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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Sorry, Did You Say "Improv"??

After hours of reading support websites...I've somehow fixed the problem! I have no idea what I did, but after tinkering last night it seems to be working! Now you can access this lovely blog by using the address! So exciting! ... And you won't get an error message! Even more exciting!

Now to catch you up on life...

Wednesday was my Turtle auditions for the new play festival. Weird! That's the only word I can come up with. Luckily I had a friend there from the last show I did, so we were in it together (Thanks for the support Leo!).

First it was supposed to be limited to 9 people...wrong! There were, like, 20 there. We all went into the theater together and sat in a semi-circle on the stage so the directors could look at us. Then came the improv game. Shit. I hate improv. I should probably fix my attitude about it, since a lot of things use this skill these days, but what ever happened to a trusty script?? Anyhoo, the game went like this. Two people start a scene about ANYTHING. In the middle of it, anyone can yell "Freeze!" and tap one of the two people on the back and assume the position he/she is frozen in. From there the two actors begin a NEW scene based on the positions they are in. Make sense? If's improv. All you need to know is that there are probably ever only three or four people in the room that are any good at it and everyone else is embarrassing (Guess which group I'm in??).

Next we were handed sides (non-actory peeps listen up: sides are portions of the script for you to read at an audition. Why are they called that? I have no idea, actually. If my actor friends know I would love an explanation!) Not everyone got all of the sides and we didn't really get a chance to read them beforehand. It was kind of a mess. They would pull two people up to read together and in the middle of the read switch out to two more people. It was interesting. I didn't get to read a whole lot until the end when I got to play a crazy girl. Lots of fun (I'm starting to see a trend in my roles. Hmm...). I feel that my first read where I played a bitchy actress wasn't the best, or any good at all actually. But I think I redeemed myself on the second read. I felt good about it. I really found my inner nut job. I got a call that night about my scheduling, but I haven't heard back. I'm thinking that's not a good sign.

Needless to say it was a VERY difficult audition to stand out in. I think you had to be borderline obnoxious to get noticed. It wasn't my scene. Or many of the other actors' that were there either.

Oh well. What can you do?

I also got my headshots back!! I will post them soon. As soon as I figure it out. I hate computers. Check back for Thursday's update. Can't blog now...on my way to an audition! The dance one. Hopefully I don't break something (ego included).


  1. Yeah, I'm happy you were there too. Solidarity and support! The second group had about as many people show up as the first (with even more 8x10-ers in tow), still the same format as before, and the second group was equally as interesting. Oh well - such is life.

  2. "I think you had to be borderline obnoxious to get noticed."

    Yeah, those are the worst. You have to suck it up and fake it or just be honest with yourself and admit it's not for you. Glad you went with the latter :)

    - Sarah