Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lines, Lines, Lines. And Not the Kind Lindsay Lohan Does at the Club

Today was an interesting day...I'll come back to this.

The weekend was a lot of line learning and working. Saturday I spent the vast majority of the day writing and re-writing my lines for the upcoming play. I've found it's the only way, other than pure run throughs of the scenes, that I can memorize. Our first day off-book (without the script-if you normal people couldn't remember) was to be Sunday. There were some scenes I knew better than others. There were some scenes I didn't know for shit. Those were fun. By the end of the day Saturday my hand was throbbing. Sunday morning I went in for rehearsal with fear in my eyes. It's the weirdest feeling being off book for the first time. Like you're missing something. Like you forgot your wallet. But it's so amazing when you can free up your hands and your eyes and really look at the people on stage and connect with them. It's a totally different experience. It also makes you want to pee yourself; it's nerve-wracking. You just don't want to be the one who sucks the most. You don't want to be the one actor that calls "Line!" every three words. That is the worst. Luckily we were all pretty much on the same page as far as line memorization. No one was perfect, and no one was horrendous.

After rehearsal I had to run to give a shopping tour. It ended up being a fairly long four hours of serious bargain shopping. I love bargain shopping as much as the next girl, but $.99 for jewelry? Ugh. But I gave 'em what they asked for.

From there I ran uptown to a turtles meeting. No real news to report there.

And from there...whew!...I ran even more uptown to Lincoln Center to see my good friend perform in a dance show. It was a full day!

I came home and passed the hell out.

Also this weekend...wait for it...I got the part in the web series! You know the one where I sucked balls at the first call-back! I'm very excited to begin work on that project. Everyone seems to have their stuff together and I'm hoping that this will be very good experience and footage for a reel. That would be swell!

Monday was filled with promos and going over lines with the stage manager of the show. During the morning shift an old woman busted ass right on the sidewalk. Just face planted on the cement. I was sure that she was going to be all bloody, but we ran over to her and she just seemed a little dazed. But, people never stop amazing me. There was a man standing right next to her who did nothing. Just watched with his phone in his hand. Stood there. Unbelievable. It was actually probably a very funny scene watching three girls in red get ups and a man in a red pimp suit running to help this woman up. But still.

And now for my interesting day: I was to give a tour at 11 am. Got a call the girl wasn't feeling well so it was postponed until 1. An inconvenience, but what can you do? I met up with them and the girl was fairly quiet. Seemed a bit uninterested. At our first stop she came right in and sat on the couch in the store until..... she ran outside and got sick on the sidewalk. Poor thing! I felt so badly for her. Here she was on a trip to NYC and she's sick. We finally decided to reschedule. It was kind of a crazy day! ...But the mom did buy a dress :)

More tours, more rehearsals and some training tours coming up this week. It's a long one!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Movie, A Play, A line in a Cafe.

Ok. So I'm a terrible person. I couldn't even remember the last time I blogged, which means so much has happened that I don't even know what to tell you. Every day my to-do list has said BLOG in giant letters, and yet somehow I still sucked enough to not do it for a couple weeks. Well done, Sarah. Well done.

So to get you updated...I'll make this as to the point as possible:
I had my second call back for that web-series I was kicking myself about. It went very well, but I haven't heard from them and that was two-ish weeks ago. They kept me after the audition to "chat" and I have to say it was unbelievably nice to get some feedback. They were very complimentary and it felt great to hear from an auditionee. They also asked me about the two males that I auditioned with. They asked my opinion on their performance. Ugh! I hate that. But I gave my most diplomatic, but honest opinion and then quickly tried to change the subject. Anyway, that audition restored my confidence in what I'm doing, which is great because I was very discouraged.

I also went to a few other auditions that week. One for a movie, one for a play. I received two calls in one night with the news that I was wanted for both roles! When it rains, it pours. I turned down the movie (after some google-ing I realized it was probably not going to do a whole lot for my career in the long run). They wanted me to play the dean of a school that has an affair with a student. That was my first time getting considered/cast as the older role, and not the student. It was weird.

The play is a 30's farce and I was cast as the ingenue. I accepted the role (details/advertising to follow) and have started rehearsals. Our director (the one who cast me) had to drop out due to a family emergency, and another one stepped in. The day of our first read-through with him I was feeling particularly punchy, I guess, and read the role with a bit too much oomph. I was given notes to watch 30's movies and take all sarcasm out of my voice. The director very quickly seemed to decide that I was unfit for the role. I went home and YouTubed some 30's actresses, practiced my sweet, naive voice and came to the next rehearsal ready to act like a damsel in distress. After the first scene, the director (and I quote) was "blown away." He said things like, "I don't know what happened," and "Somehow you figured out the Ingenue." I've actually never seen someone have so little faith in me. It was an interesting feeling. I said, "Wow, You really had no faith." He even TOLD me that he didn't. That I seemed too contemporary. "What did you do?" he asked. My response came out a bit more sarcastic and sassy than I would have liked, but I replied "Um...I took direction." More on this project later, I'm sure. We open June 19.

In money making news: I've started doing shopping tours and, I have to say, I think this may be the best job for me! I have trained and done three tours of my own with one company, and I train next week for a second. It is a lot of fun and I really am enjoying it. Tips don't hurt either :)

I'm trying to figure out my living situation for next year. So that blows. It turns out that my lease is up right in the middle of my Four-Weddings-In-a-Row extravaganza. Needless to say I need to breathe into a paper bag and put my head between my legs just thinking about it. Not to mention the money.

I've done lots of promotions recently, including running around the city like a crazed explorer, passing out flyers for free make-overs, and sampling fresh new summer salads. :) Today I explained the new system for waiting in line at a cafe. Ask me how many times I said, "The line for the salads starts right over here..." I would guess it was a few hundred. It's amazing how dumb people are. I don't really think you realize it until you have a job like this where you see that following a simple sign is very difficult for some people. Literally a few people looked like their heads may explode.

I really will try to pull it together, one of these days, and write regularly. Maybe this week is my week...