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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Off the Dance Floor

Rehearsal went well. I showed up a bit early and stretched in the lobby. Once we all got in the room we went around introducing ourselves...always a little awkward. Everyone is very...different. Some interesting characters. We got paired up with our salsa partners and were left for a minute to get to know each other and come up with a relationship.

The story (well, what I can tell you) is that it starts out in a club, we're young, in the 60's. My partner is nice (I'll call him D). Sassy, but sweet. We talked about our relationship and this is the story we came up with:
We were best friends growing up and lived next door to each other. Our Junior year of highschool I moved away, and the night before I left we kissed and had a "moment". But we haven't spoken since then, and we just ran into each other again at this club.
The choreographer came over and we told her our story. She loved it and said that after hearing everyone's relationship, the one thing she was missing was "heat". So that's us, she decided. We are the couple with serious passion and lust. Oh great. So....time to snuggle up with this stranger.

I strapped on my heels and we started learning our choreography. She gave D and me 4 counts of 8 to just love on each other to the music. Oh man. Well, for having met 30 min prior I think we did very well. I'm interested to see what she has coming for us...Just how hot is this heat??


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