Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Excuse Me, Sir? I Think God is Trying to Tell You Something.

I had an audition Saturday for a web series in which I would play a southern girl with a country singin' boyfriend. I went to the audition and met with the producers who were all very nice. I debated whether or not to read the sides with a true southern accent, but I decided against it. Everyone always says no need to bust out the accent until the call backs. I did, however, manage to slip in that I'm from Georgia. I might have made my hometown sound a little more small-town than it really is...but it's all in the name of getting a job. I added a few more "ya'll"s to the conversation and called it a day. I feel like I read well. I don't know. I always leave going "that was fine." Never great or fantastic, just fine. They did ask if I was available next weekend for callbacks, so that's a good sign. And now for the weird part:

The audition was on 8th avenue in the 30's. About 5 hours later I was on a train platform on the east side waiting with my BF and his family to head out to Astoria. I turn around and who do I see? The writer/director and the producer from earlier that day! Now, I took this as a sign and I can only hope that they, too, will pick up on what God is so clearly trying to tell them, "Pick her! Pick her!" We chatted for a bit and got on the train. Saying goodbye I may have thrown in an extra ya'll. (I'm desperate, what can I say?) How weird is it that I ran into them?! And, Mom, you were right. All those times you told me to watch what I say because you really never know who's standing next to you on the train platform.

Monday was a day of rehearsals. Last minute my 3pm was moved to 5:30 so I ran some errands and I picked up my headshots at Reproductions (yay!). Rehearsal was interesting. We were huddled in the backstage area while another rehearsal went on onstage. I felt better having another one, though. Slightly less unprepared (figure that one out ;) I just find it unbelievable that I have spent more time rehearsing the scene changes than I have my actual scene.

Then we had our dress rehearsal. It was an hour late getting started (who's surprised?) but it ran pretty well. I got very nervous before our scene...and turns out rightfully so. My partner forgot his lines and started ad libbing on stage. I do not do well in these situations, It's why I love rehearsal. Finally we picked back up and pulled it together, but it was a mess. I'm meeting with him today to go over and over our scene. Hopefully that hot mess does NOT happen again. It's pretty much the worst feeling being onstage in front of an audience and have no idea what to do. It's frightening.

We open on Thursday at 8pm. I wonder if we'll start on time?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Theater of the Absurd. Just, Absurd!

Thursday I went to Reproductions and had a much more pleasant experience. They told me they could do better and that what Precision gave me was crap. I knew it! It was nice to know that I wasn't a crazy and the tests from Precision were laughable. Seriously, the guy laughed. Friday I went in to approve the tests at Reproductions and.....they were great! After a few adjustments (they blew up my face to ridiculous proportions, but fixed it immediately), I approved the tests and can pick them up Monday. Yay for getting things done!

I had a tech call time for 3:45 on Friday for the 8 min play festival. I ran to get there because reproductions took a bit more time than expected. The lobby was filled with actors stretched out lounging. They looked like they had been there a while. I braced myself while I asked what group they were. After a sneer, a guy said, "you're not going to believe it, but the 1:15 group just went in." Holy Hell!!!! Are-you-kidding me?! No phone calls were made to come two hours late, nothing.

I sat and I waited....and waited....and waited. I ran lines with my scene partner...I sat....I ran lines...I waited. At around 5:30 the director came out and made no apologies. "It's tech." We were told. People had work, had other rehearsals and one cared. Unbelievable. I asked what time we would be done that night (we had a choreography rehearsal afterward to figure out scene changes) he said by 11. WHAT?! Please tell me how I will be at this theater from 3:30 until 11pm for an 8 MINUTE SHOW? I literally will be onstage for 8 minutes. AND... I have now officially spent more time waiting for shit to happen than actually rehearsing. I was in shock. My scene partner ended up leaving because he had somewhere to be. That went over with the director really well. Not. I had to cancel my plans to meet up with my BF's mom. It was a mess.

By around 9pm actors started cracking. We were going nuts. Sassy comments all over the place, I think one girl started crying. It was a mad house.

It's always amazing to me how many people complain and bitch backstage, but when faced with anyone that can actually do something about the ridiculous evening they act like sheep. I made my aversion to the events of the evening and lack of care known to all a few times and I was told I was too big for my britches. Whatevs. The night was absurd! I understand actors are always afraid to burn bridges, but I've been walked all over too many times. I've decided I'm better than that, and I will stick up for myself when I see necessary. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Had we been in the union, that rehearsal would have been completely unacceptable. I realize we aren't in the union, but since when does that mean that we can be taken advantage of and treated like poop? I refuse. Call me too big for my britches, call me a pain, call me a bitch.

