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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Damn You, Hump Day!

I wish that I had some groundbreaking news to report about yesterday (Wednesday), but I don't. My day sucked. It was boring. I added some things to my blog, I applied to some castings, I started to order prints of my headshots but almost had an anxiety attack. Reproductions doesn't let you see an online mock up of your headshot! Why?? They have a lobby that looks like a friggin' spa in Orange County. They have all kinds of technology with a computerized waiting system and they can't figure out how to let you preview your headshot online?! Horse shit, Reproductions. Horse. Shit.

Any hoo, the problem I'm having is to border, or not to border. For those unfamiliar, this means do I get a white border printed around the picture with my name in it, or do I go full bleed where the picture continues to the edge of the page. The thing is that right now it seems most people have borders. It's in... But in other news, I hate them. I think they are distracting and frankly my face just looks better without one ;) What to do?? ...Then I have to pick a font for my name. Ahh! So many choices. Which one is interesting, but not distracting? Which one matches my personality without taking away from the picture? I'm losing my mind...but what else is new?

I went to the gym, ran some miles. I'm logging everything I eat right now online in hopes to lose 5 and fit into that size 2 I bought for the rehearsal dinner. Wishful thinking. My boyfriend thinks my ribs won't fit. He says I am skinny but the dress won't fit my bones. I guess we'll see who's right come October!

I had the option of going to a turtles event last night, some playwright's forum or something, or going to a happy hour for the promotional company I work with. Now, I made the choice to go to the happy hour but not because of the reason I'm sure you just jumped to. I haven't had work in a while and I wanted to make myself known. Say "hello! I still exist!" It was fun and I'm glad I went, but I still feel guilty for not going to the turtles. I looked at the poll and most members weren't going (not surprising considering we found out about it the night before), but I still feel like I should do EVERYTHING I can. Not realistic, I know. But I'm a crazy. What can you do?


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