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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Got Me Again, EPA

Thursday was an EPA (Equity Principal Audition). Now, for the normal people, this means that it is a union audition for leading roles in a union production. Actor's Equity has all sorts of rules and regulations that protect their members, which is great...if you are a member. For us non union actors it makes the EPA's grueling. In short, it blows.

I walked in to a tiny room with way too many actors in it. I stood in line in front of the monitor. The sides (I explained this before, so if you don't know what that means you didn't read my other posts. Shame on you ;) were posted on the wall and there were a group of actors huddled around all trying to read it at the same time. I saw a lot of interesting techniques. Copying them to a notebook, camera phone-ing them, all to have a little bit longer with the text. It was actually a really sad scene. A bunch of actors pushing to get a peek at the script and keep it with them as long as possible. I could have cried, really.

I got to the table and asked if they were seeing non-union. He said "Time Permitting. Put your name here." He pointed to a list that had 13 names on it. I was number 14. 14 wouldn't be so bad, but here's the thing: Union actors get an audition time. They leave and come back when they're scheduled. I had to wait. Just wait around and see if something opened up. If someone didn't show up for their appointment, they would ask if another equity member wanted to take their time slot (and someone usually does). If, and only if, no one wants it do they go to the non-union list. And I was number 14. Balls.

I took my seat out in the lobby and started reading, but it was very hard to concentrate considering the actress next to me was practicing her sides out loud. Like out LOUD. You know when you see people making fun of actors and they say lines a variety of different ways? It's not a joke. It's real. This girl said the line "Those architects!" about 75 different ways. There's only two words, lady! Pull it together and go somewhere semi private if you want to practice. Otherwise you are just ANNOYING! I did not like her.

I waited around for two hours, but the chatter that I overheard started to discourage me. The jaded, "I love myself and am too good for this audition" talk was too much for me. I was hating those people. And so...I left. I walked home in the snowstorm and did some stuff at home. Received my FreshDirect order. Love that. I thought about going back at 4:30 ish...but I went to the gym instead. I ran my face off on the treadmill and didn't look back.


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