I know who I am.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Filler Day (Let's be Honest)

I had a lunch meeting Wednesday with the director of photography for Date to Mate. I wasn't sure what it was to be about, just that he wanted to talk to me about a project. It turns out he's getting into photography and was wondering if I would be interested in styling some shots for him. This month is a little nutty for me, but I do hate turning friends down for favors. It's interesting getting pulled back into the styling mindset. It's been a while and I really hadn't thought about fashion (unless we're talking about that new spring wardrobe I want) in a long time. Who knows how that will go.

I went to the gym. Did lots of squats and lunges. Gotta tighten those glutes and hammies, if you know what I'm sayin.

Okay, I know. I'm a giant loser.

Anyway, I basically spent Wednesday running errands. Iwent to Precision Photo to check out the new round of test prints and......drum roll please....they look like ass. Anticlimactic, I know (for both of us, trust me) but now I know I must take them to reproductions and ask what they can do for me.

Hopefully I have this sorted out by the next time I speak to you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, Lack of Humility Will Never be an Issue

Flyering in the afternoon. Sometimes I get very self conscious putting on my green suit to go hand out paper on the street. I pull the hat down low and constantly look out for people I know. It's times like this, usually, when I suddenly hear "Hey Sarah!" Only to turn around and see an old friend or aquaintance. Tuesday was no different - I ran into a guy from the broadway workshop as he was on his way to an audition. And my reaction is always the same: "F*ck."

It's a hard thing to deal with in my head because I'm so grateful for the work and the girls I work with. I truly love them and consider them my friends and Lord knows I need the money. My boyfriend is also great at reminding me that I do what I do so I can pursue my dream. So yes, while handing out paper on the street yelling, "Friday is Pasta Day!" makes me want to shrink to the size of a soy bean and hide inside my edamame pod, maybe next time I run into someone I should be proud of my green suit. And confidently hand them a flyer, and urge them to mix the marinara and the pesto because, frankly, it's delicious and will change their life.

Easier said than done. But I'm working on my attitude.

Rehearsal for the Play Festival at night. It went well, actually. I feel like we got somewhere. We were off book (memorized, all you non theater peeps) for the first time which always feels better. My character took quite a turn at this rehearsal into a somewhat nutty, flighty girl which is not at all how I was playing it before. I can't get a sense of how it's working, but the director is happy with it, so it stays. I'm nervous as hell, to be honest, because that was really our last rehearsal before the tech on Friday. Every run through we do is completely different from the last. And... We open in one week. Holy hell. Wish my legs broken!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad News Bears

Monday was a day of bad news. We were supposed to be performing our piece for the broadway workshop for Industry/friends/family, but I got word late Sunday night that it was cancelled. The big Greek man sprained his ankle very badly and won't be able to dance for a while. Oh well, we will be rescheduling.

Later in the day, I got an email from the choreographer that the producers decided that her work will not be continuing on in the process of the show. Crap. It sounded like the producers wanted overtly sexual choreography and she disagreed. I'm with her on this one. It's produced by a man and it's about a woman, choreographed by women, for women...but the man wants sex. Big surprise. Personally, I don't think I need to rub my business in the audience's face to be sexy... but that type of sexy sells, I guess.

I had a great time throughout the process, none the less. The people were great, the choreography was great, it felt great to dance a bit again. All in all a fantastic experience. I just wish the man could what he's missing.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Mamacita with a Bone to Pick

Some more catching up. Last week was the Broadway workshop presentation for the producers. In a word, it went: quickly. We rehearsed for an hour before. Got all make-uped with my mamacita red lips and eyeliner. Slicked my hair back and busted out snaps all over the place to get into character. We went down to the studio and waited to go in. Once inside it took a quick 5 min of dancing and we were done. We danced well. It felt fine. But not much feedback to go on. The choreographer seemed happy. But really, I don't have a handle on how it went. I felt good about the performance, but who knows?

I had another rehearsal for the play festival. I waited around for another half hour for the damn rehearsal to start. I'm losing my patience, I have to tell you. I have to be off book by tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. It's hard going off book with having so little rehearsal. Our first run through is next Friday and we only have one rehearsal scheduled between now and then. OMG.

I did some flyering. The weather was beautiful, so it wasn't so bad. I also worked a St. Patrick's Day party that was quite the scene. It was a drunken mess. I'm hoping to make some money this week. My bank account is a little scary. And depressing. I heard from the beer promo company, so I hope that I get some work with them soon. The money would be great.

