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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Last of the Shit...and the Fan.

I had the foresight to schedule an audition the day after I got back from Nashville, so at least I wouldn't feel like a total loser upon my return. It was my first audition in over a month, and I was surprisingly nervous. Lucky for me, it was reading sides. I did a fine job. They asked me to do my velociraptor impression, which is always a bit awkward. But, I have to tell you no one can forget an auditionee who jumps off of a chair and runs around with her lips turned inside out, hissing like a maniac (Wouldn't you like video)... Anyhow, I felt okay about it. Mostly I was just glad that I was getting out there and moving on. And, even better... I was cast! So I will be playing a sassy and smart revolutionary, and a clumsy, repetitious waitress in an upcoming one act series in December. (info coming soon)

I had a little over a week before I was to move and I was stressing. My hair was falling out by the handful, I had a perpetual stomach ache. Yeah, not cute. I scheduled movers, packed, worked, rehearsed and reintroduced myself to my group of friends that hadn't seen me in ages. I had so much stupid bullshit to deal with regarding my soon-to-be old apartment. There's supposed to be a clean break when you move from somewhere, not this odd middle period I was living in where I got asked all the stupid questions that should be directed at the landlord. I think the girls that moved in weren't used to living in a NYC apartment, also: "The dryer takes a little too long to dry a small load of bed sheets." I swear this was one complaint I heard. Um...Hello?! YOU HAVE A F*CKING DRYER! It will, in fact, dry your freakin' sheets and you won't even have to walk four blocks to pick 'em up afterward! ...Sorry for the rant, but seriously - People are idiots.

I also had quite the experience dealing with what I like to call: Sarah vs. Giant Closet. Background - My ex/ex bf is from Texas. When boys from Texas build things, they are meant to last. Don't know if you knew this, but it is fact. He built a closet for my old roommate that the new girls decided they didn't want in the place...and I wasn't going to get my deposit back unless I got rid of it. And so, I found myself at the Home Depot. Asking Melvin for a reciprocating saw. For demolition. Melvin explained to me that saws are "serious business," (Thanks, Melvin. Had no idea...) and showed me the equipment I was to use for the job.

Wood chips everywhere. My hair was covered. My apartment was covered. A. Mess. I'm still not quite sure how it happened, but I had the pile of wood and the blisters to prove it. There was nothing safe about my technique (ha. I giggled just calling it that. I'm not sure that balancing wood between my coffee table and the couch and stabilizing it with my foot, praying that I could stop the saw before it hit the floor or my shin can be called technique) but whatevs, by the end I did have about ten garbage bags filled with closet parts. I cleaned up the mess, packed up my power saw and continued to shove my life into boxes.

I moved on Halloween. Two ill-tempered, but witty movers and a shit load of stairs later... I was a Brooklynite. Well, sort of. I was yet to have an actual room. The hooker that was moving out of my new apartment was taking her sweet time. So I stayed with some good friends until she vacated.

The night I settled into my new room I had a mini breakdown, not gonna lie. I sat down on the end of my bed, alone in my new Brooklyn bedroom and was finally able to think. About everything. I had been going going going since the shit hit the fan and never really took the time to sit back and let it affect me. My chest was tight and my stomach was turning, but I guess I had a major sense of accomplishment at the same time. I took care of my shit - mostly on my own. At the very least, it felt good to know that I was capable. And lets look on the bright side-my new apartment is across the street from a liquor store. So, I poured myself a drink and sat on my bed staring at some very naked walls, letting it all sink in, just waiting for whatever was coming next.


  1. for real..on to bigger and better things. And of course, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger..blah blah blah. But even though that's a cliche it's usually true. And you didn't kill yourself with the saw, so I'd say you're one up on everyone else for now.

    Of course you know...ever proud.

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