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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shit/Fan, Part Two

I began packing for Nashville before I ever unpacked from Atlanta. Basically, I took out my bridesmaid's dress and put in my Frog Town uniform (this will make more sense in the coming months but, gist: it's my Big Country Blues wardrobe...). Peeled my eyelids open at 3:30am, anxious to get the hell out of the most depressing apartment on the planet. And hopped my happy/drowsy ass in a cab to make that 6am flight. Ugh!

I met up with my fellow actor at the airport and we were on our way. Napped a bit on the way, caught up with my favorite red headed cast member and basked in the glory of getting out of run away from the shit...again... But, whatever, this time it was for work!

Nashville was an amazing time. Spent the days frolicking (sometimes literally) around town filming. Spent the nights listening to music and dancing our faces off. We worked all day and hung out into the night. Woke up and did it again the next day. Nashville's a funny town. I'd never been, even though I grew up three hours away. In the sense that everyone here in NY is an actor, everyone in Nashville is a singer...even if they're not. I heard two demos in one night from some drunk guys at a bar (I wonder how that would go over here if some guy whipped out a video of his monologue...). And, it turns out you can bedazzle anything. Especially if it's denim. Who knew?

Filming went well. On the day of my birthday (which was celebrated wonderfully later in the night by the cast and crew), my limits were tested with a FULL day of car shots.. Thank the Lord I drove some when I was in the ATL, because mounting a God-Only-Knows-How-Expensive camera on the car and having the DP (Director of Photography for the non-biz peeps) breathing down my neck was nerve wracking enough. Adding that I hadn't driven in over a year would have put me over the median and into oncoming traffic. I spent the day holding my breath and being re-assured by my oh-so-helpful cast mates that my life would be over if I effed up that camera. Thanks, friends. :) But in the end, I made it through without killing anyone or any expensive pieces of equipment. Thank you, Jesus.

(With Jeremy McComb and Shane Allen. The three of us trying to stay sane during 8 hours of filming in the car)

The work was great, and I'm super excited to see the end result. I'm currently still going through withdrawal. It's always hard when you become attached to your character and then have to say goodbye. Sounds weird, but it is kinda like losing a friend. You get to know her so well, and then she's gone so quickly. It's even harder when you miss the production just as much. The people and the energy. I loved every second of being a part of that project and am very grateful for the opportunity (Thank you Brian). I only hope that I added to the awesomeness of the whole thing. That my job was done well. I have such a place in my heart for all of those boys (although I have to tell you...hanging out with a bunch of boys is bizarre. Sometimes the jokes were so dirty, I didn't even understand them. And some of the behavior I'm still trying to figure out/recover from....Ass slapping contest, anyone??)

(Last shot of the series with my favorite red head and very talented actor Shane Allen)

I left Nashville feeling a whole mess of things. Fulfilled and yet empty. Excited and full of dread. Needless to say, I was a slight headcase. Back to NYC I went to pick up the pieces. Onward, but certainly not upward. At least not for a while...

Stay tuned. Third and final Part comin' soon...

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  1. Onward has always been a good thing to me. Upward, downward, who're moving on i a direction away from the shit in the past. So it's a step in the right direction (to over used directional metaphors)

    I'm very very jealous. You're time in the south sounds like a great working vacation. we can all use those, right? Very glad you're back, even if we don't hang out often. Drinks soon?

    I can say this about characters. I get very attached to some as well. But I feel like I'm not saying good bye, just packing them up for a bit. The great think about what we do is that those characters will come back, lovingly in future productions. So it's not a good bye, but a see-ya-later new friend.