I tried to get prints of my headshots, but that's proving to be another GIANT headache. I went borderless because I find borders distracting. Period. End of that discussion. I went to Precision because I could preview my order online. That's proving to be a mistake I think. I went to look at the test prints and they look like shit. I'm starting out with two: the theatrical one in black and the character one in white. The black one was so dark that I didn't stand out from the background and the white one was red and blurry. I spoke with the owner and he talked and talked and talked and talked....but never actually SAID anything. He even went as far to say that my headshot won't get me the job, so it doesn't really matter. That my audition is really more important. I wanted to punch the man in the face. If it doesn't matter, why do you have a job Mr. Precision Photo???!!! I got a call from them the next day and I talked with another man. Apparently the guy I talked to the night before was the owner. Haha! The new guy seems pretty helpful, but I don't know what I'm going to do. I plan to take the prints to Reproductions and see what they can do for me. This is a mess. If my own inkjet can produce a better product, we have a problem. Or well, Precision Photos has a problem.

That's all for now. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with my brain going in so many directions at once. And no matter how much I'm doing, I feel like I should be doing more. It's never ending.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Holy Hell, I'm on TV!!!!!!

From Date to Mate started airing on Sunday! I'm very excited and here is how you watch it:

You go to "Entertainment OnDemand"
go to "ShalomTv"
go to"Judaism and Culture"
go to "From Date to Mate episode 3"

and proceed to watch!

Sunday was my brother, Steven's, engagement party, so we spent the day celebrating. Around 6 the only people left were my family and his fiancee, Shawne's, family. We were sitting around the living room and after watching something having to do with basketball and brackets :) Steven thought he'd check to see if Date to Mate was airing yet. Sure was on. So there I sat with my whole family and Steven's future in-laws. I wanted to throw up. It was quite the scene when I came on TV, everyone yelling "There you are!" "It's you!"... What did I get myself into? The funniest, I think, came from Shawne's dad, in a thick Kentucky accent: "Holy Cow! There you are on the TV, and here you are in the living room! We ain't never seen this! We're from Kentucky!" I think I peed a little bit I was laughing so hard. Not to spoil anything, but I do have a kiss at the end. Awkward! Here's the view in my living room:

It's very weird watching myself act. I've done mostly theater, so I never really get to see it. It's kind of brutal. After watching myself kiss, I'm rethinking my style. It kinda looks like I eat his face. I've never seen myself kiss before. I don't recommend it. I do recommend having your name on the TV. That part was fun:

Anyhoo, watch the show. The more views we get OnDemand the better. I guess ShalomTV looks at the numbers. Thanks for the support!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yeah, It's Been a Week

OMG. So I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I apologize, blog, for neglecting you. I am a horrible person and I hope that you forgive me...

Now that that's over with, let me bring you up to speed. I went to some rehearsals, I worked some shifts flyering, I went to Atlanta, drank some beers in the name of St. Patrick's Day, Spent time with my BFF (shout out Becca Murray!), got into an argument about women gaining weight after marriage, celebrated my brother's engagement, played with the cutest dog that ever lived, came back to NYC, rehearsed some more, then some more, and all of this brought me to today.

To catch up on the projects I'm working on:

Broadway Workshop: Coming along well, I think. I really love going to rehearsal and hanging out with everyone. It's a really nice and talented group. Our performance for the producers is Tomorrow, so that's a little nerve-racking. I turned into the spicy, volatile character that puts my man in check when he looks at other ladies. It's fun. I'll be sure to let you know how tomorrow goes.

Play Festival:
So last I left you I hadn't had my first rehearsal. Well...after running from one rehearsal to the next to get there at 7:00, I sat around for two hours doing nothing. There were other rehearsals going on and some new people were auditioning...Needless to say I was fairly ticked-off. We finally started reading our scene and I have to say, it was lame. The play would be cute for kids. Period. It was a campy, inept spy storyline. We got through the rehearsal with some struggling. It's a fine line between funny and totally lame, it turns out. It was interesting. Anyway, I got an email the next day from the director saying he cut that play from the show. He was replacing it with another one! I read the script and I like it MUCH more! I was thrilled. I was starting to feel like I had gotten myself into something that I shouldn't have, but it all worked out! I had rehearsal last night. After a mess with scheduling and then my waiting around for half an hour it finally happened. After a little drama we actually got to work and it went pretty well. I like playing the character and I think it will be a fun part. I'm ready to get to work and forget all the bullshit.

