Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lord, Keep Me Sane...Or Screw the Sanity and Just Keep me Functioning

Prepare for an actinglikesarah overload...

I suck at life so badly and have not blogged in so long that I find the need to make this a post of bullet points. I apologize ahead of time for the crappy format, but trust me it will limit the time you spend scrolling down (hopefully)...

  • Shopping tours
Going well. I think I have finally found a great job that fits my talents and my patience level. Three or four hours, in and out! Some tours are more fun than others, and one thing I am learning - people don't actually want the truth. They think they do. But they really just want you to lie and say "No, no! That fringey, pink and purple leopard print lycra top is the perfect addition to your 50-something year old wardrobe!" Unfortunate, but true. The walking tours are getting to me a bit. I had two back to back on one of the hottest days since creation. In the middle of my first tour, my phone was one text away from dying and I was trying to meet up with my boss. Thank God it lasted just long enough. I ran to the apple store in the half hour between tours but in the process got so sweaty that I looked as though I had taken a shower in my clothing. My gray tshirt was literally five shades darker than when I got dressed. People were staring. I had to run to Forever21 to grab a shirt in between, then the bitches in the dressing room were weird about my changing into the shirt I just bought. I said loudly (didn't yell), "Seriously?!" and pointed to my growing pit stains (if you can still call them that when they're taking over your abdomen). Needless to say, I was late to my second tour....

  • Promo
Flyering is particularly nice in the summer. A few days I've been a little schvitzy, but other than that... I'm out and about, getting a little sun, upping my vitamin D intake. Not bad. I did have a flashback to the winter months the other day when a cold burst of AC escaped the office building I was standing in front of. I almost cried, right there on 42nd street.

The company I work for is expanding and taking on new markets, so I was called on a "Go-See" for a new client. I arrived and walked into model-mania with very tall and hungry girls sitting on the couch. Um, I was out of place. They took my picture in front of a white wall and had me hold up a t-shirt. I left with lower self esteem and had a jamba juice for lunch. All fruit with a fat burner blast boost. Because that's how models eat....? Anyway, a couple days later I get a call and... I booked the job! Real girls rejoice! Turns out you have a much more appealing personality if you eat! That job is Tuesday. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • Date to Mate
Filmed another episode of Date to Mate. It went fast. I got the script and shot in a matter of a couple days. The day after my boyfriend told me how much his family likes the show and how they all watch it I received the new script - in which I talk about my pubes. That was great. We all have them....but does his grandmother really need to watch me talking about mine? The first day went well, the second day I felt kinda crappy about my performance. I wish I could have had a few more takes. I'm pretty sure I sucked. But I just remind myself, Sandra Bullock won the Razzie and the Academy award in the same year....:)

  • Moving
So I'm moving. Looking for an apartment in this city is hell on earth. Brokers are the devil, himself. We haven't found anything yet, but I'm trying to have faith. It's hard when people are such ass holes. I spoke to this one woman on the phone who laughed (literally cracked up) when I told her my about my jobs and my income. "How much can you possibly make as a tour guide?" and she said tour guide like she was choking back vomit. So, that was really fun! I've never had a complete stranger make me feel so inadequate before. I should have told her she was a bitch and hung up, but I was too busy trying not to cry. I've had a few similar experiences, and have yet to sign a new we'll see. I may be sleeping on a bench in Central Park in a month.

  • Upcoming Web Series
Coming up in September is the filming of Big Country Blues, a country music web series. Ryan and I read the script, and the part where I'm in a bathing suit jumped out at me. The part where I have sex with some guy stood out to him. So, I've been working out a bit more. Jackie Warner's PowerBurn Circuit on Exercise OnDemand has been kicking my ass. And I'm trying to explain to my bf that making out with dudes on camera is way more awkward than anything else. It's something that I haven't had to deal with yet (and neither has he, for that matter) so we're sort of trying to figure this one out. I keep saying that if you read the script of a sex scene in any movie it would sound graphic. The words are much worse than what you see. And in case you're wondering: I AM NOT GETTING NAKED. Sorry. But tune in anyway, It should be good...If I can lay off the Mexican food and run off these last 7 or so lbs.

So that wraps up my life for the time being. I feel like my head may explode from apartments, and web series, and tours, and promos, and traveling (did I mention I have 4 weddings coming up, 4 weekends in a row, in 4 different states?) and moving somewhere in the middle of it all...



  1. I love that I can hear you talking through your writing, despite the facts that I haven't seen you in YEARs (sad).

    I enjoy reading about your exciting life, though! :)

  2. Great post. Please try to keep finding time to make them. I find the details of your struggle in NYC both interesting and helpful.

  3. You are one busy lady! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks for the big day. Now to get to your life...

    A) I can't believe the "floor of fire" days are officially over. We could write a book based on those years....and it would sell.

    B) You can totally lose the last 7 with the way you workout. I don't think I have ever been as sore as 2 days after I worked out with you. I always wondered what that half ball thingy was for....

    C) I can't wait to show you pics of my new house. It looks like the rainbow threw up..... you're going to love it! Redecorating is a blast- Eyes on the prize;I can see your new apartment now (with my sunglasses on of course).