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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The L Train: So Much More than Unreliable Transportation

The L Train is an interesting part of my NYC life. It's a place for instant connections with people and transient thoughts. I'm never on the L train for longer than a few minutes at a time. I'm never going long distances, just shooting across 14th street into or out of the city. It's the perfect amount of time to have a 5 min love affair with the guy in the seat across from me, or share looks of commiseration with the woman beside me about the BO emanating from the hipster across the way, or have a great idea that I won't talk myself out of -simply because there isn't the time.

This week has been a particularly eventful one on this particular train. Not only did it get me to a lovely tour where I dressed a self-conscious 16 year old, and to multiple flyering gigs that tested my resolve (many times the words, "I have a college degree!" popped into my head this week. I'll work through it.), but it also provided me with some quality time. I'll start with the comic relief-

I had to run to catch the fleeting train into Manhattan to get to work. I smooshed myself onto the car between a nice bearded man and a very red lipped woman. I had my headphones in and, as usual, had the Ipod on shuffle. I can't remember what the song was, but it was some lyrical, soft, singer/songwriter something...big surprise. Anyway, the song ended and on came... ready for it?... Pump Up The Jam. Yup. Technotronic, bitches!!! (...and I don't usually turn it off when it comes up. Go ahead and judge. It puts a pep in my NY step like nobody's business). It was surprisingly loud, I guess, because both the man and woman next to me immediately turned their heads in my direction with huge incredulous looks on each of their faces. Apparently they could hear my old school jam loud, and clear as NYC's tap water. I quickly turned the volume down and looked at them wondering exactly what shade of red my face was. Then, after a moment of silence... the three of us burst out laughing - stomach hurting, teary eyed, hysterical laughing. People around us were staring, it was a little weird.

The interaction was quick - the time it took to get from 3rd ave to Union Sq, and the only words we exchanged were, "Awesome," and "Oops!" (Guess who said what), but it's moments like these where I have a connection with complete strangers that remind me why I love this town. Sure, it was crowded and cramped and clearly these people were up in my business. But, we shared a hilarious moment that will stay with me for quite some time. All thanks to a crowded, hipster-packed train and an awesome early 90's Belgian techno band.

The other event is a bit more introspective. I was coming from 8th ave to BK and had a few minutes of stationary train time before we began the trek to sit with my thoughts. See, I've been a bit nostalgic recently for parts of my life that are no longer. I've been wondering about choices I've made and places I've been in the past year or so. For whatever reason, my thoughts have been lingering in this unfortunate space in my head. I started to go through the reasons for the end of certain things in my life and I rehashed some events as I sat patiently waiting for the train to get a move on. It was interesting timing, because right as the train doors closed with the familiar "ding ding," I realized that I am happy where I am. (Get ready for this terrible analogy) I, like the L train, am moving forward. I decided right then, between 8th ave and Union Sq that I need to surround myself with people and situations that push me toward my ultimate goal - To be a working actor. Now this is less of a breakthrough and more of a reminder, but so necessary nonetheless.

Onto implementation. Between Union Sq and Bedford ave I decided to take the next month or so and dedicate it to learning. I want to workshop and network and take well-defined steps towards my dream. It's so easy for me to get wrapped up in the "everyday": the money jobs, the friends, the social life, the errands. I'm going to take the time and focus on me. And I am pumped. :) I signed up for a seminar next week and I looked into some upcoming workshops. I have some scheduling stuff to figure out first, but then it's work work work! Nothing makes me excited like acting and performing. So, this coming month is for me and my passion. 'Nuff said.

But before all that, I have the day "off" tomorrow (whatever that means). I will learn my lines and spend some time with Zoe to prepare for the FILMING OF DATE TO MATE on Saturday. Woo Woo! I will do the necessary "everyday" laundry and cleaning of the apt (It must be done). And I will cook a shit load of food for an Easter pot luck. You may not know this about me, but I take cooking for others very seriously. My theme this Easter (you read me...theme) is a sort of religious smorgasbord - kinda like me ;) I've got Cheddar biscuits, Fruit and Yogurt Parfait, Charoset, and Chocolate Caramel Matzoh on the menu... Let's see if I can pull all this off...

The meal and the dream.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting Porked so I can Pay Some People... Hmmm?

