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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feeling the Pressure

Monday. 6:15 am. Blech. I hate the morning. I mean, truly despise the morning.

Flyering was about like it usually is. I had company, which always makes the time go by a little faster. And laughing at New Yorkers is a good time, too. It always cracks me up when we have one warm day. All the too cool for school fashion girls put on their short skirts and flower patterns. I even saw a pair of flip flops! Newsflash: It is not Spring! It was 40 degrees outside and you all look ridiculous. I'm all for getting excited about the seasons, but come on. Take off your mini skirts and put on a pair of tights. It's the winter.

I also had dance rehearsal yesterday for the broadway workshop. It was ok. A little more tense than previous ones. We have someone coming in to see our progress on Tuesday and the Choreographer was putting a little more pressure on. My partner thought the rehearsal started much later, so I only had about a half hour with him. Err. My body wasn't cooperating like I thought it should. My legs really need a flexibility check. Last night I laid in bed worrying if my thinking I could do this was a mistake, or worse the choreographer thinks it was a mistake. Too late for all that, I guess. Confidence is what got me this job, now I just have to stick to my guns. Easier said than done.

I also (finally) got a call about the Play Festival. I'm cast! I have mixed feelings. I read the script and It's a cheesy little comedy. A better fit for little kids, I think. But it will be my first show with this company, so I felt the need to take the role. I'm not sure what kind of production this will be, but it only rehearses one day a week, so not too much of a commitment. We'll see how it goes. First rehearsal is Tuesday night.

Talk to you then...


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