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Sunday, January 9, 2011

2 Auditions and a Bucket List: What a Weekend

I'm still in recovery from this weekend. Apparently in the mess of it all I committed to a tattoo and a half marathon....Remind me never to drink 4 bottles of wine with my long lost girlfriends. We made a NYC bucket list of shit we need to do while we live here which, in theory, is not a bad idea to have on hand. It's a diverse list: also included is a trip to the Cloisters, and a "girls club night," reminiscent of our younger years (probably complete with small, slutty outfits ....though, I do think my skort was hung up for good in 2001).

I also managed to fit in two auditions this weekend. Great news that I'm getting back to the grind. The first was for a short film that sounds pretty interesting. It was a lovely group of people that are sick of working on crap, so they've decided to produce their own stuff - mostly stories about women. Love that. After reading the first side I got some direction and re-read. All good. Moved on to the second side, which was a bit more intense. The nature of the scene was very physical, which is always hard to do when you're pinned to a chair in front of a camera. Basically I try to connect with the reader as much as I can through eye contact and mimic the intensity that would be, if physicality were included. It can be awkward, but you just gotta throw yourself into the moment and hope the intention comes across. I actually omitted the last line because I felt it would have been forced. I knew that the writer was in the room, so I apologized after the read and just said it felt forced without the physical aspects. They seemed to appreciate that I didn't try to make something out of nothing and stayed truthful...but who knows?

I asked her if there was something else she wanted me to try in the scene. She looked at the others and took a second, shook her head and said, "I think you're fantastic." They may say this to everyone, but it felt great to hear nonetheless. They asked me for my availability (always a good sign) and explained their planned schedule (also good). Now I wait. If nothing else, it did boost my confidence and gave me some momentum. Both very necessary, whether I get the part or not.

Audition number two this weekend was a little more awkward. I had been emailing back and forth about an indie film and I agreed to meet this dude at 7pm at a midtown Starbucks to discuss. I'm always a little wary of the Starbucks meeting. While it's not totally out there, it's always bizarre and hard to take seriously. This time in particular was a bit out of the ordinary. He was the writer and was doing "preliminary casting," narrowing down the pool of actors for a bigger, more formal audition coming up later. Hmm...

He explained the story - interesting. We read some sides. Short and sweet. Then he asked me to look around the Starbucks as if it were an apartment and (without giving away too much in breach of the confidentiality agreement I signed...) I see something that evokes hatred. Ok. I took in what he was saying, took a leap of faith and said what the hell. I went along with his little exercise. I looked around, I "saw" the item, I had hatred... yadda yadda yadda. I finished and looked around sure that the "Punked" cameras were going to pop out and all of the seemingly nonchalant coffee drinkers sitting around me would start clapping, pointing, and laughing at the silly, gullible little actress. No one started clapping. There was no laughter. And, Ashton Kutcher was nowhere to be found. So, either this guy was just fucking with me, or I had a preliminary audition for some new project.... I sent my usual "thank you" email and at the risk of referencing too many terrible MTV shows in one post: "Next!"

Working, workshopping and working out like whoa this week (I've officially joined a Brooklyn gym, solidifying my status as a Williamsburgian)...

So, it sounds like this will be a worthy week awash with all kinds of wonderful ways to work. ;)

...I'll stop.

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  1. must congratulate you on your masterful use of alliteration in that last sentence. Congrats on getting back into the swing of things.

    Thats the hardest for me, after a break of any kind, to take the deep breath and we go again. Good for you. 2 weeks old and this year is already looking good for you!