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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Boat Load of Crazy

Ok. You know it's bad when I think that only a week has gone by and, in fact, it has been 20 days! Where is my life going? I schedule, I work, I worry, I work, I hang out, I work, I worry... you get the picture. What the f?? This is a problem.

My show ended. Thank the lord. I enjoyed playing my character, but I have to tell you that I had to put up with some kind of shit to get to the end. Wish I could tell you the details, but I don't think that putting certain things out into the internet world for all to read is a great idea. I'm in no mood to start a tweet war a la Rosie and Donald Trump. I'm incredibly too unimportant for the saying "any press is good press" to apply. It would just be distasteful. ;)

I spent the last two weeks working my face off. I'll be filming/out of town for all of September into October so getting involved in any new projects is a little out of the question. And so, I make some monies.

Thursday was an interesting day. I was pushing eco friendly products at a certain drug store. If you stand for long enough in one place in this city, you WILL meet a boat load of weirdos. Thursday was no exception. It started with the introduction of Lee. A 6 foot 4 (probably) body builder that just walked into the store and stopped abruptly with his hand up like he was asking for silence from an audience. He proceeded to walk in a circle around me and my table of products without blinking. His face contorted as if he were constipated. Turns out this parade meant he found me attractive. Who knew?

He asked me my name, my sign, how tall I am, if I work out... I'm always torn between the fact that I'm working for a company that pays me to be pleasant and the fact that all I want to do sometimes is tell someone to fuck off. It's a tug of war, really. I answered some of his questions while handing out samples to other customers, showing that I was uninterested in his advances. I picked my words carefully...then he asked me WHERE my gym is. Oh hell no! I said that, too. I laughed and said, "oh Hell no!" (at this point we had a friendly rapport going where he made advances and I said something just sassy enough with a hint of humor. It worked for us.) He assured me he wasn't a stalker. But, I feel like if you have to tell someone you aren't a stalker, there's probably a problem there. So, I started laughing and told him he should continue on with his day. If it was meant to be, the powers of the universe would bring us together again. Somehow that crap worked, and he gathered his friend and was on his way. I'll always hold a special place in my heart for Lee, the non-stalker.

About 15 min later a woman came hobbling in on crutches with her 7-ish year old son. She waited by my table while he got some doritos and a drink, or something. She proceeded to tell me about her menstrual cycle. That's right.... You read correctly. I found out all about how her monthly cycle had stopped the day she turned 50 (which was 6 months ago). She always said she would embrace menopause, but now she just doesn't know how to do that. The hot flashes really get to her. WHY DO I KNOW THIS? She sits by a fan and an air conditioner all day moaning about the difficulties of being an older woman. Her fertile years are over (her words not mine, people).

Crazy. This world is crazy.

That night, while on the treadmill, I received a call from a woman that works for a marketing company. I must have signed up to do focus groups a long time ago. But anyway they had an opening in the Friday group about alcoholic beverages...Sign me up! She began asking me a long string of ridiculous questions. I asked, "why all the weird questions?" and she said, "They want to make sure that you are articulate." Literally, the next question she asks is this: "If you were to be re-incarcerated as any animal, what would it be?" I almost fell off my treadmill. She's making sure I'm articulate and she's asking me if I were to go to jail again, what animal would I want to be locked up as? Hahaha. I'm giggling just thinking about it. It's moments like these that I really love my mess of a life. I laughed to myself and then said, "a puppy. They get away with anything because no one can stay mad at a puppy." She liked my answer. I'm in for the Friday group.

More to come in the next few days. I don't want to give you too much ridiculous in one fell swoop. Talk soon!

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  1. Are you sure she didn't say "re-incarnated?" THAT I could understand, not re-incarcerated. How bizzarre.

    I"m happy to see you back among the living. And writing. I'm sorry that the end of your show was a struggle, but what doesn't kill you, right? Something like that.