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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Picking up the Pieces

I've been rehearsing for the upcoming show, working and trying to pull my life together in the new place for the past few weeks. I've had some interesting experiences both in my work and in my personal life. I'm adjusting to a new phase that my friends have dubbed, "Single Sarah." I basically haven't been without a bf in 5 years, so this is taking some getting used to. I don't date. I'm horribly awkward on a "nice to meet you" one-on-one basis. And I also have yet to perfect the whole art of the single girl-single boy number exchange. I'm a horrible liar, so I try to avoid it at all costs since most people can see right through me anyway (I think this is why I'm an actor. I love the truth. As if you couldn't tell from my brutal honesty and flair for TMI). Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what to say to the men I'm not so interested in. You know, other than, "Sorry, Charlie. I don't want to give you my numba because I'll end up screening your shit anyway." Because, well, that's just mean. So I'm looking for a more acceptable version of that...let me know if you come up with anything.

We've been rehearsing for the upcoming show at a fancy-schmancy apartment that belongs to someone's girlfriend's mom (or something like that). It's big enough for some of our larger group rehearsals and free, so that's where we set up shop. We all have to take off our shoes and the director rolls up the rug before we start. We try to move all things breakable....Well, last weekend we were in the middle of a fairly hectic scene, everyone was into it, it was the first time we had done it as a whole...Things were going great and my Che revolutionary moment was just on the horizon when all of a sudden I saw the director's face contort, all the actors facing upstage started to make a "ooohooouhhh" sound in unison, one girl smacked her hand to her face leaving only her bulging eyes visible. I turned to look in the direction of the back wall in time to see one of my cast mates sliding across the floor in his socks, arms outstretched in an attempt to save what looked like a very expensive piece of artwork before it hit the deck. The room held our breaths as he slammed into the wall, and the strange but clearly valuable angel sculpture and vase full of flowers that was next to it shattered into a million pieces on the floor of one of the nicest NYC apartments I've ever been in (it's rumored that Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart have an apt in this building). We all froze. I felt like I was going to throw up. We heard the apartment owner running to the door of her bedroom. She swung open the door and stood there looking at the poor kid soaking wet from the vase water surrounded by bits of angel carcass. A leg here. A wing there. It was sickening. We couldn't move. No one said anything... Finally, after what seemed like hours the woman said in a low, incredulous voice, "That's a fortune...A fucking fortune. It's a fortune...That was a fortune..." She just kept saying it. Over and over. "That's a fucking fortune," her hand on her forehead. After moments of time standing still, somehow people started moving, picking up pieces of expensive angel bits. The cast gathered our things and left the director to remedy(?) the situation. Oh my God. I honestly could have yacked all over that perfectly waxed floor (but that would have been very unhelpful because then we'd have been left to clean up both the sculpture and the vomit...)

I'm not really sure what the end of that story is. We finished rehearsal elsewhere, but spent most of the time trying to shake the disaster that just occurred. Last I heard the woman was going to "see about insurance." It was apparently from one of the most famous artists in Mexico and is a one of a kind, irreplaceable sculpture. I'm pretty sure that artwork was worth more than my life. Actually, I know so. My Iphone was just appraised by the oh-so-amused Radio Shack employee at $33.18. My Ipod (which has gone only in one direction and only on shuffle for probably the last year) was quoted at a whopping $4.79. My furniture is Ikea, my TV is broken so everyone on it looks like a robot, the zoom on my camera sticks to one side, and my lamp is so furcrumpled (that's a Jewish word?) that it slumps over like it needs antidepressants. If I ever heard the price of that artwork, I'm sure it's a number that my broke-ass brain couldn't even comprehend. I could throw up now just thinking about it. But don't worry... I've gotten good in the past few months at controlling that urge. :)

In the past few weeks I've also given shopping tours to rich bitches, Highschool boys, and recessionistas. I've passed out some free shit on the street. I've checked in some TV personalities to a private party. I've dressed as Alice in Wonderland. I've put together furniture, I've danced, I've laughed, (not gonna lie) I've cried, I've written, I've been pulled together, I've been a mess. I've averted jury duty. I've become slightly more acclimated to Brooklyn- even ran over the Williamsburg bridge a few times. I've spent some awesome time with my family. I've given thanks- I've eaten like I was being paid by the chew. It's been good. I'm still trying to figure things out. Understand where I'm going and, to be honest, where I've been. But I'll get there. Until next time...


  1. And you've blitzed. Boy, have you blitzed!

  2. I was really hoping that said owner of artwork was going to drop it all and say..."you should have seen your faces..." Mainly because thats what I would have done. Hey, at least it wasn't you who broke the ex-angel.

    Some nices things that often times, sadly, make people walk away who may have been interested..."I'm an actor, what do you do?" Stupid stigma.

    You know, through this all you've still managed to keep that wit and tongue as sharp as ever, so that's something. And I don't know who that Mike person is, or what it means to blitz, but something tells me you're doing a good job there...

  3. And just when I started to have a perfectly great day take a turn towards the shitty, I read these comments and you two made me smile. :) Thank you. For being great friends... And Dutch blitz is the best card game ever invented. Leave it to the Amish. They were bored, I'm sure.

  4. Now I wish I had been wittier. And typed in English.