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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Rain on a Parade is Nothing

I started the day with a very productive laundromat visit. I just bought a backpack/duffel hybrid that got the toting job done without any major problems. And, I devised a plan that maximized wash/dry time with a run over the Williamsburg bridge. I was really proud of myself for my time management.

I loaded my busted Ipod with newly downloaded Christmas tunes and headed into the city for a full day of running around. I was in a great mood, very motivated, the weather was beautiful for traipsing around the city. And then, people started trying to crap on my parade (What? I know that's not how the adage goes, but here in NYC people don't just rain on your good mood, that would be manageable. No people here take big ol' dumps on it, laugh and then brag to their friends about how big it was.... too much? eh, oh well.) I had some stuff to deal with from some ungrateful people, I got a nasty message from someone else that really pissed me off/hurt my feelings and I may have had few tears in front of the Bed Bath and Beyond where all I needed to do was buy a new shower head for my Goddamn apartment that goes from scalding hot to freeze-your-nipples-off cold in the matter of a second. The hot dog man was staring, a homeless guy started yelling obscenities at me- Dude! Seriously? I'm crying here. I got off the phone with my Mom, who was helping me with one of the situations and checked my email to find a few friends had commented on my last post. And through the tears, in front of the BB&B I smiled. A huge, uncontrollable smile (thank you friends :). I think the hot dog man thought I was schizophrenic, but whatever. I decided to move on with my day with a smile on my face. And f*ck everyone who wasn't okay with that.

I had a reading with a new theater company tonight. The director saw one of my shows a while back and invited me in to read a new play at a playwright's forum. I jumped at the opportunity, and picked up the script after my showerhead run to have a chance to read it beforehand. I was reading the part of Hazel "the Caucasian lover" I was the white girl dating a black guy in 1968. It was a good play, I had a great time reading. I always wonder how animated to be during a reading. Let me set the stage (so to speak) for you non-actory folk: Chairs are arranged in a semi-circle and actors are seated according to character relationships (example-I was seated next to the guy I was "dating"). In front of us were chairs filled with writers (one, the writer of the play we read) directors, some company people etc. And the play is simply, read. Some people go all out throwing their voices and doing big arm movements...awkward, if you ask me. We're in a small room, sitting down, very close to one another. I try to stay as truthful and down to earth as possible - but I'm sure this is all a matter of opinion. Everyone was super nice. I even ran into a friend I did a show with and hadn't seen in a while. We were ushered out fairly quickly, which was a bit odd that we didn't stick around for discussion but I think they needed to get out early. Who knows if anything will come from these readings, but I've been exposed to people that I previously didn't know, which is the point. And you never know who is sitting in that room...

Afterwards I picked up some leftover stuff at my old apartment, so hopefully I never have to set foot in there again. All in all, once I decided to say F you to Negative Nancys today that just wanted to bring down my parade with a big smelly bang, I had a very productive and satisfying day. :) Good work.

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  1. Well done. I like to think that the NY crazies just don't speak any discernible language. Hot dog man was saying..with his telepathic're doin' good kid. want a falafel? And the homeless guy was trying to say..Think positive Sarah.

    I could see how you'd miss those. Conjugating bum talk is difficult.