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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When Your Wardrobe Fights Back and Wins.

Holy hectic! I don't have a free day until March 7th! Coffee and vitamins are keeping me moving (along with the occasional late night glass of wine).

This weekend was an interesting mix of things. First, I attended a memorial for my friend. We started by getting together with our group of friends for a brunch. We alternated taking bites of eggs and toast with crying our eyes out and then laughing hysterically. I think we freaked out the others in the restaurant. The owner came over to the table in the middle of one of our crying sessions and asked if everything was okay with the food. Of course this immediately prompted our uncontrollable laughter at the absurdity of how we must look. The man just smiled at us like we were from another planet and slowly backed away from our table. And I do mean backed away - In fear. He wouldn't take his eyes off of our emotionally unstable group. Afterward we met up with other friends at a bar in Brooklyn to celebrate the life of our friend. I wish I could say that it was super helpful and comforting, but unfortunately it just makes me ask more questions. And I think that's the hardest part - knowing we'll never get any answers.

After our long day, I came home and napped before a much needed night on the town. We dined, we drank, we danced to weird techno Barmitzva music. There might have been a stripper pole involved at some point. It was a night.

The rest of the weekend was filled with more rehearsals and then a postcard mailing party. I got together with some actor friends and sent out invitations to our upcoming show to Agents and Casting Directors. We'll see if they do any good... Wouldn't that be nice.

Tour on Tuesday. It was a teen tour for another bunch of 11-12 year olds. LOVE. IT. Some days I just love my job. I get to hang out with awesome kids and dress them up. See their little feet dance under the dressing room door when they like an outfit (this actually happens and it is probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen :) I watch them clink fake "cosmo" glasses in the back of a limo. It's beyond cute. And most days super fun. Tuesday was no exception. However, I had three hours between the end of my tour and my next rehearsal. Ugh. So, after I dropped my little girls off at their hotel, said goodbye to the best limo driver ever (love Angelo. He's awesome), I decided to walk to grab an apple on my way uptown. I took three steps when I tripped and almost had a mouth full of cement for a snack instead. After an examination of the sidewalk (you know when you look down with hatred on your face like it's the sidewalk's fault. It's out to get you), I realized the problem was on my own person. My boots. My FAVORITE boots. The sole was flapping off the front of my right foot like it was going to swallow the city whole. Fuck.

I was in the financial district, and who knows where anything is down there? I did a desperate "around me" Duane Reade search on my IPhone, and I started to pimp limp the three blocks it said I had to go. I was careful to drag my foot along the cement so as not to disturb my hungry boot. But every now and then I would catch it on the uneven sidewalk and stumble like an idiot. Very well dressed people (with shoes that were not only intact, but shined as well!) were staring at me and my ghetto fab-a-lous gangster gait. It sucked. I finally made it to the DR and grabbed Crazy Glue and some advil for the pounding headache I acquired in the three block walk. Took a load off at the Starbucks and glued myself back together. Another day's adventures...

More rehearsals, more work, and more cold ass weather. I've never in my life been so ready for Spring. Long runs in the park, sun, dinner and drinks outside, sandals that aren't trying to kill me. I can't wait. It will be so nice... :)

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  1. I just want to say that you have proof that i actually read your blog...and share it with friends...I referenced this post and more specifically your boot when we met and chatted websitey things.

    you may be getting your wish about the warmer you been outside lately??