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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, Lack of Humility Will Never be an Issue

Flyering in the afternoon. Sometimes I get very self conscious putting on my green suit to go hand out paper on the street. I pull the hat down low and constantly look out for people I know. It's times like this, usually, when I suddenly hear "Hey Sarah!" Only to turn around and see an old friend or aquaintance. Tuesday was no different - I ran into a guy from the broadway workshop as he was on his way to an audition. And my reaction is always the same: "F*ck."

It's a hard thing to deal with in my head because I'm so grateful for the work and the girls I work with. I truly love them and consider them my friends and Lord knows I need the money. My boyfriend is also great at reminding me that I do what I do so I can pursue my dream. So yes, while handing out paper on the street yelling, "Friday is Pasta Day!" makes me want to shrink to the size of a soy bean and hide inside my edamame pod, maybe next time I run into someone I should be proud of my green suit. And confidently hand them a flyer, and urge them to mix the marinara and the pesto because, frankly, it's delicious and will change their life.

Easier said than done. But I'm working on my attitude.

Rehearsal for the Play Festival at night. It went well, actually. I feel like we got somewhere. We were off book (memorized, all you non theater peeps) for the first time which always feels better. My character took quite a turn at this rehearsal into a somewhat nutty, flighty girl which is not at all how I was playing it before. I can't get a sense of how it's working, but the director is happy with it, so it stays. I'm nervous as hell, to be honest, because that was really our last rehearsal before the tech on Friday. Every run through we do is completely different from the last. And... We open in one week. Holy hell. Wish my legs broken!


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