Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
Sarah e Jacobs recognized as OUTSTANDING ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIES at LA Webfest! And nominated for BEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA at ITVFest! Click to watch the trailer!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can You Speak French with a Southern Accent?

I woke up yesterday morning to a text message from the director of Big Country Blues with this picture:

And this caption: "Hey. LA webfest loved us... We're going to France for the Marseille webfest, and you're an award winning actress!" Ummm...What??! Turns out this is what he meant:

BIG NEWS for BIG COUNTRY BLUES! It has now not only won Best Drama at the IFQ Film and New Media Festival, but also 11 AWARDS at LAWeb Fest including Outstanding Drama Series, Acting awards for all three of us in the cast, direction, and writing! And it was chosen as 1 of 9 series to be screened in the Marseille WebFest! BCB goes to France!

I got online and saw the trailer was up, so I watched that for the first time. It looks great and I can't wait to see the full episodes! Watch it here :

I'm super excited and am so proud of everyone involved. Really talented and dedicated people involved in this project. And just genuinely nice people, too. How often does that happen? I wish everyone with BCB all the best. They SO deserve it!

I spent the rest of the day flyering. I met a lovely vegetarian named Nicolas who wanted to commiserate with me on the moral wrongness of eating meat. Now, I am a vegetarian - no animals for my mouth. However, that's just because I think it's gross. I spent the whole conversation hoping Nicolas didn't look down at my adorable and very comfortable suede boots. (Trust me, I've been in that conversation before with some crazies here on the streets of Williamsburg and it didn't go well. It seems it doesn't matter that the fur lining is faux when the rest of the boot is the back side of a cow's skin...) Ah, well. Can't win 'em all.

Last night I attended a play reading with a group that I was involved with a hundred years ago on a project that actually never heard me. You never know where your contacts come from - She actually saw me in a show another hundred years ago and then asked me to do a staged reading that unfortunately had to be canceled. Anyhow, she recently started a club where artists come together and read/listen/work on plays. Amazing. It was a lovely night and I'm so glad that was an email I responded to. I loved meeting everyone and reading her play was a great time. I hope to join them again soon for another club meeting.

So, in review: Our web series is kicking ass, I won an award - but not for being a good vegetarian, and I got to hang with talented lovely people and read a new play. Life is pretty freakin' sweet.


  1. And did you know that in the wake of the Marseille Webfest (the first of its kind in Europe!) Big Country Blues and the other web-series are also going to be officially announced at the Cannes Film Festival in May? Pretty darn awesome! Well done you!

  2. You are so nice to post this! I did hear this. The words "Big Country Blues" and "Cannes Film Festival" IN THE SAME SENTENCE! Crazy! Thanks so much for the comment and for reading in general! It means so much. Thank you for the support. :)

  3. Clearly good things happen to amazing and talented people. I'm so very proud of you Sarah. I look forward to seeing BCB as a finished project. The trailer, honestly left me wanting more. Which I think is what you want from a trailer. No? Vive La France!

  4. All these developments in your real career of acting are great and I'm happy for you, but . . . I'm glad you mentioned "flyering" because those little street anecdotes are priceless! And I don't think I've read any accounts from the flyerers' side -- reminds me of David Sedaris recounting his dept. store Santa experience. You're on to something here :)

  5. Yay Sarah, what a happy, positive post! I'm so glad to hear things are going well for you!

    Congrats on the award, and the success of BCB, I'm looking forward to seeing the full episodes as well.

    Oh, and glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't eat meat purely because the idea grosses me out!

  6. Thank you, Patrick. :)
    @Ilidas - Thanks for reading! Every day is certainly an adventure. Stand on a NYC street corner for enough time and you will have a story to tell! Some days I appreciate this fact more than others... ;)
    @Corina - Thanks, girl! You're a veggie, too? I knew I liked you.