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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

80's Awesomeness and an Old Fashioned Talkin' To

Holy. Hell. This is the longest I've gone without an update in quite some time. I guess that means that I've been busy, which is always a good thing. I've been working a ton, auditioning, dating, hanging, rehearsing... Lets see if I can give you a run down...

Working outside is, well, going. We opened a new cafe down in the financial district, and say what you want to about those people, but I have found them delightful! Firstly, they are a group of morning people. I need that at 7:30 am, because Lord knows my aura isn't all roses and cupcakes at that disgusting hour (add a wind chill of 8 degrees. You can only imagine...). But throw in some smiling, chatty hedge fund workers, free pastries and the guys behind the sandwich counter and I'm a new woman. I have tons of new financial district friends! Carla who doesn't actually work there anymore but loves coming to work with her daughter (she offered to bring me a coffee. Love Carla), Raoul who loves the arts and couldn't wait to check out Date to Mate, and Max who used to want to be an actor but didn't have the drive (he actually asked to shake my hand and he told me he was proud of me as he walked away. I almost cried right there holding that mini croissant sampler platter. I may have been a li-ttle emotional that day...). Anyway the point is that some days suck. Some people suck. Some days suck becuase they are full of sucky people. However, there are those days and those people that can restore your faith. And, yes, some of them work at hedge funds. :)

I also worked a party for the launch of a movie packed with totally tubular 80's stars! It. Was. Awesome. Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Downtown Julie Brown, Doug E. Fresh, Taylor Dayne, and my personal fave:

That's right. Dustin Diamond. I screeched! (that was terrible, but totally called for... :) We worked the door, then came down to enjoy the scenery when we were forced to start a Soul Train line to get the party started and people dancing. It definitely wasn't in the contract, but what the hell. We rounded everyone up and shook it like it was our job (oh, wait...) down those two rows to Doug E. Fresh beatboxing. And I'll be damned if we didn't get that party started. It wasn't a bad night of work, I have to say.

A personal styling gig came at me in the past couple weeks, as well. I met with a woman who needed clothing to go from day to night as she re-enters the dating scene. I loved this job! At the end of the day she was confident and comfortable (the best combo) and she looked amazing! I was booked through another agency and I hope that I made the dating agency proud with this one, which is something I struggle with. I want to make everyone happy without being pushy and bitchy. If the lady doesn't like dresses, I'm certainly not gonna shove her into one! Making someone feel awkward is NOT the goal, as far as I'm concerned. But the lady was happy and she looked great! ...So we'll see when I get feedback from the agency.

I hope you all watched the new episode of Date to Mate! It's the Hanukkah episode and my Zoe is reluctantly getting deeper and deeper into a relationship. If you haven't yet, check it out on OnDemand! I'm also doing a play through a new theater company that an old aquaintence (who has quickly become a new friend) started. She invited me to the readings and I was cast from there. I look forward to sharing more info on that project very soon.

I've also been auditioning and workshopping. I did a commercial intensive and got my learn on. Just got called in to audition for a play from a director that I know from another theater project. She and I have never worked together, but I gave her my headshot about a year ago and...Look at that! She kept it! The audition went pretty well. The characters jump quite drastically in age, so playing the different ages truthfully is always an interesting but welcome challenge. I read nicely, nothing ground breaking, but pretty well. We'll see! I did hear from one of the films I auditioned for as of the last post. He said I was wonderful, but the director decided to go with someone else and that they have a few projects coming up and he'd love to invite me back to audition again. I truly appreciated the email and I will absolutely be auditioning for them again. I sent a thank you and expressed interest.

Now, I'm not going to divulge too much info on the next subject, but.... I did say that I've been dating. So, here goes... I have gone on dates. I'm not very good at it. I'm sometimes awkward. And for whatever reason, some guys I find wanna wife me up. And I'm NOT having that. I've met nice people, I've met crazies. I'm trying to stay very casual with all of my encounters and I'm really at a point where I'm doing my own thing. So that's where I'm at. Trying to stay open to everything and everyone. But not too open. Enough said.

Moving on!...

Which brings me to friends. Thank God for good friends. I showed up at the bar Sunday late night and met my friend for what I thought was going to be a last drink and a few light convos rife with inappropriate jokes and cuss words. Wrong. It turned into a severe "talkin' to" rife with truths (and some cuss words) from a true friend. We sat at the bar over Jameson shots and I heard about everything that I am fucking up. Along with every reason why I need to pull it together. Harsh criticism capped with unbelievable compliments. And I have never been so thankful. I needed to hear it. And from someone who's opinion I not only trust, but respect like nobody's business. Truth that comes from somewhere treasured is such valuable information. He reminded me why I'm here doing what I do. He reminded me why I love it so much and that I have every right to want what I want. And that is because I'm good at what I do. Incredible to hear. Even more incredible to believe it....and I have a hard time doing that sometimes. So thank you, Friend (even though the conversation ended with, "We're done here. I always stop when I make the girl cry..." Ha!)

So I leave with my favorite quote of all time and one that pops up in my life again and again. Overused? Maybe. But who really gives a shit when it fits the bill?

"Live not in dreams but in contemplation of a reality that is perhaps the future." -RM Rilke

Ok, Rilke....and my friend Daniel. I will try. ;)


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