Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Friday, March 5, 2010

So Much of Not a Whole Lot

Thursday wasn't too exciting either. It's amazing how I can feel busy all day, but in looking back wonder what I did. I responded to a bunch of emails and cleaned my room. I went to the gym and ran some miles. I ate lunch with the boy. I tried, yet again, to order my headshots (I am such a wiener). Then I went to dance rehearsal.

It was a really good rehearsal. A lot more challenging, I would say, than the first one. More footwork with our partners and such. We also switch partners as part of the choreography and I end up with a burly Greek man. He's very....foreign, so I think that our senses of humor were missing each other somewhere, as was our dancing. P.s. He's 6'5. I'm not. Makes for an interesting dancing pair.

By the end I was sweating my face off and my brain was a little fried. But that's ok. I get to try it again on Friday.


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