Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Moving On...Hopefully

The weekend was great. Two shows Saturday and the last one on Sunday. The Saturday matinee is always a little weird. The energy was a bit off, and our scene moved a little slow but we picked it up for the night performance and everything went well! Sunday's performance was great and a bittersweet ending to a great run! I will miss everyone very much. I will also miss playing a conniving psychopath. It was tons of fun.

I did in fact talk to the girl about her assistant agent friend. She said her friend passed my headshot along to the agent, but that they have tons of brunette girls so nothing may come of it. Oh well. I'm proud of myself for asking. Maybe I do have some balls after all.

It's weird when things calm down and I realize that I have no rehearsal to go to or show to do. It's kind of a nervous feeling. Back to sending out my headshots and auditioning. Moving on to the next thing. And you can only hope that there is a next thing. Ah...being an actor. What a sense of security. NOT.


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