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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Excuse Me, Sir? I Think God is Trying to Tell You Something.

I had an audition Saturday for a web series in which I would play a southern girl with a country singin' boyfriend. I went to the audition and met with the producers who were all very nice. I debated whether or not to read the sides with a true southern accent, but I decided against it. Everyone always says no need to bust out the accent until the call backs. I did, however, manage to slip in that I'm from Georgia. I might have made my hometown sound a little more small-town than it really is...but it's all in the name of getting a job. I added a few more "ya'll"s to the conversation and called it a day. I feel like I read well. I don't know. I always leave going "that was fine." Never great or fantastic, just fine. They did ask if I was available next weekend for callbacks, so that's a good sign. And now for the weird part:

The audition was on 8th avenue in the 30's. About 5 hours later I was on a train platform on the east side waiting with my BF and his family to head out to Astoria. I turn around and who do I see? The writer/director and the producer from earlier that day! Now, I took this as a sign and I can only hope that they, too, will pick up on what God is so clearly trying to tell them, "Pick her! Pick her!" We chatted for a bit and got on the train. Saying goodbye I may have thrown in an extra ya'll. (I'm desperate, what can I say?) How weird is it that I ran into them?! And, Mom, you were right. All those times you told me to watch what I say because you really never know who's standing next to you on the train platform.

Monday was a day of rehearsals. Last minute my 3pm was moved to 5:30 so I ran some errands and I picked up my headshots at Reproductions (yay!). Rehearsal was interesting. We were huddled in the backstage area while another rehearsal went on onstage. I felt better having another one, though. Slightly less unprepared (figure that one out ;) I just find it unbelievable that I have spent more time rehearsing the scene changes than I have my actual scene.

Then we had our dress rehearsal. It was an hour late getting started (who's surprised?) but it ran pretty well. I got very nervous before our scene...and turns out rightfully so. My partner forgot his lines and started ad libbing on stage. I do not do well in these situations, It's why I love rehearsal. Finally we picked back up and pulled it together, but it was a mess. I'm meeting with him today to go over and over our scene. Hopefully that hot mess does NOT happen again. It's pretty much the worst feeling being onstage in front of an audience and have no idea what to do. It's frightening.

We open on Thursday at 8pm. I wonder if we'll start on time?


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I just found your blog tonight and am really enjoying reading it! I was just wondering if you've been in a situation like that of your rehearsal mentioned above, where you or your partner forgot your lines during an actual show, and what happened?

    Break a leg on Thursday, I'm looking forward to hearing about your first show!


  2. Hi Corina!

    Thanks so much for reading! How did you find me?

    I have had a blank or two onstage a long time ago, but they seemed to work themselves out. Something about the panic tips off my memory. It's important to trust who you're onstage with and there is a certain look (an ever so subtle deer in the headlights thing) that seems to come over an actor's face that everyone else onstage generally recognizes. I've had it happen where other actors blank and I've tried to hint at what their next line is. It usually only takes a word or two to jog the memory, so you improv a little something with some key words in it. It's pretty terrifying, but that is why I LOVE rehearsal. I love knowing the play inside and out, backwards and forwards. If nothing else, it calms my nerves backstage.

    Thanks for the comment and spread the word!!

    -Sarah J.

  3. Hey Sarah,

    I found your blog from the latest post on Patrick Pizzolorusso's blog - I'm not sure how I found his though! I love acting, and it's really interesting to read about how you guys juggle work, performances, and rehearsals, and what obstacles you come across, so thanks for sharing!

    I like the idea of knowing the play inside and out as well, so I can understand your love of rehearsal! I did a show once where I was called in about a week before we opened, because someone pulled out, and even though it was a small part, it was so much more nerve-racking!

    Congrats on a great opening week, and keep up the great posts!