So, I've kinda been working my face off. I'm drowning in emails, choking on dates and regurgitating scheduling conflicts... Needless to say, that is not a good way to be. The work is good, scheduling is not. I'm a terrible citizen and have left my taxes until the last minute (but in my defense, part of it is because my girlfriend is a terrible influence...she made me split those bottles of wine when I fully intended on going home after work to pay the Gov't my hard earned money. Clearly it's all her fault... Thank you, US Gov't, for that weekend extension, because the wine really was delicious).

Last Wednesday I worked an all day charity event in Times Square. It went well and I thanked the Lord every chance I got that I was paired up with someone cool for the majority of the day. Later our twosome teamed up with another twosome and it wasn't nearly as enjoyable. There is something major to be said about a positive attitude. The girl we worked with was just a shitty person, to be honest, and she was determined to take us down the crapper with her. "Liquor promotions are SO much better," she kept saying. Really?? Because I've done my share of those - had my dress unzipped by mobsters, been propositioned by a guy and his wife, been grabbed here, there and everywhere by drunkards. And I have to say, standing on the street corner promoting a healthy lifestyle and raising money for the Heart Association is MUCH more civilized!! By the end of the day I wasn't even hiding my disgust. I probably snapped at her a time or two or twelve. But she deserved it. So, other than that bitch, it was a fine day in the armpit of NYC. And I made some dough. Not too shabby.

The weekend was a shit show with my brother and sister-in-law in town. Steven and I took to the city, brunching, drinking, dancing, meeting, chatting, sight-seeing. It was awesome. I love having family in town. Really, it should happen more often.

This week has been a whirlwind of working working and more working. Tuesday I found myself working at 7:30am in south Brooklyn, Gyming in Williamsburg, Auditioning in Morningside Heights, then at a play reading in Midtown. Talk about a long day. Luckily the reading was of new sketch comedy pieces and I spent most of the time trying not to wet myself because I was laughing so hard. It's really nice to be surrounded by talented, funny people. And I'm lucky to be able to say that, recently, I have been frequently. The audition was for a short film and went fairly well. I was offered the part (after some confusing emails. I think I may have been choice number 2... but so was Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side and we all know how that turned out for her), but when it rains it pours. The shoot date is the same as that of Date to Mate. I had to turn down the role, too, but at least now another director's got my info.

I worked a promotion for, get this, Pork. Me -The 12 year vegetarian. I fully expected to run into all sorts of crazies with this one, but surprisingly the day went pretty smoothly. I did have one woman scream, "UM, DISGUSTING!" right up in my grill in a run-by-yelling, which was unappreciated. It was late in the day and my patience was waning. It took everything not to trip her and yell at her in a heap on the sidewalk, "I think so, too, Bitch! But a sister's gotta pay her bills!" (that just wouldn't have been very professional). I also gave away bacon ice cream to the NYC public. That went over with mixed reviews. I particularly loved it when people would take a bite, contort their faces like they just ate poop, and then look at ME like I killed their dog. I got yelled at a few times as if I MADE them eat the ice cream. Ummm...not my fault, people. Lord knows I wouldn't touch that shit.

Also spent some time promoting a skin care company at some well known drug stores around the city. Sometimes the three hour shifts felt like an eternity -particularly since sleeping has not been a forte of mine this week. One of the days I worked a double (flyering in the am, cosmetics demos in the pm) I thought I wasn't going to make it. I drank two espressos and popped powermint Tic Tacs like Charlie Sheen does bumps of coke. By the end of my shift I thought my heart may explode and my sinuses felt like I picked my nose with a finger full of Vapo-Rub. But, dammit, I was awake!

Well, this has been a nice break from my taxes to tell you about life recently, but I must get back to the disaster that is my 2010 return. Having a hundred jobs and being an actor makes for a sickening amount of confusion when it comes to tax time - hence why I've put the damn thing off until the last min. Ugh. Next week brings more work, hopefully a few auditions, a theater fundraiser (Bingo night!), filming, and the Easter holiday. Must. Keep. Going...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mid-Westerners are Lovely, South Floridians - Not So Much

You may have noticed there have been a few changes around here. What can I say? I'm feeling Spring-y. (BTdubs, I'd love to know what you think, seeing as how aside from writing on this thing I have no idea what I'm doing... any feedback is appreciated.)

