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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When Your Wardrobe Fights Back and Wins.

Holy hectic! I don't have a free day until March 7th! Coffee and vitamins are keeping me moving (along with the occasional late night glass of wine).

This weekend was an interesting mix of things. First, I attended a memorial for my friend. We started by getting together with our group of friends for a brunch. We alternated taking bites of eggs and toast with crying our eyes out and then laughing hysterically. I think we freaked out the others in the restaurant. The owner came over to the table in the middle of one of our crying sessions and asked if everything was okay with the food. Of course this immediately prompted our uncontrollable laughter at the absurdity of how we must look. The man just smiled at us like we were from another planet and slowly backed away from our table. And I do mean backed away - In fear. He wouldn't take his eyes off of our emotionally unstable group. Afterward we met up with other friends at a bar in Brooklyn to celebrate the life of our friend. I wish I could say that it was super helpful and comforting, but unfortunately it just makes me ask more questions. And I think that's the hardest part - knowing we'll never get any answers.

After our long day, I came home and napped before a much needed night on the town. We dined, we drank, we danced to weird techno Barmitzva music. There might have been a stripper pole involved at some point. It was a night.

The rest of the weekend was filled with more rehearsals and then a postcard mailing party. I got together with some actor friends and sent out invitations to our upcoming show to Agents and Casting Directors. We'll see if they do any good... Wouldn't that be nice.

Tour on Tuesday. It was a teen tour for another bunch of 11-12 year olds. LOVE. IT. Some days I just love my job. I get to hang out with awesome kids and dress them up. See their little feet dance under the dressing room door when they like an outfit (this actually happens and it is probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen :) I watch them clink fake "cosmo" glasses in the back of a limo. It's beyond cute. And most days super fun. Tuesday was no exception. However, I had three hours between the end of my tour and my next rehearsal. Ugh. So, after I dropped my little girls off at their hotel, said goodbye to the best limo driver ever (love Angelo. He's awesome), I decided to walk to grab an apple on my way uptown. I took three steps when I tripped and almost had a mouth full of cement for a snack instead. After an examination of the sidewalk (you know when you look down with hatred on your face like it's the sidewalk's fault. It's out to get you), I realized the problem was on my own person. My boots. My FAVORITE boots. The sole was flapping off the front of my right foot like it was going to swallow the city whole. Fuck.

I was in the financial district, and who knows where anything is down there? I did a desperate "around me" Duane Reade search on my IPhone, and I started to pimp limp the three blocks it said I had to go. I was careful to drag my foot along the cement so as not to disturb my hungry boot. But every now and then I would catch it on the uneven sidewalk and stumble like an idiot. Very well dressed people (with shoes that were not only intact, but shined as well!) were staring at me and my ghetto fab-a-lous gangster gait. It sucked. I finally made it to the DR and grabbed Crazy Glue and some advil for the pounding headache I acquired in the three block walk. Took a load off at the Starbucks and glued myself back together. Another day's adventures...

More rehearsals, more work, and more cold ass weather. I've never in my life been so ready for Spring. Long runs in the park, sun, dinner and drinks outside, sandals that aren't trying to kill me. I can't wait. It will be so nice... :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Slog Through the Shit to Soak up the Sun

Longest. Day. Ever. I was so tired today that the whole thing felt like a hazy dream. I think I was there. Somehow the past few nights I've been busy doing random things only to look at the clock and curse the night in disbelief because somehow it ended up 1:30 am. can imagine what the 5:45 am alarm has been like. Not pretty. A slew of curse words slips out of my mouth before I even pry my eyes open. And dragging myself out of my warm bed to go stand in the freezing cold, smiling and telling the public about a 25% online discount isn't any sort of appealing. Cherry on top - this morning I battled the L train and lost. Being on the last Brooklyn stop on the way into Manhattan, that sucker is packed by the time it gets to me. I was cutting it close on time so, like everyone else, when the crowded train arrived I squeezed myself into the doors. I sucked it in to allow them to close, only for them to rebound open again when the hood of my coat was sandwiched between them. The doors bounced open and closed a few times jerking my head back every time. The embarrassing dinging over the intercom was ringing in everyone's ears like my own personal soundtrack highlighting the stupidity. Finally, I was able to tuck my hood inside the car with the help of the giant man next to me. This is when I noticed that the ass holes in the middle of the train had so much room they could have performed a whole interpretive dance to that damn soundtrack of stupid. I mean really. MOVE IN, PEOPLE! I was very close to shouting this, but instead kept my trap shut and stared at the ceiling so as not to be mouth to mouth with the weird little woman whose face was nuzzling my collar bone. I switched trains at Union Square to another that was just as packed. By the time I arrived at Grand Central I was dripping sweat and trying desperately not to throw serious 'bows at anyone who got in my way. I was late to work, but looked like such a hot mess (literally) that my boss and coworkers just felt sorry for me. I ran into the office on the verge of a meltdown and immediately started stripping off layers of clothing (which would be weird under other circumstances...). After a few moments of near hyperventilation, I composed myself, picked up my flyers and took to the streets with my girls.

And thank God for those girls I work with. They've really been keeping me going. This week's been a tough one. Aside from the usual, I've actually been dealing with some serious shit. I don't want to cheapen the situation with mention of it on a usually fairly silly blog, but I feel like it's one of those things that will affect me for the rest of my life. And this is about my life. So here goes: I got a very unfortunate call Monday morning in which I found out about a friend's suicide. He was an amazing person that spent a summer here living in an open room in my best friend's apartment and became close with our group of friends. He's since moved back to Austin, but would come back to visit. The news, of course, took my group by utter surprise and I think we're all in a state of shock. I'm not really sure what to say except that if you need help, ask for it. He has so many friends and people that love him. I wonder what takes over a person that can make him forget that.