More to come...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,
I swear I haven't forgotten about you. I will be updating like nobody's business very soon. Please be patient with me. I feel like my head may spin off at any time. I'll write soon. I promise.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feeling the Pressure

Monday. 6:15 am. Blech. I hate the morning. I mean, truly despise the morning.

Flyering was about like it usually is. I had company, which always makes the time go by a little faster. And laughing at New Yorkers is a good time, too. It always cracks me up when we have one warm day. All the too cool for school fashion girls put on their short skirts and flower patterns. I even saw a pair of flip flops! Newsflash: It is not Spring! It was 40 degrees outside and you all look ridiculous. I'm all for getting excited about the seasons, but come on. Take off your mini skirts and put on a pair of tights. It's the winter.

I also had dance rehearsal yesterday for the broadway workshop. It was ok. A little more tense than previous ones. We have someone coming in to see our progress on Tuesday and the Choreographer was putting a little more pressure on. My partner thought the rehearsal started much later, so I only had about a half hour with him. Err. My body wasn't cooperating like I thought it should. My legs really need a flexibility check. Last night I laid in bed worrying if my thinking I could do this was a mistake, or worse the choreographer thinks it was a mistake. Too late for all that, I guess. Confidence is what got me this job, now I just have to stick to my guns. Easier said than done.

I also (finally) got a call about the Play Festival. I'm cast! I have mixed feelings. I read the script and It's a cheesy little comedy. A better fit for little kids, I think. But it will be my first show with this company, so I felt the need to take the role. I'm not sure what kind of production this will be, but it only rehearses one day a week, so not too much of a commitment. We'll see how it goes. First rehearsal is Tuesday night.

Talk to you then...

A Hot Mess on a Warm Weekend

So big surprise. Things get a little busy and I slack on my blogging duties....

Friday was interesting. I had an email from a theater company saying, "You have an audition Friday at 10:30." That was it. Really charming. The guy's name sounded familiar, and I had a feeling my friend had warned me in the past about him. I text my friend and it confirmed my feeling. Not the greatest company to work with. I contemplated going to the audition, but I figured any opportunity is a good I went. It was fine. The sides were a little odd, but I read fine. He asked about my schedule and said I would hear that night about callbacks. I did get that phone call about callbacks being the next day, but in looking at the schedule it really didn't work with the project I'm already working on. So I said thank you, but I didn't think it would work. All was well...until Saturday morning when I was woken up by my phone ringing. It was the stage manager from this production explaining that I was expected at rehearsal thirty minutes ago and I wasn't there. Um, Huh? I called the number back and the mailbox was full. Swell. Called the assistant director and left a message attempting to explain the situation. About an hour or so later I got a text: "sorry for the confusion." Hmmm. I think I'm a bit glad that my schedule didn't work out this time. What a hot mess. ;)

The weekend was good. It was BEAUTIFUL out! I went to dinner on Friday - Chinese food with free boxed wine (Classy. Love that). Brunch and rehearsal Saturday. I learned a new lift that proves getting my ass off the floor in heels on a slick floor to be difficult. Sunday was more rehearsal for the Broadway show workshop. Upon leaving I ran into some friends, then I ran like a madwoman uptown to my first meeting of the Turtles.

I was feeling a little apprehensive since I still hadn't heard about the play festival. Three days is too many if you ask me, considering the urgency of the phone calls I'd received. Everything was "ASAP!" So much for that. The meeting did go well, though. Most everyone seems nice, and supportive. There appears to be a lot of projects coming along. I did feel better about things. We were also told that the festival was yet to be fully cast. Any day now...

And on to The Oscars! Well my living room, really, where I watched The Oscars. Loved it. Loved the show. Love Sandra Bullock, love Jeff Bridges, love Kathryn Bigelow (love that she beat James Cameron). Loved it. Went to bed late, but not for long...

flyering in the morning....

Friday, March 5, 2010

So Much of Not a Whole Lot

Thursday wasn't too exciting either. It's amazing how I can feel busy all day, but in looking back wonder what I did. I responded to a bunch of emails and cleaned my room. I went to the gym and ran some miles. I ate lunch with the boy. I tried, yet again, to order my headshots (I am such a wiener). Then I went to dance rehearsal.

It was a really good rehearsal. A lot more challenging, I would say, than the first one. More footwork with our partners and such. We also switch partners as part of the choreography and I end up with a burly Greek man. He's very....foreign, so I think that our senses of humor were missing each other somewhere, as was our dancing. P.s. He's 6'5. I'm not. Makes for an interesting dancing pair.

