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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sick... On So Many Levels

I apologize ahead of time for the revolting nature of some of this post. Welcome to my life. :)

Ugh. I'm sick. I hate it. I got shit to do, but if I go do it, I'm the sick girl that keeps coughing and puts everyone around her in harm's way. People would look at me with that scrunched-up-nose face that's like saying, "I don't want you here. You look gross, you're mouth breathing and you smell like menthol." So, I sleep. Twelve hours last night! Two Tylenol PM's might have had something to do with it - Crazy sleep with that drug. I woke up once in the middle of the night because I thought I was being attacked.

Anyway, Friday night I had a rehearsal uptown near Lincoln Center. I was on my way to being sick but not gross enough to stay home. I was nervous because directors were switched and our new director happened to also be the writer. Now I'm usually not a fan of this combo. Lemme explain: We, as actors, will never be what the writer had in his or her head when creating the piece. It's simply impossible because we are who we are and bring our own things to the table. Directors tend to love that, writers (from my experience) tend to want you to adapt, to a certain extent, to their vision. It's always amazing when you can speak to the writer and get an idea of what they intended, but taking direction is a whole other beast. I say this, because I was pleasantly surprised! I had a great time diving into the characters and seeing them the way he wanted it. I think it was because he seemed so genuinely thrilled with the individuality that we brought, as well. It was a lovely rehearsal and I really look forward to working on it and making it full. I left rehearsal with tons to think about and work out. I love that.

The real show, however, happened when I left rehearsal. Prepare yourself...

I hadn't talked to my Dad in a while, so I called him and decided to take a walk to Columbus Circle while on the phone - it was a nice night. I got to the train and took the escalator down, popped off to the side where I still had reception but was out of the way to finish my conversation. Not too many people were around, as it was fairly late. Mid sentence, I see someone coming down the escalator out of the corner of my eye. I turn my head, subconsciously I guess, to see who was coming up behind me...when a woman with crazy hair, a giant suitcase and severe hatred in her eyes was suddenly in my face! She hocks a giant loog and SPITS IT IN MY FACE! All over me. In my hair. On my face. In my eye. On my hand that was still holding the phone. The woman kept walking, dragging the suitcase behind her to the other side of the station. I froze. All I could do was say, "Oh. My. God." My Dad started panicking and asking, "What? What's going on? What?" Our conversation continued as follows:

Me: "Some bitch just spit in my face!"
Dad: "Oh. My. God."
Me: "oh MY god."
Dad: "ohmygod."
Me: "oh my GAWD!"
Dad: "Oh, God."

This continued for quite some time. Then, my Mom got scared and joined the convo and from the background I hear her say, "What?! What's going on?! Is she okay? Did she see a rat!?" Ha! A Rat?! I had to laugh because I actually wished I saw a rat! I would snuggle with that sucker and domesticate it. Name it LuLu or some shit. I wished for a rat!

I stood frozen unsure of what to do next. The woman was still across the platform sipping on an effing iced coffee. She was clearly a crazy and clearly staring at me. I said, "Dad, I gotta go. This hooker is eying me from across the station." I hung up and ran to get on the train and sat the whole ride trying not to close my mouth or touch anything. I'm pretty sure I looked crazy at this point, holding my contaminated hand away from my body and trying not to throw up from disgust.

I made it to Brooklyn, washed my face, and a good friend who felt sorry for me bought me a strong drink to disinfect whatever was in my mouth.

The lesson? Well, I think it can be applied to all aspects of your life, really (daily life, personal life, professional life...): Stay on your toes, people! You never know when a crazy bitch is gonna spit in your face.

No. Kidding.


  1. I'm sick. as well. Been so for a week. Thanks for this post. I'm going to go throw up. Maybe this will help purge the toxins.

    You are a magnet indeed.