Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Holy Hell, I'm on TV!!!!!!

From Date to Mate started airing on Sunday! I'm very excited and here is how you watch it:

You go to "Entertainment OnDemand"
go to "ShalomTv"
go to"Judaism and Culture"
go to "From Date to Mate episode 3"

and proceed to watch!

Sunday was my brother, Steven's, engagement party, so we spent the day celebrating. Around 6 the only people left were my family and his fiancee, Shawne's, family. We were sitting around the living room and after watching something having to do with basketball and brackets :) Steven thought he'd check to see if Date to Mate was airing yet. Sure was on. So there I sat with my whole family and Steven's future in-laws. I wanted to throw up. It was quite the scene when I came on TV, everyone yelling "There you are!" "It's you!"... What did I get myself into? The funniest, I think, came from Shawne's dad, in a thick Kentucky accent: "Holy Cow! There you are on the TV, and here you are in the living room! We ain't never seen this! We're from Kentucky!" I think I peed a little bit I was laughing so hard. Not to spoil anything, but I do have a kiss at the end. Awkward! Here's the view in my living room:

It's very weird watching myself act. I've done mostly theater, so I never really get to see it. It's kind of brutal. After watching myself kiss, I'm rethinking my style. It kinda looks like I eat his face. I've never seen myself kiss before. I don't recommend it. I do recommend having your name on the TV. That part was fun:

Anyhoo, watch the show. The more views we get OnDemand the better. I guess ShalomTV looks at the numbers. Thanks for the support!!


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