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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Longest Post of My Life...Sorry About That

Audition at noon. One of the odder ones I've had. I arrived and recognized three guys from my show. Also attending were about four other girls that apparently had been recommended from current troupe members. We sat in the theater and listened to the artistic director talk for about an hour. After we went out in the lobby to wait our turn for our one minute monologues. I was the lucky idiot who got picked to go last. Thanks a lot (remember how I explained that I think the waiting is the worst part?). Each person was taking F O R E V E R. About 10-15 min per person...for a ONE minute monologue. What the hell was going on in there?

I was (finally) called in and after the usual pleasantries I did my monologue. I felt great about it! I started to get up from the chair and he stopped me. "Now try that as a homeless bag lady who's drunk and out of her mind crazy." Excuse me, What?....Swell.

So, I started again, channeling my inner crazy homeless lady. I went and picked up my bag and pulled things, one by one, out of my purse arranging them neatly on the floor in front of me (crazy people do that sort of thing, right?). "Stop!" He said. Oh great, what now? "remember to be intoxicated." Oh right. I completely forgot that part. Insert some slurred words here and there. Feel my face go numb and my tongue get too big for my mouth....

"Stop! Now age her twenty years. You've been on the street for twenty years." Oh this is just great. It was one of those moments for an actor where you can either clam up and close off, or just say Fuck It and lose your mind acting. I said fuck it.

I rumpled my hair, wiped snot from my face, drooled a bit and thought of the poor old lady I see on the corner near my apartment. I made my voice raspy and talked right to the director. I told him about the one night stand I had last week in New York and how proud I was for leaving the poor soldier alone. His face was totally invested in what I was doing. He seemed so interested and engaged, almost like he was looking at an animal at the zoo. It felt great. I lost my mind today at my audition and it's the best feeling. I can't explain it very well, but it's something like going back to when you were a kid and you could become anyone you wanted to in a split second. All you had to do was imagine it.

Anyhoo, I finished up and he asked how interested I am in joining the Troupe. "I have to be honest," I said. I explained that I had always told myself that I wouldn't pay to perform. He was understanding and we talked about the benefits of the company. "I'm very interested in having you join," he said to me. Wow. Right there at the audition. I told him I'd think about it and call him later on. In weighing my options, the fee is not that much and I will have a built in place to experience community, showcase my work, take cheap classes, etc. If it doesn't work out, I'm out 75 bucks. If it does work out, I will have met great people and built a network (hopefully). So....I'm in! I am a new member of the Terrapin Troupe! I orientate next week some time.

As for the show, it went well tonight, thanks for asking. I didn't feel as good about it as the night before, but that is what they say about night number two. The energy goes down for some reason. I plan on rocking out tomorrow, though. I will drink a redbull and do jumping jacks, and damn it I will be good.


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