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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Only in NYC

You know how I know it's officially winter?

I know because I had my first shift where I contemplated suicide by running into oncoming traffic while standing on the street corner passing out flyers. I know I said this last winter, but I swear I've never been so cold in my life. 3 pairs of socks, leggings under my pants, 4 shirts, a fleece, a puffy vest (for the record - the fleece and puffy vest are part of the uniform. I'm firmly against both articles of clothing in my everyday wardrobe....just...for the record :), two pairs of gloves, a beanie and a baseball cap mean nothing in this weather. Nothing. By the end my fingers hurt so badly that I had them in fists inside my gloves and I was freaking people out by handing them flyers seemingly from my palms. After two hours like that, soup has never tasted so good. It's like being reborn....I would imagine.

Swingin' Threesome opened on Monday, and aside from a few minor mishaps everything went well. One of the actors fell over while trying to drag another off stage and it was all I could do to keep a straight face. He toppled backwards with the girl landing limply on top of him, as she WAS supposed to be dead. And I AL-most lost it. In another play a girl dropped a line that feeds into another actor's line, that feeds into my line. So, after an awkward silence and my pouring a lot of water into two glasses, we just embraced the awkward, I skipped over that part and continued on hoping that they could pick up where I left off. Luckily it worked and the two continued on fairly seamlessly. Aside from these little bobbles, we got through the show and the audience seemed to enjoy it, which is really what's important.

My Commercial class was canceled, due to a family emergency. I was bummed, but I'm sure we'll reschedule. I sent an email expressing my concern/my interest in rescheduling so we'll see when that happens. Probably after the New Year.

Which brings me to today. It started out quite interestingly. It was the first day that I've cursed Williamsburg, for a hot minute, with a raw hatred that made even me question my sanity. I had two tours to give today, the first being a group tour from midtown. I left in what I thought was plenty of time to get uptown, print some materials from Kinkos, and grab a necessary coffee before meeting my tour at 9:50 am. I walked down into the train station to a waiting L train towards Manhattan shoved full of people. It was standing there for quite some time so, I pulled my headphones out of my ears just in time to hear, "There will be no L service between Bedford Avenue and 8th Avenue." I'm sorry. WHAT??!! I asked the guy next to me if this was some sick joke they liked to play to mess with the hipsters every once in a while (I thought it was a funnier joke than he did...), and he assured me that that was not the case. I quickly exited the station to what was mass hysteria in the streets. Skinny jean clad legs running in every direction. There was chaos in Brooklyn. It looked like the scene from a disaster know minus the blood, and the smoke and the crying babies.

I immediately spotted a gypsy cab and ran to flag him down. I noticed a girl in a near panic attack on the other side of the street and yelled to her asking if she wanted to share. She agreed, and somehow in the time she crossed the street we picked up two other strangers to join us in the trek across the bridge. It took FOREVER to cross the bridge, traffic was so horrific. But I really did have a lovely time with Noah, Rachel and Leona in the ride over. They were very nice people and I learned a lot about Rachel taking care of babies at day care, life for Leona's family in Mexico City, and Noah's awesome trip to Seattle last summer. He got to do a lot of boating... Only in New York City...

I made it to work without a minute to spare. I think I spent more money on cabs than I made giving the tour, but the smiling tourists appreciated my services which means a lot. No matter how shitty my morning was, I was still able to make some people's vacations even more enjoyable. And I met a few nice people in the process. I'm exhausted, but nothing a nap and a hot shower can't cure. I'm super excited to get my Holiday party on tonight. I need it! ...but not too much. I do have to organize/give a tour to another group of 600 highschoolers tomorrow.

A hangover is not an option. I certainly need to be on my game for that mess! ...Cheers to that! :)


  1. How is it that all this happens to you? Maybe I'm blinded and don't see the insanity anymore? Or maybe you're just some bizarro magnet.

  2. I think all the crazy shit happens to everyone we just block it from our radar. I'm really trying to live every moment of it, though. And I'm finding it makes things more bearable if I can tell you about it afterwards... ya know? :) But also, I am totally a bizarro magnet. EVERYONE talks to me. Seriously it's weird...and only a problem when I'm in a hurry or they are a crazy. Otherwise I kinda love it. ;)