Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Nice Reminder

So much happens in a day these days. Maybe it's because they are 15 hours long. But trust me I am not complaining. I'm actually having the most fun I've had in quite some time. If only I could find a way to get paid for doing this crazy fun job....

Let's see, shooting began for the web series "Big Country Blues" last Saturday. I got a call early AM from one of the two directors. I could tell by his sing song voice that he was about to break some news/ask me to do something nuts. He explained that the pool that I had to swim in has been neglected a bit in the past few weeks...and asked if would I mind too terribly diving into an algae ridden slime? I let him know that if he would pay for any of the subsequent medical bills, I'd be happy to.

And so I arrived on set, met the cast and crew ....and put on my bathing suit. Gross. I almost had a break down. There really is nothing like wearing a bathing suit in front of a crowd of clothed people to bring you right back down to earth.

Wardrobe aside, I immediately knew that this was going to be a fun experience, as the cast and crew are probably the funniest group of people that have ever been put in a room together.

I jumped into the lagoon about 10 times total. It was, hands down, the worst tasting water I've ever experienced. After that I scaled a balcony, smoked some cigarettes, shot a love scene and called it a day at 4am....And I loved every minute of it.

The next few days were long and tiring, but filled with good work and lots of laughing. I've found a friendship I didn't see coming in the guy playing the country singer. Surprisingly, we have a lot in common. It's been fun experiencing acting from his point of view. He thinks I'm doing him a favor by helping him with scenes, but really I'm being selfish. It's just such a nice reminder of why I love it so much. Creating relationships and all the emotions that come with them from words on a page. The first time you let yourself get lost in a scene is something you don't forget.

It's an awesome thing when you can sit back and look around and know that you are exactly where you're supposed to be. Recently I've been disheartened from shitty NY theater and people with little talent and a lot of self-importance. I feel very lucky to have been cast in something that I already feel richer for being a part of. It's nice for a change. I have crazy respect for everyone working on this project. I only hope that the job I'm doing is as good as I want it to be. It's hard to tell when you're not in front of an audience, getting your energy from their reactions.

All right. Enough with the actor-y talk. All I can do is focus, try, and cross my fingers I'm not f*cking it up.

*On Set with Director Brian Ross and The star of the production singer Jeremy McComb


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