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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Shake it, Little Mute Girl

In fact, I was getting sick. I have now been voiceless on and off for two days. I've spent plenty of time in bed, drinking tea and pumping my body full of ridiculous amounts of vitamins. I can't get sicker. No siree.

The first review is in for Swingin' Threesome. It's a positive review, so congrats to all my castmates who are awesome and kick ass continually. And, as a follow up to my last post, I did get a positive shout out in the review so I guess I didn't suck quite as badly as I thought. Though, I know I can be's Monday. And I intend to kill it Monday. BTW. :)

See the review here!

I also received a lovely letter today from one of the vendors on my shopping tour. He said he also sent a letter to my boss and wanted to tell me that I was the best tour guide! He said he loves that I work so closely with the tourists helping them shop and dress themselves well. He says I really take pride in the tour. I'm very excited to receive the compliment. It means a lot to me mostly because I really don't "sell" anything on the tour, I just give my honest opinion and the ladies end up looking and feeling fabulous! So nice of him to take notice.

With all this sickness, I've been a bit tired and cranky - which is a great combo for flyering in the freezing weather. So, I've been trying to combat my mood with the saying, "fake it 'till you make it." Example: I couldn't talk, so I was on sign duty (for those of you who don't know what this means... it means I carry a sign while the others pass out flyers. Tricky, I know). I wasn't interacting with people, clearly, and my team was a little down that day seeing as no one could feel their toes, so I put a smile on my face and... decided to get my dance on. I choreographed a little street number, making sure to incorporate the sign, of course. Running Man, here. Jazz Hands, there. A little drop it like it's hot ATL style. Scrubbin' the ground. I wanted to scream on the inside, but on the outside I was a dancin' fool. And I have to say, fakin' it worked. My body temporarily warmed a degree or two, my friends were smiling. Strangers had mixed feelings about my moves, but eff them. Most were accepting of the little mute girl dancing around like an ass for a lunchtime showcase, fakin' it 'till she was makin' it true.

I'm filming the next episode of Date to Mate tomorrow. Getting back to work - Love that. I'm a little concerned about my voice, but what can ya do? I was able to get the eyebrows done and the hairs cut today. So, I may sound like a Yeti, but at least I won't look like one in my close-ups. ;) I'll let you know how the shoot goes.

Busy weekend ahead. Perfect for getting some momentum and confidence back. Now if I could just get my voice back...


  1. Congrats on the good review! :) Hope you feel better soon, too.

  2. I'm obviously slowly catching up on my blog reading. So...sorry. Whatever.

    I told you you were great. And proof in the writing. Well done! That's truly a glowing review. Standout indeed.

    And I'm glad to know Date to Mate is still going strong. It's hard to watch knowing its you, but not you. you know what I mean.

    on to bigger and better things!