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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Maybe I should Ask Stella...

I'm having an off month. I gotta get my groove my back. I'm definitely not my usual punchy self, and it's starting to get on my nerves. Somehow my confidence has been wounded and I'm not sure why or how to fix it. I seem to have lost the momentum that I had going, and I suddenly have very little energy. I'm thinking I may be getting sick...

But I do need to find a little inspiration. Go see some good movies, listen to some new music, read something that will nudge me back into the usual motivated self that I'm used to. I planned for Sunday to be a day to get my creative juices flowin' (that saying grosses me out, BTW), but I ended up passing out in the process and taking a much needed, but unplanned nap. But maybe it's time for a mental health day of inspiration... or at least half day.

Our second performance of Swingin' Threesome was Monday night. It was an odd energy flowing on the stage, and I have to say I did not feel all that fabulous about my own performance. I couldn't even tell you why, I just left the stage with a feeling of disappointment in myself (did I mention it's an off month??). This was particularly fantastic because most of my friends came to see the show that night...and so did a few reviewers. So that's freakin' awesome news! My friends said they enjoyed it and couldn't sense any awkwardness, but they're my friends. They lie. ;)

It is very hard having a full week between performances. It disrupts any helpful momentum we, as a cast, develop. Next week should be better, hopefully, because we have two shows in a row. Then we close. Ha. Isn't that always the case?

This week is cold as crap (astute observation, don't you think?). And yesterday I was outside passing out cups for free coffee/promotional materials for the opening of a new cafe. How does wind chill of 8 degrees sound to you? ...oh not pleasant? That's weird, because it was totally fun to lose all motor skills in my hands and have shooting pains through my wrists for the rest of the day. Totally. Fun. My friend and I were working together, and were very close to losing our minds. We started doing lunges and singing little ditties about grand openings to passersby (and, um... if I was singing out loud to strangers... you know there was some major mental breakdown going on...). We made it through and I've since thawed my extremities, which just means that I'll be doing this whole shebang again later in the week. My mother actually sent me a text offering me money not to stand out in the cold. I'm considering asking how much she's offering...

Shopping tours coming up this week. Hopefully some happy tourists can help me out of my lull. I need to find some energy, get my confidence back. I need to make some good shit happen. Pull it together, Sarah. No one's gonna do it for you.

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  1. All I can say is...whatever was missing, you appear to have found it by the time I saw you. You were a hilight of the evening. And that's not a hard thing to pull off seeing as it was a small cast and you were all in everything. But you were fantastic to watch. Always have been.

    Your friends might not have been lying to you. Because when I saw it (granted a week later) you were excellent and well on your game.

    However I will say, I was much quicker and wittier than you post show. on that.