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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mid-Westerners are Lovely, South Floridians - Not So Much

You may have noticed there have been a few changes around here. What can I say? I'm feeling Spring-y. (BTdubs, I'd love to know what you think, seeing as how aside from writing on this thing I have no idea what I'm doing... any feedback is appreciated.)

Onto: life. Friday was an adventure. I started the day with an out of the ordinary shopping tour that was comprised of 35 vibrant tourists from Indiana. Now, I don't know if you know this, but 35 people is a shit load of people. They were traveling with their own general guide, Bob, and I was to work with him in managing the herd. The tour started out terribly and, frankly, only went down hill from there. I got a call during my commute while still on the train (somehow??) that everyone was on the bus and waiting for me (I still had 20 min before I was supposed to be there, but never a good thing when someone says the group is waiting on you). I finally found the bus and got on full of energy and determination to charm the panties off the gaggle of mid-westerners. I introduced myself to Thomas- the bad-ass bus driver, picked up the microphone, made some jokes, and we were on our way.

Our first stop was two fold. I was to divide the group and shuffle them between a fabric store and a designer showroom. Cluster F*ck. No one wanted to stay their allotted time in the fabric store and everyone wanted to stay too long in the showroom. It took some maneuvering and a little sass, but we got everyone through and back on the bus close to on-time. It was a freakin' miracle. Then I got word that I had to cut the tour short by 30 min because they had to get to their next activity. Big deal when the tour's only 3 hours (lunch included). I made the executive decision to skip the next stop and head downtown. Traffic was a bitch, as were having what Sam Champion likes to call "wintry mix," (code for semi-freezing bullshit falling from the sky). It was at lunch that I got the worst news of the day... See, I had just spent the past 20 min over a loud speaker on the bus gushing about the next shopping stop: "I buy ALL my gifts here," "It's a New York secret," "You're going to LOVE it!" "Blah, blah, blah. Here have a COUPON!" We were at the lunch spot gathering up to head over when my phone rings. It was my boss sounding very nervous. "We have a problem. Our contact thought the tour was Saturday... The market isn't open today." I stood listening to her while watching the crowd of 35 people buzzing with excitement about our next destination. It's these moments where my job gets interesting. "Well...Shit." I said to her.

After apologizing profusely and trying hard not to let anyone see me sweat, I explained the basics of the situation. I proposed our contingency plan quickly, as I saw the unrest and weight of disappointment sink over the mass of Indianans: A great store right around the corner! Knickknacks for all your neighbors! Gifts for all your girlfriends! ...A short walk, and some Soho historical facts later we arrived and it was a mid-western shop-a-thon. Phew. Crisis controlled. I was just glad I wasn't lynched in the middle of Broadway, strung up by a fanny pack.

In all seriousness, the group was really fantastic. They were such lovely people and, all things considered, I had a blast with them. On the way back uptown one woman tried pimping out her sons, telling me I could pick between them (one even lives in Atlanta!), another man asked if I wanted to work for the Mayoral candidate (she needs a smart, feisty girl like me on the team). He even offered to let me stay with him and his family! They were such lovely people! I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with them and I feel like I have 35 new friends. ...and a potential future husband and job lined up. Nice.

I ran home and then to the airport to get the hell out of NYC's "wintry mix" and into the South Florida sun. My trip down was great! I sat next to a lovely man and we had a 4 hour long conversation about everything from food to wood turning. That's right. I saw the trade book. The different sized lathes, the artistry involved. Tim seemed to be a very skilled turner, and a delightful man. Do you know about the striations in a Norfolk Island Pine? They're red. And did you know that if you soak the wood in oil it turns translucent? Oh well, I do... now. Loved Tim. He's a good guy. His wife should really give him a break about all the wood lying around the house. :) (We also swapped chili recipes. My secret is Cinnamon and red wine.)

I met my Mom in South Florida to see my Grandmother. I was there only one day. Long enough to 1. decide I'm fairly terrified about getting old 2. get a moderate sunburn, and 3. share some good laughs with my Mom (She had some problems with the rental car. She thought she was a baller and tried to get into all sorts of cars from an A6 to a BMW. Wishful thinking, cuz ours was definitely the Hyundai two spaces down. I laughed so hard I snorted every time it happened... which was frequently (sorry, ma :).

Next was onto ATL to visit my dad and bro. Spend some time with my people. Spoon with my puppy-nephew for a night. Short but sweet (See pics below). After a three hour delay, I finally made it back to NYC just in time for a training session for a job I have all day tomorrow - A major campaign launch in Times Square. Should be another crazy day.

I'm sure I'll have some ridic story to tell.... ;)

with my brother and sister-in-law

Lincoln love

Spring in the ATL


  1. I'm glad the Indianans rolled with the punches. No slight to the bus driver, but it seems that you are the badass! I came back hoping for more adventures in flyering (which are gritty urban anecdotes) but this has been just as fun, if not moreso for the suspense. If it has to do with one of the plethora of jobs that you do, then bring on the "ridic story" - a real-time window on the streets.

  2. Thanks! Everyday's a bit different... but ridiculousness, for sure, is one constant. I can count on that. Thanks for reading! It means a lot.

  3. Thanks for putting up the adventures. The streets of this city can inspire great highs and lows of perception and imagination. I like the way you deal with the lows. I used to roam them more determinedly in search of these varied thrills . . . but less so, now, and enjoying your tales of the city all the more for it.