Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad News Bears

Monday was a day of bad news. We were supposed to be performing our piece for the broadway workshop for Industry/friends/family, but I got word late Sunday night that it was cancelled. The big Greek man sprained his ankle very badly and won't be able to dance for a while. Oh well, we will be rescheduling.

Later in the day, I got an email from the choreographer that the producers decided that her work will not be continuing on in the process of the show. Crap. It sounded like the producers wanted overtly sexual choreography and she disagreed. I'm with her on this one. It's produced by a man and it's about a woman, choreographed by women, for women...but the man wants sex. Big surprise. Personally, I don't think I need to rub my business in the audience's face to be sexy... but that type of sexy sells, I guess.

I had a great time throughout the process, none the less. The people were great, the choreography was great, it felt great to dance a bit again. All in all a fantastic experience. I just wish the man could what he's missing.


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