Onto: life. Friday was an adventure. I started the day with an out of the ordinary shopping tour that was comprised of 35 vibrant tourists from Indiana. Now, I don't know if you know this, but 35 people is a shit load of people. They were traveling with their own general guide, Bob, and I was to work with him in managing the herd. The tour started out terribly and, frankly, only went down hill from there. I got a call during my commute while still on the train (somehow??) that everyone was on the bus and waiting for me (I still had 20 min before I was supposed to be there, but never a good thing when someone says the group is waiting on you). I finally found the bus and got on full of energy and determination to charm the panties off the gaggle of mid-westerners. I introduced myself to Thomas- the bad-ass bus driver, picked up the microphone, made some jokes, and we were on our way.

Our first stop was two fold. I was to divide the group and shuffle them between a fabric store and a designer showroom. Cluster F*ck. No one wanted to stay their allotted time in the fabric store and everyone wanted to stay too long in the showroom. It took some maneuvering and a little sass, but we got everyone through and back on the bus close to on-time. It was a freakin' miracle. Then I got word that I had to cut the tour short by 30 min because they had to get to their next activity. Big deal when the tour's only 3 hours (lunch included). I made the executive decision to skip the next stop and head downtown. Traffic was a bitch, as were having what Sam Champion likes to call "wintry mix," (code for semi-freezing bullshit falling from the sky). It was at lunch that I got the worst news of the day... See, I had just spent the past 20 min over a loud speaker on the bus gushing about the next shopping stop: "I buy ALL my gifts here," "It's a New York secret," "You're going to LOVE it!" "Blah, blah, blah. Here have a COUPON!" We were at the lunch spot gathering up to head over when my phone rings. It was my boss sounding very nervous. "We have a problem. Our contact thought the tour was Saturday... The market isn't open today." I stood listening to her while watching the crowd of 35 people buzzing with excitement about our next destination. It's these moments where my job gets interesting. "Well...Shit." I said to her.

After apologizing profusely and trying hard not to let anyone see me sweat, I explained the basics of the situation. I proposed our contingency plan quickly, as I saw the unrest and weight of disappointment sink over the mass of Indianans: A great store right around the corner! Knickknacks for all your neighbors! Gifts for all your girlfriends! ...A short walk, and some Soho historical facts later we arrived and it was a mid-western shop-a-thon. Phew. Crisis controlled. I was just glad I wasn't lynched in the middle of Broadway, strung up by a fanny pack.

In all seriousness, the group was really fantastic. They were such lovely people and, all things considered, I had a blast with them. On the way back uptown one woman tried pimping out her sons, telling me I could pick between them (one even lives in Atlanta!), another man asked if I wanted to work for the Mayoral candidate (she needs a smart, feisty girl like me on the team). He even offered to let me stay with him and his family! They were such lovely people! I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with them and I feel like I have 35 new friends. ...and a potential future husband and job lined up. Nice.

I ran home and then to the airport to get the hell out of NYC's "wintry mix" and into the South Florida sun. My trip down was great! I sat next to a lovely man and we had a 4 hour long conversation about everything from food to wood turning. That's right. I saw the trade book. The different sized lathes, the artistry involved. Tim seemed to be a very skilled turner, and a delightful man. Do you know about the striations in a Norfolk Island Pine? They're red. And did you know that if you soak the wood in oil it turns translucent? Oh well, I do... now. Loved Tim. He's a good guy. His wife should really give him a break about all the wood lying around the house. :) (We also swapped chili recipes. My secret is Cinnamon and red wine.)

I met my Mom in South Florida to see my Grandmother. I was there only one day. Long enough to 1. decide I'm fairly terrified about getting old 2. get a moderate sunburn, and 3. share some good laughs with my Mom (She had some problems with the rental car. She thought she was a baller and tried to get into all sorts of cars from an A6 to a BMW. Wishful thinking, cuz ours was definitely the Hyundai two spaces down. I laughed so hard I snorted every time it happened... which was frequently (sorry, ma :).

Next was onto ATL to visit my dad and bro. Spend some time with my people. Spoon with my puppy-nephew for a night. Short but sweet (See pics below). After a three hour delay, I finally made it back to NYC just in time for a training session for a job I have all day tomorrow - A major campaign launch in Times Square. Should be another crazy day.

I'm sure I'll have some ridic story to tell.... ;)

with my brother and sister-in-law

Lincoln love

Spring in the ATL