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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

When The Shit Hits The Fan, Part One

Where do I even start? I guess I'll start on a high note with my Brother's wedding. For how much stress and hell went on before hand (remind me never to have a big wedding. Drunk in the backyard with some lanterns, food, family and friends. That's me...), it really was wonderful. In the end, everyone danced and had a blast. My speech went well, my dad's speech was amazing. The best man made my whole family smile. It was great. One of those times where you look around at the people in your life and realize what matters. As cheesy as it is and how ever much it makes me wanna gag to write that, that's how it was. Everyone looked amazing, everyone was happy (once all the shit was taken care of, getting to that point took a whole lot of self-medication...). We had a fabulous time. And then...

...I came back to NY.

The shit show that was my apartment took me by utter surprise. On some level I knew it was coming. But, really, no amount of preparation could have eased me into four strangers living in my place and a room that never actually belonged to me packed with my stuff like I should be on that show Hoarders: Buried Alive. My life resembled that of a TLC freak-show. F*cking Swell.

I suddenly had no boyfriend, I hadn't seen my friends in so long I forgot what they looked like, I had a stranger's room shoved full of everything I own, and nowhere to live after Oct 31...FML. So, I did what any normal girl would do in this situation... I sat on my living room floor and cried. I was what one might call "a hot mess." And to make a ridiculously shitty situation even more ridiculous AND shitty - I had no idea that one of the strangers inhabiting my apartment was home at the time. ...Awkward! Way to introduce yourself, Sarah.

I had just spent a month ignoring real life. I was basically drunk the whole time (Not because I needed to check into Betty Ford, all you people that just jumped to conclusions. But, because three weddings in a row simply don't leave you enough time in between to fully detox before you have another delicious drink in your hand. Not my fault! I was just celebrating the joining of two people...over and over and over again), I was making bad and sometimes hilarious decisions. Hell, I was having a great time. And then New York sucked me violently right back down to Earth. This city's helpful like that....

I had three days before I left again for Nashville. And I WAS really looking forward to that trip. Another welcome escape from reality. (details from this coming in Part Two)

I spent the three days moving/packing boxes, just trying to make some sort of order out of chaos. Not to mention, uncover my bed so I could effing sleep in the process. I had a couple leads on apartments through friends of friends. And after losing one apartment share with two guys because I'm a chick, I found two girls in Brooklyn who needed someone to move in.
Enter. Me.

I met one of the girls. She seemed normal. Space was good. A little rough around the edges, but who can be picky when they're moments away from cuddling up with the crazy on the corner, peeing in a subway grate, and wiping with an amNY. I'll take it!

And so, I was to be a Brooklynite. Williamsburg-er to be exact. Mixed feelings here. I'll have to dodge super snobby hipsters on my way to the sometimes unreliable L train. I'll probably have to buy an unlimited metrocard and I bet the trendy little organic groceries are too expensive to support my fruit addiction...But I could work with that. I hoped.

I had a long way to go until I was actually settled in my new place. I had a lot coming at me. But first... I was going to do what I loved, in Nashville, with amazing people. My life may have been a mess and I was overwhelmed, to say the least, but I was blessed. I just had to keep reminding myself that....

Part Two of "When the Shit Hits the Fan" coming shortly. I swear it won't take a month. Hiatus officially over. :)


  1. Just stumbled across your blog, what a lovely entry for an introduction! Haha, its all good.

    I'm an actress myself, and still in college, i have no idea what lies beyond these four years.

    I'm interested to hear more about your life in NYC and the opportunities you encounter :)

    Hope the shit has recovered from hitting the fan haha - everything will work out!

  2. Sarah! You poor thing! I've had so many of those moments when I just have to slump on the floor and cry - sometimes there's nothing else to do. I hope part 2 has a happy ending!

  3. All I can say is welcome back. And remember you're circle of friends are here for a reason, fool.

    That being said..holy hell happy fall to you indeed. Reading this though all I can say is through all of that you're still managing to pull through and work and land these great gigs. Of course I may have said that too soon. Lets see what part 2 has in store for you....