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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

NYC, Oh How you Affect Me. (apparently I'm on a rhyming kick...)

Back in NYC. Exhausted.

I forget how tiring this town is. Today was my first full day back at work and running around. Day one Walking Tour was a lot for my little legs to take on. It's 9:15pm and I swear I just don't have it in me to stay up to watch the season premier of Jersey Shore. Sad, but true. Thank God for DVR. He really outdid himself with that one...

My last days at home were hectic, as usual. This time in particular I felt that I was always letting someone down. I spent the weekend of New Year's with my best friend (shout out Becs) and helped celebrate her birthday, which is very important to me. (She's the kind of friend I can count on no matter what and she would, without question, be there for me. Love her for it.) I spent a lot of time at home hanging with the Fam. Movies with Dad ("Burlesque" rocked my world...and you think I'm kidding...), cooking and shopping with my Ma, hanging with my bro - I did have to spend some time working on stuff, setting up auditions for when I got back, dealing with bills, and emailing various people about various things. But that's part of being gone for so long. I have to plan ahead for when I get back otherwise I'm not just behind, I'm stuck in last year. I also try very hard to spend, even if it's just an hour, with people that I don't get to see often. I love to hear about their lives and catch up. It's nice to revisit where I'm from, which in turn helps me figure out where the hell I'm going. But this trip it was hard. It was very hard to do all these things and still decompress from city life.

Which leads me to my mixed feelings about being back. The second I got off the plane and found myself at LGA baggage claim and some hooker with a Louis Vuitton bag situated herself in the three feet between me and the carousel, the NY stress started working it's way into my chest (that's where my stress looms. It's like someone large and in-charge is sitting on my sternum, and occasionally readjusts, you know, just to get comfy causing me to take a deep breath - try to breathe through it... ahh, so pleasant...). But walking around today did remind me of why I love this place. There's a sense of power that comes from living here. Walking around dealing with the everyday shit and somehow emerging with a smile gives me the confidence and energy to take things on tomorrow (because let's be honest. We're all like Atreyu here, this shit is never ending...) So, while yes, this day knocked me on my ass, I am pretty pumped about being back. A little lonelier here than in the ATL, but nothing I can't handle. I have tons of recent changes that I'm still dealing with, but I've come to accept. It's a new year. And I think I can find the confidence to go after the things that I really want or to be honest, at this point I really NEED.

I've set up some auditions in the next few days. I've got a commercial workshop next week. In the meantime, I'll pull my life together (and my body. Even with my attempt at fooling the men in my family by subbing applesauce for butter and oats/wheat for white flour the holidays are a bitch on a sister's fig-urr :) It's time for me to jump back in head first...well, I guess that makes it a dive....It's time to dive in head first! ...err, whatever. It's on, NYC!


  1. Burlesque is nominated for at least 3 Golden Globes.

    Fierce Amazeballs. The only fitting description..

  2. I LOVE that you just referenced Never Ending Story. damn.

    Welcome back, welcome to 2011. Can I just say, that sure it's a stressful place, but you're one of the people that I think of when I'm about to clock some one for being a rude-tard. I think, "Sarah would just laugh at them." well...actually you might hit them too. But you'd be laughing when you did.


  3. You have a lot of presence.

    I suggest you go for multiple things, not just one.

    Cast your net far and wide!

    Why not?

  4. Thanks, Anonymous person! Whoever you are, you seem delightful! And thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. :) It means a lot!