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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Slopes and Salsa

What a great weekend!! I went upstate with Ryan. My brother and his Fiancee made it into the city on Friday (despite the snowstorm), as did some of his friends. We went out to celebrate some birthdays and had a wonderful time.

We were supposed to go upstate Saturday to stay at my Aunt and Uncle's summer camp and go skiing. Well, the storm knocked out the power and made it impossible for us to get up the mountain so we had to do some quick thinking. Enter: HoJo of Saugerties, NY. It was cheap. And they had rooms. Yes please!

The trip was great! Turns out skiing isn't really my jam...

but I survived! I did have one minor anxiety attack when I decided the mountain was too steep for me. But I made it through with only a few falls, and all of my limbs in tact. There is some video footage somewhere (thanks to my brother's friend) but it will never get out, if I have anything to say about it (Kris, I'll beat you if you post that anywhere).

In Theater news, I have officially been cast in the Broadway workshop that I auditioned for Friday. My first rehearsal is tonight. I also received a call from the Turtles about a part in the play festival. Yay! But, hello scheduling nightmare. I'm not sure if my schedule works yet with the rehearsals for that. Waiting to hear back. I'm very excited that I could be doing two things at once, but I get a little anxious about scheduling mishaps.

The nerves are settling in about rehearsal tonight. I'm hoping my lack of recent dance training isn't going to be a mess. We'll just have to wait and see. Tonight we're working on Character and Improv, some salsa stuff. Wish me luck!


  1. Congrats again! Sounds like things are going great! Also, I still think you need to go to Colorado and ski. The east coast skiing just doesn't compare. Great pic though!

  2. Hey congrats on all accounts. But most importantly...congrats on that amazing picture of you sprawled out.


  3. I wish we had a picture of when you went off course into the 5 foot deep snow drift .... that was priceless too. Great weekend -- Though I don't think that any Jacobs will be competing in any alpine sports in the near term!