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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yeah, It's Been a Week

OMG. So I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I apologize, blog, for neglecting you. I am a horrible person and I hope that you forgive me...

Now that that's over with, let me bring you up to speed. I went to some rehearsals, I worked some shifts flyering, I went to Atlanta, drank some beers in the name of St. Patrick's Day, Spent time with my BFF (shout out Becca Murray!), got into an argument about women gaining weight after marriage, celebrated my brother's engagement, played with the cutest dog that ever lived, came back to NYC, rehearsed some more, then some more, and all of this brought me to today.

To catch up on the projects I'm working on:

Broadway Workshop: Coming along well, I think. I really love going to rehearsal and hanging out with everyone. It's a really nice and talented group. Our performance for the producers is Tomorrow, so that's a little nerve-racking. I turned into the spicy, volatile character that puts my man in check when he looks at other ladies. It's fun. I'll be sure to let you know how tomorrow goes.

Play Festival:
So last I left you I hadn't had my first rehearsal. Well...after running from one rehearsal to the next to get there at 7:00, I sat around for two hours doing nothing. There were other rehearsals going on and some new people were auditioning...Needless to say I was fairly ticked-off. We finally started reading our scene and I have to say, it was lame. The play would be cute for kids. Period. It was a campy, inept spy storyline. We got through the rehearsal with some struggling. It's a fine line between funny and totally lame, it turns out. It was interesting. Anyway, I got an email the next day from the director saying he cut that play from the show. He was replacing it with another one! I read the script and I like it MUCH more! I was thrilled. I was starting to feel like I had gotten myself into something that I shouldn't have, but it all worked out! I had rehearsal last night. After a mess with scheduling and then my waiting around for half an hour it finally happened. After a little drama we actually got to work and it went pretty well. I like playing the character and I think it will be a fun part. I'm ready to get to work and forget all the bullshit.

More to come...


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