exercise at the end of rehearsal in which we did the whole thing with southern accents. It was pretty funny. Somehow it was supposed to get us to think in a different way and find things in the text we may have missed before. I'm not sure if I buy that, but it certainly was hilarious. I found out the tech was moved to superbowl sunday. That blows, but what can you do?

I got the job as a Beer Promo Girl (I just laughed a little that I capitalized that. I'm not sure why, but it's funny). I start tomorrow night with a five hour shift. I'm sure I'll have some story to tell. Until then....