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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm a Turtle. Cowabunga!

Work was cancelled today due to snow. I was kind of okay with that, considering that I found out at 10:30pm last night that I had orientation today for the theater company. Which leads me to....

Orientation for the Turtles (saying that is going to take some getting used to). It went well, I think. I was glad to know that the other actors were a little apprehensive, as well. But one girl did say that she has a friend in the company and that everything is legit. And after the orientation spiel it sounds like there should be a lot of things going on with the company. So...I'm a paying member (prepare for the many TMNT jokes that lie ahead. I apologize ahead of time). I paid my dues and now if only I could figure out the group website. Ugh.

Lots done today. Tried to figure out some blog stuff. Adding my resume is harder than it should be. A crazy run to crowded hell hole that is Trader Joe's to buy groceries for a Mardi Gras dinner I threw this evening. I made Louisiana fare - red beans and rice, cajun spiced butternut squash, wilted greens, and cajun shrimp and sausage (I didn't eat the animals. Yuck). All went well, I think. We had a great time laughing at the men's figure skating outfits. Really with the sparkles??? I have to say, I prefer a more manly short program....Johnny Weir is pretty freakin fabulous though.


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