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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Salsa Like You Mean It.

I'm sure you're wondering how the dance audition went?? Waiting on pins and needles to find out what happened...

Well, I showed up early and so did everyone else. It was crazy snowing outside and I got there a full 40 minutes early. After about 15 min the room opened and we all piled in to warm up. There were tons of really good looking girls there. Bangin' bodies and really pretty. I had no idea if they could dance, but they looked great! Intimidating...

I stretched and tried to tune everyone out. There was one girl - I'll call her "Hooker" that would not stop with the talking. Everything was "name drop" here, "name drop" there. She was telling everyone that she's "so over stretching for auditions." What does that even mean??! She was wearing a tiny little top and tiny little bottoms. The whole outfit was questionable. Hooker. Anyway she got cut after the ballet round. See ya!

Everyone else was really nice. Very sweet and supportive. Nice environment.

We had a slow waltz for the ballet section. And...I made it past the ballet cut. Great! Next was a salsa dance that I couldn't quite get the timing of at first. I tried my best and picked it up pretty well. We started to do it in groups and I have to say, my leg could have been a bit higher, My turns a bit sharper, my jumps a bit higher...but I did well! I busted my ass and swiveled my hips just like I was straight out of El Barrio. We had to improv at the beginning, no big deal, dance with each other and interact. It was fun. I was asked to dance in a few different groups. One was with two other 5'2ish dark haired girls. Uh oh. Everyone knows they aren't going to cast three petite, brunette girls. What does this mean?? Dance off. I turned on my bitchy Latina attitude and salsa-ed like a mother f*cker.

It paid off, because when I walked off the floor the guy standing next to me said, "that was awesome. You look great." Thanks to that guy! Love him. Needless to say, I had a great time and really loved every minute.

Jump to a few hours later when I was sitting at a bar with my Brother and his Fiancee. I looked at my phone and had a new voicemail from a random number. Listened...It was the choreographer! She really enjoyed watching me dance and would love to have me for two projects she's working on!!! Ahhh! I called her back and left my availability on her voicemail and I'm waiting to hear back.

I was very nervous about dancing again, but once I started I just remembered how much I really do love it. I know my technique needs some help these days, but I think it was all style and personality with this one. Lesson learned.

Now I'm going skiing for the weekend. Or, trying to ski. Who knows what next week brings?

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  1. See Sarah, the Rhythm Dance Center training never goes away. Haha...wish I cld have seen the audition! Sounds awesome. Congrats! :)