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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Monday, February 8, 2010

A Pretend Lesbian with a Bandaged Pinkie

I filmed my "I'm not a lesbian, I just experimented" scene on Saturday night. All went well. We filmed backwards and did the bed scene first. It's always a bit awkward crawling into bed with someone you just met (at least I think so). This is the film that is still photography for most of my sections, so it was pretty easy with no audio to worry about. The apartment we shot in was crazy. It was on top of a commercial building downtown with sick 360 views of NY. Turns out the guy I was acting with owns the building. The second scene was outside on the street corner. And, I don't know if you New Yorkers remember Saturday night, but let me refresh your memory: It was cold as balls! We froze our tushes off for a bit before coming inside, regaining feeling in our hands and faces, and wrapping for the night. It all went pretty quickly. I still have two, or so, days of filming for that project. So I'm looking forward to that.

Sunday was my Tech Rehearsal for Dirty Darlings. For normal people, that means that you sit around and wait for long periods of time until you are asked to stand onstage and say one or two lines while lights are adjusted. Then you sit around and wait some more. Then you go onstage again and say a few lines from a different section of the play. Lights are adjusted some more, some sound cues are played...and the day continues on for hours kinda like that. We did get to run lines a few times, which is good since we realized we'd been dropping a few. Woops.

From tech I watched the superbowl with the bf, Ryan, and some friends. I should preface this with a bit of info: I HATE football. It makes me want to scream and reminds me about how dumb boys can be sometimes (really, with all the running into each other??) But, I decided to try this time. I picked to root for the Saints, only because I wanted to battle with Ryan's roomate. And sure enough! They won! I got to talk smack about something I know nothing about. It's best kind of trash talking. ;) I also sliced the crap out of my finger cutting tomatoes for bruchetta. That sucked. I have a giant band-aid on my pinkie.

That's all for my weekend. Until next time...


  1. cold as balls eh? What is the name of this film you're working on?

  2. Oh Patrick, what would I do without you? Its called Almost It. It's not going to be released for QUITE some time, I would imagine.