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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Filler Day (Let's be Honest)

I had a lunch meeting Wednesday with the director of photography for Date to Mate. I wasn't sure what it was to be about, just that he wanted to talk to me about a project. It turns out he's getting into photography and was wondering if I would be interested in styling some shots for him. This month is a little nutty for me, but I do hate turning friends down for favors. It's interesting getting pulled back into the styling mindset. It's been a while and I really hadn't thought about fashion (unless we're talking about that new spring wardrobe I want) in a long time. Who knows how that will go.

I went to the gym. Did lots of squats and lunges. Gotta tighten those glutes and hammies, if you know what I'm sayin.

Okay, I know. I'm a giant loser.

Anyway, I basically spent Wednesday running errands. Iwent to Precision Photo to check out the new round of test prints and......drum roll please....they look like ass. Anticlimactic, I know (for both of us, trust me) but now I know I must take them to reproductions and ask what they can do for me.

Hopefully I have this sorted out by the next time I speak to you.


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