Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stick a Fork in Me, I'm Done.

So, you know how in my last post I wasn't feeling quite motivated/successful/generally happy with life. Well, to give a little insight, I had just looked at my financial situation...and had a melt down. I've been working my ass off and, to put it bluntly, it's not enough. On top of it I felt like I blew an audition, and I've been sassed by too many strangers on the street. Then, (hilarious cherry plunked right on top) I went to a playwright's platform (a sort of meeting where new playwrights can have actors read their plays in progress) and my part was...get this...stage directions! Hahaha. It really doesn't get any funnier. I was hating myself and my life and the guy says, "and Sarah, You'll be reading the stage directions, if you don't mind." I almost dissolved into laughter right there. I was done. It was, simply put, perfect timing.

Anyway, I went to another playwright's platform for a different theater company last week, too. I decided when I start feeling like shit, I should just get out there and do more...even though I really want to lay in bed watching the food network while I stuff my face with Tasti D. That never got anyone anywhere except fat. So I pulled myself together and I actually had a great time at the readings. At the second, I read many parts in different plays and thoroughly enjoyed myself. In addition, I met three new playwrights and got to mingle with some other actors (some I enjoyed more than others, but big surprise there). Anyway, lesson learned. I feel like poop, I get off my ass. It helps, even if it's just a little bit.

I've been flyering quite a bit. Nothing new to report there. I've also been hocking new salad dressings. Just an FYI, they are all fat free. Someone shoot me. Moving on...

I was also booked on another promo with a different company. I've been wandering the streets informing people that you can get a free makeover at a certain cosmetics company. Other than the fact that five hours can seem like an eternity, the first few days went well. Then came today. Freezing, rainy, windy. F my life. Toes numb, fingers so stiff they may as well have rigor mortis, body convulsing freezing. Ugh. But the people of midtown New York know that they can get a free makeover and a gift with a $75 purchase. And, really, that's what's important here.

I also worked as a beer girl this week (See what I mean? I've been working!). That was interesting. You should have seen my face when they slapped the paper thin, mini dress in my hands. Unfortunately for me, Spanx doesn't make shapers short enough to tuck under that thing. So I sucked it up and sucked it in, slapped a smile on my face and asked people if they wanted some beer. Keep my eye on the paycheck...

In happier, more promising news: Remember the audition I blew? They want me back for a final Callback! Don't get me wrong, I really sucked during part of that audition. But I think they see that I could really kick ass in this role. We're working out scheduling, but let's hope I can pull it together this time. It's imperative, and not just for me get the role, but for the future of my confidence. I need to suck WAY less this time. Pull it together. Focus. Fingers crossed! ...toes too, but that's only because I have weird monkey feet. ;)

Date to Mate is airing again, too! New episode this sunday on ShalomTV OnDemand. Watch it!!
Don't worry, you'll get lots more updates about this bit.

That's enough for now. I'm winded just recounting my ridiculous life. Stay tuned for hopefully more upbeat posts. I still have some faith.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wish I Could be More of a Delight, But....

Feeling like a hamster. A stupid hamster.

I'm ready for something great to come my way.

I need it.

This may be a haiku. :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Off When I Should be On

Sleep has not been easy for me recently. And it's starting to catch up to me. Today I felt like crap. Complete crap. And that's just great because I worked all morning/afternoon and then had a callback. Swell.

I worked some baby expo that was WEIRD. So many new babies and preggo ladies. I hope it's not catching. The things that new moms are interested in is beyond me. Social networking sites for moms, A book called, "Eat, Sleep, Poop. A Diary for your Baby." Too weird. Mommy and me classes. Those look riveting. Is there some boring hormone that comes over your body once you have a baby? Did these women start out this way? I hope so. Otherwise, count me out for children.

Then I had my callback. They were running 30 minutes behind, which figures because I ran to get there. I had a splitting headache that never went away. I wish that I could have walked in there and explained that I felt like shit, so I apologize if I suck. Unfortunately that's never appropriate. So I put on a happy face and went in to do my thing. I was reading with another guy who seems to be already cast. We had three sides. I wasn't nearly as prepared as I wish I could have been. But I only got the sides day before yesterday and time wasn't on my side these past few days. The first scene went badly. I sucked. I know it. I forgot some lines and took too long. Wasn't connecting at all. Balls. My second scene went much better. I felt good and the panel seemed to really enjoy that one. Maybe I redeemed myself? The third went ok. Nothing ground breaking. I only got to read each once because they were behind, which sucks. I know I didn't do my best, which is hard to handle.

I left feeling badly, to be honest. I wanted to crawl into bed. I had a very off day when I really needed to be on. Damn it.

Feeling discouraged today. Maybe a drink with some friends will help. Maybe....after a nap.