Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Are you There Blog? It's Me, Sarah.

Sorry for the neglect. Someone call the authorities! I've treated you like a red-headed step child. But let's not dwell on my inability to balance life sometimes, and get right to catching you peeps up!

1. Flyering. Not terrible in bearable weather. I worked Ash Wednesday, which was a riot. I loved watching all the good church going people with ashes on their heads wave their hands in our faces and scoff in disgust as they walked by. Now, Is that what Jesus would do? Is it? No, ass holes, Jesus would take a flyer... or at least say no thank you. (This leads me on a Lent tangent. I hate Lent. Not because I give anything up, because I don't, but because it just makes for a lot of unhappy New York Catholics. Forgoing french fries, chocolate and booze isn't the real sacrifice this season. The real sacrifice is giving up manners: us bad Catholics are deprived of excuse me's and I'm sorry's. Lent-ers are ornery! I've definitely been on the train a few times and wished that the bitch next to me would just give in and eat a damn chocolate bunny, already. I'm really the good Catholic in this situation simply because I resisted punching her in the face... but enough about that...).

2. Big Country Blues update! The brains behind the project tells me that I should be seeing some footage soon! They entered a preliminary edit of the first episode into the IFQ Film and New Media festival...and get this: IT WON BEST DRAMA! Woop woop! It was just accepted into another festival in LA, too. So that's great news! I can't wait to see some of it, already!!

3. My first show opened and closed. It was a little bit of a crazy rehearsal process and putting the show together was interesting (one of the one-acts had to be cut, seeing as how the show was running 3.5 hours +. It was necessary so the audience didn't kill themselves in the middle...). Our dance/theater piece about the experience of watching our parents age did come together in the end. It was actually pretty tragic and viscerally affecting - for the audience, as well as me. In the middle of our performance the last day it hit me like a ton of bricks that it was within days of the date that my Grandmother passed away two years ago. As I sat on the floor flipping through what was supposed to be a "book of my character's grandmother's history" (stay with me), I lost my shit and began crying.
The moment of realization. Photo by Erika Rojas

I finished the piece and left the stage that night unable to stop my tears. I'm sick, because the actor in me went, "This is what theater is all about!" Amazing. I'd been working on the piece for months and somehow I hadn't allowed myself to remember the date. I've made such important discoveries in rehearsal, sure all the time, but never onstage before. It was really an experience. Anyway, after all the opening drama, I really had a blast doing the show and met some AMAZING people. I had such a good time with all of them and I can't wait to work on the next project with that company.

4. My next show opens Wednesday. We've been in intense rehearsals for a while now and I think major improvements have been made. It's hard to tell, though, because we don't get much positive feedback, which has been interesting. It's very hard to tell what we're doing right. But we keep hearing, "no feedback is good news," so I'm trying to trust that, and trust myself to know that the character development that I've done is working. Pictures and updates from this project coming soon. The pictures are gonna be amazing!! (1919 period dress and 1978 hippy garb...wait for it...)

5. I also worked an event for a well known microwave meal brand. My flyering girls and I manned the microwaves making everything from Pizza to eggrolls for a group of drunk, and sometimes inappropriate, advertising executives (I really get paid to do this shit :). My hair definitely smelled like basil and cabbage at the end of the night, but I had a great time. It's all about the attitude and the people. Same goes for the Shopping tours! They've been fantastic. I'm super comfortable now and I absolutely love my job! ... and I love that I can say that. :)

If you've made it this far, I appreciate your conviction. No one spit on me or anything this month, but give it time... I've got final dress rehearsal tomorrow night and we open Wednesday. Wish me broken legs!

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