Needless to say, the days have been long and sad. I've had work and rehearsals and auditions. And while none of the daily bullshit really seems to matter this week, I'm going to tell you about it anyway. Because it is my life.

I had an audition for a Discovery Channel re-enactment show about living with mobsters. I went to the swank warehouse-turned-offices of the production company, grabbed the sides and took a seat to figure out a plan of action. No one came to get me, so I went and knocked on the door, entered, and proceeded to recount Linda's first meeting with her mobster boyfriend to a production assistant and her IPhone set on video camera. I did fine. It was truthful, nothing mindblowing. I chose not to do any major character choices - no super Italian/New York accent. Just honesty. The two people working in the office seemed to be more concerned with tracking down a vegan lunch than with auditions, which happens, but they asked me my availability and I was on my way. I sent my thank you note and now I wait.

Rehearsals are getting more and more intense. I think we're all starting to feel the pressure of tech week fast approaching. We're still trying to thread this abstract dance/theater piece together and it is tricky-tricky. Lord only knows if this is going to work on a stage, but I guess we'll see pretty soon...

I start rehearsals for show number two next week. I better pull it together.

Sorry to be a bit of a Debbie Downer this post, but it is what it is. I'm not feeling particularly witty or entertaining. Just tired. Sad. BUT, the weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow, so maybe my disposition will learn a little something from the sun. Tomorrow I plan on sleeping past 6am, working on lines outside while simultaneously doing laundry, going to a bootcamp to work off some of this week's BS, rehearsing with my scene partner ... and then I plan on getting drunk.

Yup. I see whiskey in my near future. It's the little things... shot glasses.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Matter of Life, Death and Selling Your Soul... I Mean Yourself.

I'm sick...again. I actually recovered from my last illness just in time to catch another one. This one comes complete with a 101 degree fever. I haven't felt like doing much of anything, but don't really have that option. Last night as I laid in bed shivering and mouth breathing, I looked around at my mess of a room that looked like a mixture of my closet and the Duane Reade Pharmaceuticals isle exploded all over. Then, this morbid thought crossed my mind, "If I were found dead in this mess it would be horribly embarrassing for me and my family." Twisted thought? Maybe. But you better believe I hoisted my decrepit body out of bed to tidy up just a bit. The great news is I woke up this morning!, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. :)

I've spent the last week rehearsing and working. I gave a shopping tour to a large group of 13 year olds. That was eye opening. First of all, did I look like I was 25 when I was 13? I'm certainly not condoning any R Kelly action, but....DECEIVING! Well, it was deceiving until we ran into Lady GaGa at a clothing store and the girls freaked out like they just had their periods for the first time.

In other news, I received a call from the director that I auditioned for last week, and I got the part! I will be playing an oppressed woman in 1919 and a free spirited hippy in 197something in a play at Manhattan Rep at the end of March. This means that I am going to start rehearsing for two shows come Feb 22. Busy Busy.

I've been in rehearsals for the upcoming one act show for a couple weeks now. The piece I'm doing with the writer/director is coming along well. It's all about the excitement of love and it's consuming nature. It's been fun to work on. A day in which you relive those feelings can't be too bad. I've met with my scene partner a few times and in order to connect more with the characters we've done some improv exercises based on our scripted lines. Sometimes this is super helpful to me, but this time for some reason I seem to just want to listen. I've developed this shy, giggly, easily-swept-off-her-feet character that I identify with more from physical actions than from improv-ed dialogue. That's fine for me personally, but I don't want to leave my poor actor friend out in the cold during our little exercises. It's also clear from reading the script that there will have to be some strong physical interaction between the two of us, but until our last rehearsal we had been all about the lines. There's always this imaginary line drawn that I've noticed male actors don't want to cross. And rightfully so, because it's a delicate situation that's very easy to eff up and make uncomfortable. So, I tend to ask the questions straight away because, in my experience, it seems to be easier that way. "Can I touch you here?" "Is it okay if I kiss you here?" Sounds bizarre. But this is how it works. Anyhow, we crossed that threshold and our scene is really coming along. Which is fab.

The other piece I'm in for the same show is turning into somewhat of a dance/theater piece. It's very abstract and experimental. The heart of it is very poignant and relate-able. It's about watching your parents age and all the feelings and responsibility that come with it. We're just trying to find the structure of the whole thing. The script is very much left up to interpretation with seemingly random lines and undefined characters. I think we're coming along, though. It's just taking a lot of rehearsal. We're finding wonderful moments, and just finding the transitions to thread the whole thing together is taking some time. We'll see!

I also auctioned myself off. Let me explain. Our theater company had a fundraiser. I was crap at selling raffle tickets, so I joined the date auction. Unfortunately, they waited until too late in the evening when most people with money were already home in bed because they have a real job to go to the next day. So, it was a little on the awkward side (the things I do for the arts...), but after a few strangers and some friends chimed in, I was bought by a friend of mine for $100.

So, in review: I feel like I'm dying, but I'm probably not, actually. I gave a tour to some false advertisers. I've asked permission for physical contact. I've thought about my parents eventually biting the dust. And, I sold myself.

I'll tell you what didn't happen this week: No one spit in my face. I win! :)