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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Smart, Sexy, Sassy and Standing in Spew.

Last week I handed out some salad samples, gave some tours, and tech-ed a show...among other things. Tuesday morning I had an email in my inbox that there was a last minute spot open in a workshop about marketing yourself as an actor. I was free at night, so I said, what the hell! I'm glad I did, too. I made some new contacts, learned a few things, and even signed up for a commercial class coming up this week. I didn't learn anything ground breaking in the workshop, but it was really nice to have some one-on-one guidance about headshots and resumes, networking and marketing materials. I realized I do need to make a few changes. And, this workshop helped me see how other people see me. It used to be that I was the naive ingenue most of the time. But I've evolved into the smart, subtly sexy, sassy girl. It's interesting to think about how the perception of me has changed. Now it's just what I do with this information that's important. I have a monologue that tends to get me the naive roles, but I've yet to find a good one that really nails the smart sexy girl. Something to work on.

Thursday was all sorts of hellish. It started with leaving my phone in a cab Wednesday night, and spending the very early morning hours on my friend's phone with 311 and various police precincts trying to track it down. The guy at 311 had the nerve to ask me, in a tone reserved for first graders, "Did you try calling it?" Well Thank God for THAT GUY! Of course I tried calling it, but thanks for patronizing me in my time of crisis, GUY. The night was a disaster, but I did end up talking to a very nice PoPo Officer at 4:30 am that had my phone in his possession. Swell. So I hopped in a cab with a very nice Australian friend and we made our way to the Upper East Side to retrieve my precious phone. (Before some of you judge me on my love for my technology... I know it's stupid how much I rely on that thing, but I can't help it! I had no alarm, no numbers, nada. And I was in a bit of a panic. So, I'm going to embrace my reliance on technology. It's what keeps me connected to the people in my life. Nothing wrong with that! So there.)

After 3 hours (maybe) of sleep I was up again to give a shopping tour. I was waiting outside in the FREEZING cold for about 20 min when I decided to call (because I could) the only number I had for the client. Her husband answered and said, "Oh no! You didn't hear? Her bus was delayed 4 hours..." Umm...what!? I got her cell number and after about an hour of trying to reach my boss/figuring out a plan to salvage her tour, we decided on meeting about halfway through the route whenever she got in. So I went BACK downtown and posted up at a Starbucks waiting (I ran into Sheryl Crow and had a nice convo with her about her son not running out the door and into the street....I swear. This happened. Weird day.)

After the tour I was on my way to a dress rehearsal for Swingin' Threesome. I was exhausted, to say the least. My eyes were burning and my face hurt from the fake smile I had plastered on it all day. When I got on the train I was reading texts from my boss, and not really paying attention. I headed through the doors and around to the two seater bench on the left. All of a sudden I hear about 7 people in unison go, "Ooooohhhhhhh." You know where it starts high and slowly descends (somehow everyone stays at the same pitch. It's a mystery how it happens. Kind of like how yawns are contagious??...). I looked up and realized everyone was looking at me. One woman slowwwly pointed to my boots. I looked down to see what the draw was, and....I was standing in a puddle of puke... Well, add that to my lucky day! I stepped out and immediately started laughing. There comes a point where everything is funny. And, lets be honest it could be worse - I could have been wearing flip flops. No one laughed with me...but whatever. I'm getting used to that.

Dress rehearsal went well considering I wanted to curl up in the fetal position upstage right. We got through it without any major mishaps. In one of the one acts (which we have not rehearsed nearly enough...) I come in and out of the scenes repeating the same lines with slight changes every time, filling water glasses, taking orders and bringing dishes on and off. I feel like I should have it down by now, but I am having some serious trouble remembering what comes next. It may be the hardest play to memorize I've ever seen. Every time gets better, and I've written the damn thing about a hundred times (memorizing technique)... I'm trying!

This upcoming week is busy busy! Opening a show, commercial workshop, tours, promos, holiday parties... Bring it on! I'm so over the first week of December.


  1. Right on puke boots (new nickname, enjoy)

    You're always working and I'm very envious of you for this. That and the fact that you laugh off so much. I try, but it's hard some times. I need lessons....please.

    Plan on seeing your show, when? I'm not sure yet, but I'm planning on it. I keep missing yours and I really have no excuse this time. I think.

  2. Hey Sarah,

    Have you ever tried syncing your contacts with your Google account? We don't have Google Voice here in Australia, so I'm not sure how that fits in, but I have all my phone numbers synced with my Google account, so if I change or lose my phone, I don't lose all my numbers. I also sync my calendar with Google, so I don't lose that.

    I'm glad you got your phone back though, I would HATE to lose mine!