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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wipe that Look Off Your Face, Or I'll Do It For You . xoxo :)

Ok. So last week kicked my ass. I have a blister the size of a silver dollar on the ball of my foot, which is causing me to walk with a pimp limp and grunt every so often. It's really adorable. Not.

I worked triples every day last week, except for the day that I rode the 6 train for an hour and twenty to the ghetto - that day I only worked a double. I have to say that while I am SO excited to have the work, it wears on me!

I love (and by love I mean hate) the look that I get from people that have the regular 8-5's when I say that I'm working triples all week. One friend even had the nerve to say, "now you know what it's like" with a self righteous, smug, assy face on. I almost punched the person. I wanted to get all fingers snapping, head bobbing sassy up in this person's face and explain, "Sitting at a desk in front of an excel spreadsheet is NOT the same as running around the city like a headless chicken with a never-ending smile on your face because you have to sell a product and be pleasant to all of the crazy ass New Yorkers that approach you on a daily basis. Guess What You Ass??? My life ACTUALLY WAS harder than yours this week!"

I'm really not one to compare situations. But I absolutely hate it when people have this attitude that somehow my life is so easy because I don't work in corporate-town. And they have this competition with each other to see who's life sucks worse. We are all busy, doing different things. Get over yourself! I would love for that one friend to try going to one audition, to try flyering for one shift, to do promos for one day! See if that assy look would ever cross that face again!

Wow. I'm angry today. I apologize for the crazy vent, but clearly it needed to happen. I've been dealing with nuts all week. I've been pushed, shoved, yelled at, cursed at, told that I should "be ashamed of myself." And...get this...all when I was trying to give away free stuff! People are ass holes. Just mean. Don't get me wrong, there are the people that accept my free sample and information with gratitude. There are people that listen and care about what I'm saying. And they are the reason that I don't end up chucking samples at the backs of people's heads. They are the reason that the insults that I come up with in my head that consist of curse words never before been put in juxtaposition stay, just that, inside my head and never come out of my mouth. They are the ones that make my day, really.

News in other parts of my random life...remember that audition I went to where I thought I did well, but never heard back? The one where I ran into the director on the train platform later? Well.....I got a callback! I got a super nice email from the producer saying that they were held up in the casting process and that they have finally scheduled call backs for this weekend. So I have my second audition on Saturday! I'm very excited. Mostly because I wasn't sure what I did wrong and I was starting to freak out that maybe I have a very warped sense of how I perform. Anyhoo, that's some great news!

I have some other auditions being scheduled, some more jobs coming up. I train for the shopping tours tomorrow! I'm looking forward to that. And the boss lady has already booked me on 4 tours of my own! More work! I have another promo coming up in the next two weeks for a cosmetic company, too. Money, money.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with my scheduling right now. My brain is constantly worried that I'm supposed to be somewhere. I even jolted awake at 3 am last night with a border line anxiety attack. I never know if I've emailed all the people I'm supposed to or if I've returned all the phone calls. What if I forget to write something in my little agenda book? I'd be screwed.

Oh, the anxiety. I guess that's what sunday afternoon bloody marys are for. You can bet I will be having mine this week. ;)

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  1. Totally agree- some people make assumptions about others' work life that are incorrect