By the end I was sweating my face off and my brain was a little fried. But that's ok. I get to try it again on Friday.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Damn You, Hump Day!

I wish that I had some groundbreaking news to report about yesterday (Wednesday), but I don't. My day sucked. It was boring. I added some things to my blog, I applied to some castings, I started to order prints of my headshots but almost had an anxiety attack. Reproductions doesn't let you see an online mock up of your headshot! Why?? They have a lobby that looks like a friggin' spa in Orange County. They have all kinds of technology with a computerized waiting system and they can't figure out how to let you preview your headshot online?! Horse shit, Reproductions. Horse. Shit.

Any hoo, the problem I'm having is to border, or not to border. For those unfamiliar, this means do I get a white border printed around the picture with my name in it, or do I go full bleed where the picture continues to the edge of the page. The thing is that right now it seems most people have borders. It's in... But in other news, I hate them. I think they are distracting and frankly my face just looks better without one ;) What to do?? ...Then I have to pick a font for my name. Ahh! So many choices. Which one is interesting, but not distracting? Which one matches my personality without taking away from the picture? I'm losing my mind...but what else is new?

I went to the gym, ran some miles. I'm logging everything I eat right now online in hopes to lose 5 and fit into that size 2 I bought for the rehearsal dinner. Wishful thinking. My boyfriend thinks my ribs won't fit. He says I am skinny but the dress won't fit my bones. I guess we'll see who's right come October!

I had the option of going to a turtles event last night, some playwright's forum or something, or going to a happy hour for the promotional company I work with. Now, I made the choice to go to the happy hour but not because of the reason I'm sure you just jumped to. I haven't had work in a while and I wanted to make myself known. Say "hello! I still exist!" It was fun and I'm glad I went, but I still feel guilty for not going to the turtles. I looked at the poll and most members weren't going (not surprising considering we found out about it the night before), but I still feel like I should do EVERYTHING I can. Not realistic, I know. But I'm a crazy. What can you do?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Off the Dance Floor

Rehearsal went well. I showed up a bit early and stretched in the lobby. Once we all got in the room we went around introducing ourselves...always a little awkward. Everyone is very...different. Some interesting characters. We got paired up with our salsa partners and were left for a minute to get to know each other and come up with a relationship.

The story (well, what I can tell you) is that it starts out in a club, we're young, in the 60's. My partner is nice (I'll call him D). Sassy, but sweet. We talked about our relationship and this is the story we came up with:
We were best friends growing up and lived next door to each other. Our Junior year of highschool I moved away, and the night before I left we kissed and had a "moment". But we haven't spoken since then, and we just ran into each other again at this club.
The choreographer came over and we told her our story. She loved it and said that after hearing everyone's relationship, the one thing she was missing was "heat". So that's us, she decided. We are the couple with serious passion and lust. Oh great. So....time to snuggle up with this stranger.

I strapped on my heels and we started learning our choreography. She gave D and me 4 counts of 8 to just love on each other to the music. Oh man. Well, for having met 30 min prior I think we did very well. I'm interested to see what she has coming for us...Just how hot is this heat??

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Slopes and Salsa

What a great weekend!! I went upstate with Ryan. My brother and his Fiancee made it into the city on Friday (despite the snowstorm), as did some of his friends. We went out to celebrate some birthdays and had a wonderful time.

We were supposed to go upstate Saturday to stay at my Aunt and Uncle's summer camp and go skiing. Well, the storm knocked out the power and made it impossible for us to get up the mountain so we had to do some quick thinking. Enter: HoJo of Saugerties, NY. It was cheap. And they had rooms. Yes please!

The trip was great! Turns out skiing isn't really my jam...

but I survived! I did have one minor anxiety attack when I decided the mountain was too steep for me. But I made it through with only a few falls, and all of my limbs in tact. There is some video footage somewhere (thanks to my brother's friend) but it will never get out, if I have anything to say about it (Kris, I'll beat you if you post that anywhere).

In Theater news, I have officially been cast in the Broadway workshop that I auditioned for Friday. My first rehearsal is tonight. I also received a call from the Turtles about a part in the play festival. Yay! But, hello scheduling nightmare. I'm not sure if my schedule works yet with the rehearsals for that. Waiting to hear back. I'm very excited that I could be doing two things at once, but I get a little anxious about scheduling mishaps.

The nerves are settling in about rehearsal tonight. I'm hoping my lack of recent dance training isn't going to be a mess. We'll just have to wait and see. Tonight we're working on Character and Improv, some salsa stuff. Wish me luck!